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Cosmic Pulse Welcome, dear visitor at this website!
If Phaeton crashed his fathers Sun car or Hubble presents new fabulous photos - the processes within the comos are mystical.
All is steady moving, mostly much more harmoniously than this simple animation can show.
We won´t feel, however we are drifting through space, softly pushed ahead by cosmic pulsation.
If you think this would be mysterious, please read short article Aether-Universe, Claims and Evidence. Physics pure.
You will find perspectives and you will find why this website should be studied intensively.
Times are calling for changes, quite sure in physical and technologic sense, above this a new awareness could help.

2023-03-21 - PROF. LISA RANDALL
Lisa Randall That lady is well known by diverse sientic books and she is welcome at all astro-congresses around the globe. The German periodical Focus 9/2023 mentioned ´all essential theories for Dark-Matter´ come from her. Also is mentioned:

´Nobody knows the universe just exactely. However one agreed on the Standard-Model. Starting with the Big-Bang-Theory. And also all following theories are just conjectures.´ More explicit: these are no precise statements based on facts, but only vague speculations, actually not allowed at sciences, but simply some worthless fictive calculations.

At first: gravity force is defined as an natural constant - even it is strongly variing in space and time. Details one might find at Nature of Gravity, down at chapters Differing and Variable Gravity Forces.

If only an apple falls down from the tree, the conclusion is not allowed, also the sun must fall into the centre of the Milkyway. Especially, as the known materia is not sufficiently available. Scientifically, it´s not allowed to assume an additional fictive ´Dark-Matter´ of multible size. Inventing ´Dark-Holes´ is absolute arbitrary. Handcrafts would talk about ´blatant botch´.

Nobody can imagine how an attracting force could work by distances of many lightyears. However it´s still supposed the sun is affected by a centripetal force. A corresponding strong centrifugal power exists if the sun is flying around the centre by 150 km/s. Unfortunately the sun is running much faster with 220 km/s. Again, the calculations only fit if one assumes the fictive existence of a multiple stronger ´Dark-Energy´. No problem with your next speeding-ticket, if only you claim that flame excuse for driving too fast.

Common understanding thus claims the known materia to be only 5 % of all necessary masses/energies. If the weather forcast would produce such a hit-ratio of 1:20, not only the data were doubious. Without any doubts, whole model of items and formalism were totally wrong. The (astro-) physic sciences generally must question the understanding of masses, inertia, energies and gravity. Some ideas are listed at Milkyway and Sunsystem.

So finally one should start searching for logic clear and comprehensible solutions. With my eMail to Lisa Randall I invited to follow the layman-ideas of a logic-craftsman, calm and unbiased. Might anybody anytime follow these incitations. A good approach would be the attempt to falsify my claims and proofs in details.

CLIMA-Change demands new ENERGY
based on new understanding of ELECTRICITY

The Climachange is not to solve by interdiction of common technics but only by new and better methods. Much more electric current is necessary. Electricity functions quite well - despite off nowbody really knows why.
Only a ´model-like understanding´ is valid based on many abstracte terms. Finally a concrete understanding of the real background of electromagnetism will allow to develope more effective solutions.

I was able to produce some approaches with the Aether-Elektro-Technics. I was able to show plausible explications for some wellknown phenomena and ´inbelievable´ experiments (see magnets and current, unipolare generator, railgun and ball bearing effects, Tilley generator, condenser etc.).
Based on these studies I was able to present some proposals for electric motors and generators - using the Free Energy of the omnipesent aether movements.
That´s only the start of a new understanding of physics and new energy handling. Young rebellious peoples are asked to understand and to realize!

2023-03-01 - Online again
As still exists great interest this website is put online again.

The actual situation all around the world in many respects urgently demands the cognizance All is One, by verbal like in physical sense. Essential consequences and possibilities could result, in material sense like for the spiritual consciousness.

Age-relate, i can no longer work at this subject. Nevertheless I still hope someone will grasp these most grave ideas, will go on researching and convincing further people.

2017-12-01 - Epilog on the Aether
This website exists since 20 years. The web does not forget anything. So it´s up to any publisher to delete obsolete stuff. So I´ll delete this website completely in 2018.

Only one final time I´ll remember to the fact, physics can achieve substantial progress only if the aether is accepted as universal medium of all being. The final chapter 08.23. Epilog on the Aether (also available as print version) shows only some essential arguments only in brief.

2016-12-31 - Magic Flight - Twist-Cone-Engine
One final time a new chapter: 05.22. Magic Flight - Twist-Cone-Engine (also available as a print version).

Flying is fascinating, already that viewing top-down, even it´s only ´virtually´ e.g. from a camera-drone. Flying seems quite natural, even most basic problems are involved: for example one must overcome the gravity - and he real essence of that appearance is an absolutely unsolved problem.

Flying seems only possible, if the down-directed gravity-force is countered with an even stronger upward-directed force - and strange enough, that force is created by accelerating air downward. That ´air-down = plane-up´ is common understanding. Even leading scientists vehemently stand up for that untenable idea, as I had to experience at diverse discussions.

They handle the air like a solid body and believe Newton´s mechanical laws would be fully valid. Realiter however, the air particles are moving on and on - and it´s absolutely not sure, why that process is running free of losses, infinitely. Within gases, an other law is superior: the particles, all times, will fly into direction of less density. And the law of energy-constant here is valid by the fact: increased dynamic pressure of a flow results corresponding less static pressure aside.

So the true cause of that ´dynamic uplift´ is matched by that economic process: instead producing stronger counter-pressure it´s absolutely sufficient to reduce the static air pressure at the upper face of a profile by an accelerated flow.

Even more economical and environmental friendly would be that procedure: instead of pushing huge masses of air down or backward, it´s absolutely sufficient to keep circulating a small mass of air within a closed system. Different speeds at opposite faces result differing static pressures and the generated forces can be used for uplift (e.g. of helicopters) or thrust (e.g. also for airplanes and other vehicles).

The Twist-Cone-Engine is an other constructive proposal, however specialists will soon create much better solutions - as soon they got the inside about the true cause, why planes are flying as weightless like some birds.

2016-06-10 - Experiments and Consequences
Indeed, two collegues did build that functional model and I did construct also a version of. Naturally the results were the usual ones: total flops, totally worthlesss wasted time and money!

That model was designed to approve the elementary principle most simplistic. However, it got too simplistic!

Nevertheless, the mistake was found soon and improved solutions were deduced, so suitable flows can be generated even better.

The analyses and corrections are discussed at new chapter 05.21. Experiments and Consequences (also available in a print version).

So this subject is finished for me - however the professionals of aero-techniques (and other vehicle-technologies) should just start with intensive investigations. Because the conception of the Bowl-Engine still is most suitable for generating uplift and thrust forces - and naturally the professionals could deduce much better solutions from failing experiments.

2016-03-31 - Summary and Functional Model
At the new Book a summery concentrates the main points of view at one sheet of paper.

The essential constructional elements are shown by a simple fuctional model.
Also that Summary is available by a separate pdf-print-file.

I am writing fingers to the bones - however merely one believes in this unbelievable story.
If somebody would build that functional model and one could see the effect at a video -
everything would be quite natural at the very moment.

Who will help that story come true? Many thanks in advance!

2016-03-31 - Air Pressure Power Box
All chapters here are available also by pdf-files for download and print-out.
However these complex texts and figures are better to study in printed version.

Therefore the new book Air Pressure Power Box contains all four chapters of the Bowl-Engines and the Flettner-Box, in addition the two general chapters concerning uplift at wings.

At this new book, the essence of that invention is pointed out at one page of a Summary inclusive Functional Model, shown by a simple sketch.

2016-03-15 - Discussion and Flettner-Box
Up to now, the usage of Free Energy of molecular motions is not usual or even ´unbelievable´.
Some examples of new chapter Pros and Cons for Bowl-Engines might show, why and how these effects are working ´perfectly natural´.

The historic freighter ´Buckau´ with Flettner´s spinning cylinders cruised better than conventional sail-ships.
That principle also can drive without natural winds, within a closed system, at water like at land - and as Rotation-Power-Station.
So that Flettner - Box can not only deliver thrust but also mechanic turning momentum, e.g. for driving an electric generator.

2016-02-29 - Book of Bowl-Engine
The texts and pictures of the invention ´Bowl-Engine´ now are also available as a Book.

2016-01-31 - Aero-Statics of Bowl-Engines
It was necessary to precise once more that quite new point of view:
the grave difference between mechanic lifting by reaction-principle
and the buoyancy by the rules of hydro-statics and aero-dynamics.

At new chapter Aero-Statics of Bowl-Engines the new insights and possibilities are confirmed by data examples of the A320.
A good overview presents the article Thrust for Aeronautics.

2015-12-31 - Fluid-Technology / Invention of the Bowl-Engine
Might be I was able to produce analyses of similar quality at an other subject: the ´Fluid-Technology´. So also these parts were reviewed and reduced to essential items. First parts were reloaded at November 2015 (basics).

To the end of 2015 some reviewed chapters to the Aero-Technology are published again (lift at wings, trout-engine, prop- and jet-engines etc.).
Totally new is my invention of the Air-Pressure-Bowl-Engine - which might start a revolution at the aero techniques.
A brief overview gives the article Air-Pressure-Bowl-Engine - new Aero-Technology.

2015-06-30 - Revision of the Website
Since previous century, this website did grow up to 2500 files with a volume of about 80 MB. So a revision was necessary with a reduction to essential statements.

At first, thus only the subject of ´Aether-Physics and -Philosophy´ was reloaded. Today, the aether (or space-energy, zero-point-energy etc.) is discussed more frequently, however most only by vague ideas. Opposite, my descriptions of that ´Something Moving´ (also available as a book) presents most precise definitions, analyses and explanations. With that ´Dancing of Satellites´ (also as a book), the existence of a real aether is approved clearly (e.g. also explaining the experiments of Morley-Michelson e.a.). One will hardly find comparable precise statements at the web or literature.

However, my considerations concerning the ´Aether-Electro-Technics´ by view of that aether are not completed up to now (perhaps I can add some more ideas at the following years). It would be most important for specialists to take these starting points for researching all appearances of the electromagnetism. Most important consequences would result for the usage of that energy.