Something   Moving


Our sense organs cover an only small section of the reality. Our brain again reduces the perceptions to few most vital aspects.

However, also the physicists do not really know the real essence of the appearances. For example, itīs not decided the photons would be particles or waves. At CERN, they are still searching for particles which could represent the elementary property of īmassī or which could keep together the atomic nucleus.

For example, one merely canīt understand how remote effect of gravity could work, through the gaping void, far by light years. Or whatīs about īdark matterī? Some physical forces are handled as purely abstract items and no idea exists how they could produce substantial affects.

The universe like the atoms, are they really empty by major parts? Or couldnīt exist a really omnipresent substance as primary matter of all appearances? We also feel soul, spirit and consciousness as most real facts. Should these impressions not also be manifested within a real matter?

This Aether-Physics and -Philosophy shows a comprehensive research concerning the physical properties of that primary matter. There is an absolute proof for the existence of this aether: the strange behaviour of geostationary and especially of satellites on polar orbits. If now All exists by that One many quite new aspects come up for the sciences. If everything actually is bound to anything, a new world view will come up.