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Problem / Phaenomenon Solution / Explanation
Here are listed only few examples of the hundred phenomenon discussed at this website. Here are mentioned only the main statements which comprehensive are discussed at corresponding chapters of this website and are visualized by many graphs.
How about a photon: particle or wave?
A photon is a one-turn swinging motion within the aether. It shows flat lenticular structure, screwing forward within the aether. The aether by itself keeps its place, only the motion-structure wanders ahead (like sound is moving through the resting air).
Solid Materia
Exists a ´solid´ material matter at the one hand and besides this, any aether at the other hand?
No ´materia´ exists by common sense. Really existing is only one unique primary matter, gapless filling up the whole universe. Within that ´Free Aether´ are some local vortex-systems (´Bound Aether´) of aether within the aether, some of representing the appearance of material matter.
What are atoms made of, what holds these units together?
An atom is a local vortices structure with ordered motions in shape of synchronous swinging. Opposite, the surrounding Free Aether shows disorderly chaotic motions based on the multiple overlaying radiations running through. Only about hundred vortice structures can withstand that ´general aether pressure´ respective only that ambient pressure forms and conserves these sphere-shaped units.
Nucleus and Quarks
Why seems the nucleus being hard? How can the sub-elementary particles change shapes on and on?
Radial ´vortex spindles´ meet at the center. All motions there must be absolutely synchronous coordinated, so there is no space for divergences. There can be observed only short sections of motion tracks, naturally merging from one shape to the next continuously. That´s why these ´quarks´ are extreme short-lived and naturally exist mirrored forms.
Light-Aether   Dilemma
Up to hundred years ago, one agreed the transmission of light demands an extreme dense medium. However, how could move through the solid earth, for example?
Like a photon, also each atom is only a local vortex of the aether within the aether, only much more complex and in shape of a much wider sphere. Like the photon, only the motion structure of the atom is forwarded - while the aether by itself in principle keeps its place (like the resting air, even sound is running through).
That´s a property ´inherent the material matter´. However, how could one imaging that realistically?
A force is necessary to put a resting atom into motion. The ´resting´ aether in front of the atom, successively must take the structure of the atom-internal movements. The more complex that structure is, the stronger the force must work. So the ´mass´ depends on the complexity of the atom respective its ´bulky resistance´ against local displacements. That corresponds to the ´inertia of resting mass´.
Inertia is also a ´mass inherent property´. How is that term related to previous idea of ´mass´?
If the motion structure of an atom is moving, the gapless aether works like a real version of the fictive ´Ideal Gas´. The changing pressure at front side is completely transferred into thrust pressure at the rear side, i.e. the atom wanders through the aether without losses. The atom now shows resistance against any new changes, thus it shows ´inertia of moving mass´ corresponding to its ´kinetic energy´.
The constant of energy is the most important law of physics. Really however, a part of gets lost in shape of heat all times, finally into the space. So how could the energy keep constant here at the earth?
Within the particle-world, energy constant can not exist. Energy would have disappeared inevitably into the surrounding void long ago. The universe indeed would have died the ´heat-death´. Energy constant can exist only within the omnipresent gapless aether, which quite really has the properties of an Ideal Gas. Only within that medium, energy of any movements can never get lost - and all shapes of energies finally are nothing else than motions of the aether within the aether.
By common understanding, the gravity results from the mutual attraction of materia. Well, one can imagine pressure-forces - however, how could attracting forces work at all?
Outside at the space, the Free Aether is like a jumbled motion mixture based on multiple overlaying radiations. At the atmosphere, hard radiations are filtered of. Between the atoms of the earth crust, the Free Aether still becomes ´cooled down´. Within crystal rocks, the Free Aether builds the grid-bridges, so the motions within and outside of atoms become similar. Thus each atom is affected by high motion pressure from upside, however from below it´s affected by gradually weaker pressure: each atom is softly pushed towards earth center.
Gravity Constant
The gravity is assumed to be an universe wide constant effecting force. So why show measurements locally and timewise varying values at the earth?
The spreading of the aether pressure depends on current conditions at the ionosphere and atmosphere (radiations before sun-rise and after sun-set, however e.g. also thunderstorms). Above this, the gravity depends on the material structure of the celestial body (solid planet, with/without atmosphere or gaseous planet/star). Each celestial body has a quite individual gravity, only affecting from the outside border of its spheres and down - at its maximum - to the layers of plasmatical rocks.
Sun and Ecliptic
The Sun holds all planets at their orbits by the attracting force of its masses. How can one imagine these remote affecting force?
Circle shaped movements can overlay, e.g. if the center of a circle-motion by itself is moving at a circle. Inevitably come up low speed sections of the track and sections with increased speed. That ´stroke component´ is running all around the ecliptic, increasing stronger from outside towards the center. All atoms thus are effected by temporary pushes, and thus the planets are drifting all around the Sun. No attracting force is necessary, not at all.
Spherical-, Beam- and Spiral-Galaxies
It´s incomprehensible why the ´stationary´ stars of a spherelike galaxy should not collapse into their center. At the other hand it´s inexplicable how beam- and spiral-galaxies can emerge.
If two circling movements are overlaying by contrary turning sense, an elliptical track comes up, which by itself can turn around its center. Again there are sections of faster and slower motions. The differing track sections work like a ´road sweeper´ gathering the ´dirt´ within the ellipse. However, at the outside edges of the ellipse, some stars just walk out, building the spiral arms. There are no attracting forces working. There exist only some overlaying circled movement of aether within the aether, with variable radius and differing turning sense.
Dark Matter and Black Holes
Astronomers calculated everything, by millions of light years back to big bang. However they must suppose additional 95 % Dark Matter - a deliberately delayed bankruptey?
The planets are drifting within the ´whirlpools´ of stars and the stars are drifting within the whirlpools of galaxies. No attracting forces are necessary at all. Thus no huge masses of imaginary Black Holes must exist. Instead of alleged Dark Matter, one simply must realize the existence of an omnipresent gapless aether as the unique matter. However this results a grave consequence: all calculations for the masses of celestial bodies based on attracting forces - are invalidated. For example, the Sun is a rather light assembly of gases.
Moon and Satellites
The local gravity around the earth can keep satellites at their tracks. However what´s keeping the moon at its strange orbit?
The satellites for earth observation and the geostationary satellites are moving within earth-near spheres, so within the area of earthly weight-pressure. In addition, the earth is surrounded by its own aether-whirlpool, extended about two million kilometer, embedded within the whirlpool of the ecliptic, both left-turning, however some inclined. The moon is drifting corresponding to the resulting direction and thrust force: at outer side both stroke components add and thus the moon will overtake the earth. Opposite, at the sun side the resulting stroke component is diminished and thus the moon falls back again behind the earth.
Michelson-Morley and the Aether-Wind
Previous century, Michelson-Morley and other researchers tried to measure the ´aether-wind´. Why didn´t they achieve usable results?
The experiments aimed to measure the speed of light at relative short distances. They assumed the earth would move through the light-aether. Measurements with, cross to and against the earth-rotation should show differences. Really however, all atoms of the measuring instruments are pushed ahead by the stroke component of the aether - however, also the aether-vortices of the photons are shifted forward by likely strength. So quite natural, no significant differences could be detected.
Light - Constant
Axiomatically is assumed, the light would move all times by light speed and straight forward. Is that constant a real fact?
The light progresses by different speeds within different media (e.g. air, glass, water). The aether does not show likely quality everywhere, e.g. it´s moving different kind within the whirlpools (of planets, stars, galaxies). Naturally also the photons are affected by these additional influences. The direction of the light changes at the border of different media (e.g. air/glass). Within the whirlpools, the thrust affects tangential all times. Naturally also the photons are deviated correspondingly, so the light never is moving by steady speed nor straight line.
Deviation of Satellites at polar Orbits
If a satellite flies at a track directly over the poles, all times cross to the Sun, every area at the earth ground can be observed at its best, by flat light. Unfortunately that´s not possible. Why do such satellites wander eastward out?
The earth is turning as a rigid vortex synchronous to its whirlpool. The turning-speed of that ´aether-wind´ decreases linear, until zero near the earth axis of rotation. The satellites are affected by most strong wind above the equator, above the poles however its calm. As an average, these satellites are pushed eastward by about 70 % of the maximum wind-speed: each day by 252 degree, during one revolution of e.g. 100 minutes by 17.5 degree. Only if these satellites are shut by an angle of 8.75 degree versus the turning sense of the earth, they will keep their track synchronous to the Sun. These satellites at (nearby) polar orbits are the real proof for the existence of a the real matter of aether and its movements.
Navigation - Satellites
A ´navi´ got a commonly used unit and is working astonishing precisely. Obviously however, it´s rather hard job to install a sufficient working system of satellites. What´s the problem?
Common sciences ´naturally´ are based on mass-attraction forces. Existing deviations of tracks are argued by the ´equator bulge´ and corresponding factor is included in the formula. Really however, no attracting physical forces exist. However, around the earth exists a pressure gradient, resulting from the smooth transition from hectic motions of the Free Aether within high spheres to the calm motions below the earth crust. Based on the current situation, the pressure spreading varies temporary and locally depending on the materia over and below the earth surface. In addition, previous ´aether winds´ are blowing by differing strength depending on degree of latitude and on the time of day. These factors are not obeyed up to now, so one is rather helpless in the face of ´tumbling´ satellites.
Permanent - Magnets
Obviously, the north- and south-poles of permanent magnets mutually are attracting. Thus still must exist attracting forces, even working over some distance. What´s the explanation for that appearance?
The field lines of magnets represent ordered aether motions, so the magnetic field is Bound Aether (like photons, electrons, atoms). They show a left-turning stroke component (like the whirlpools). If like poles are directed against each other, the aether between is contrary swinging, resulting the repulsive effect. Opposite, if a north- and a south-pole are directed against each other, the aether can go on likely swinging from the north- into the south-pole. The hectic motions of the Free Aether affect thrust onto any Bound Aether. Here, these ordered motions of the field lines are ´open´ at the rear ends of both magnets. Based on that general aether pressure, both magnets are pushed together, mutually from their reverse sides. So even at this ´obvious´ example of attraction, only pushing forces are working in reality.
Positive and negative Charge
Attraction / repulsion are also working at positive / negative electric charges. If connected with a conductor, electric current flows until charges are balanced. What´s the real background of these appearances?
No positive electric charge exists and no ´positrons´. Existing are only more or less negative electrons at a location, or more or less negative charges at a surface. The electric field is also an area of ordered left-turning swinging aether motions. That layer of Bound Aether shows more or less height. Also here, the hectic motions of Free Aether are affecting the general aether-pressure onto these layers of ordered swinging. Along a conductor, the charge layer gets levelled to likely height - resulting the appearance of electric flow.

Absolute Zero Point
So at the subject of electricity, probably might not exist opposite poles but only a state of more/less. However one pole exists without any doubts: the absolute pole of coldness at -273.16 degree, where motions come to standstill. How about these facts by view of that aether?
Thinking by diametrical opposites or thinking of minima / maxima does not suit for properties of the aether. At absolute cold, the motions of material particles are minimized - however not at all are stopped the motions of the aether inside and outside of the atoms. The term of ´heat´ describes only the intensity of motions of material particles, however it can not be applied on the aether by itself. The space is not cold, but only a small number of atoms are moving within wide areas. The aether is moving all times and because it´s a gapless unity, same time it´s moving at any place. The aether is only different by locally differing motion structures.
Maxwell´s Demon
The molecular motions of gases represent a huge force of kinetic energy. The particles are moving by different speeds. If one could separate fast and slow particles, one could achieve an usable energy gradient. However, the demanded ´Maxwell-demon´ was not detected up to now. Perhaps an other possibility might exist?
Usable kinetic energy is also achieved if the originally chaotic directions of molecular motions become ordered. That´s done quite easy by creating suction areas. The particles fall into the void, by itself and most fast, up to sound speed. Every airplane wing is such a ´benefit producing machine´: continuously comes up an area of relative void at the rear end of upside faces. Generally, this idea is usable at many applications, also for stationary motors. This website shows diverse proposals for using that kind of ´Free Energy´.
Ernergy of Aether-Motion
The aether internal motions represent an inexhaustible energy potential. How could one use this kind of ´Free Energy´?
The Free Aether with its chaotic-hectic motion structure is steady affecting pressure onto the ordered swinging of electric charges. The aether thus is the real thrust for generating electric flow. Huge masses of free electrons exist at the atmosphere and the surface of the earth is covered by masses of negative charge. The only problem is the creation of a ´void area´. The Free Aether would spill such charges into the ´electrical void´, thus would generate electric current. Tesla realized that idea already in 1930 with its autonomous driving car (and some other researchers did construct similar machines). So it´s absolutely urgent to research which real motion pattern of the real aether represent the electromagnetic appearances. First proposals are shown at this website, however intensive professional researches are necessary - with best chance for success.
Chaotical / ordered Motions
Combustion engines generate chaotic-hectic motions of gas-particles. Their pressure is transferred into the ´ordered round´ turning motion of the crankshaft. Could one apply this principle directly to the aether movements?
It´s possible to create an area of chaotic-hectic aether motions, e.g. by multiple overlaying electromagnetic waves (with few energy input if enforced by resonance). Also a system of contrary rotating magnets can result disordered aether motions. The English researcher John Searl achieved lift-force for his flying discs with such a ´crazy´ construction. So researches should be done also in that subject.
Extreme World View
These Aether-Physics and -Philosophy thus are based on the extreme idea, All exists of that One - and the One is a gapless unity and in addition, it would be the unique really existing matter. All other appearances (of material-physical like mental-spiritual nature) are only each special motion pattern of aether within the aether. Will the main-stream sciences accept that revolutionary hypothesis?
Most terms of physics are mutually defined by circular reasoning. Prevailing is the mathematic-formal view. The questions concerning the real essence of appearances is neglected since last century. Many unexplained phenomena and inconvenient questions are disregarded. Previous mentioned solution of the light-aether-dilemma now allows new researches concerning the background of all being. Based on Ockham´s razor, the hypothesis with most few prerequisites should be preferred. These Aether-Physics and -Philosophy are based at one single axiom: All exists by One. This starting point is a solid alternative with high probability for essentially new insights, inclusive effective new technologies - and, not least, for new ethics of age-old wisdom.
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