Aether-Physics and -Philosophy
01. Introduction Why the aether is the unique really existing substance. Philosophic and science-theoretic background.
02. Universal Movement How the aether is moving universe-wide.
The overlays of all radiations result swinging motions seeming rather chaotic.
03. Local Movement There is only one kind of “coarse“ movement pattern in shape of Potential-Vortex-Clouds.
At that time I was lucky to find just one possibility - where finally are unlimited of.
04. Exclusion and Inclusion Relativity, Quantum, Plasma, Light-Aether. Hard discussions, short and clear answers.
08. SOMETHING  MOVING Precise description of the aether, astronomy, gravity, earth-structure, aether-model of atoms, aetheric membranes and some more. Most important for a new world-view.
COMPREHENSIVE DOCUMENTATION of the aether and FINAL PROOF for its existence.
09. Aether-Electric-Technics Electric-technics function excellent - only the question WHY still has no answer. Here the electromagnetic appearances are analysed by view of the aether - with new insight for real processes at that real background.
Basic knowledge for the construction of machines more effective.
Books / Download Part 08. “Something Moving“ was available as a book, however no longer. Other texts for download by pdf-files are still available.
Results Some outstanding results are listed in brief.
Home (Parts 05., 06. and 07. are subjects of flux-sciences, see part “fluid-technology“).