Aether-Physics and -Philosophy
01. Introduction In retrospective, here are added my judgements on the chapters and some hints for the readers.
01.01. Objectives and Approach What are the subjects of the new Aether-Physics and -Philosophy?
A typical introduction: long-winded story of past stuff and announcement of following stuff. Not really necessary to read.
01.02. Real and Abstract Whatīs really existing and whatīs only an abstract expression?
Essential distinction of terms for unravelling and mental understanding of real processes.
01.03. Real Certainty What were / are real essences of the universe?
How mysterious the common sciences are working. Recalling at axioms free of doubt. One MUST read!
01.04. Everything and Nothing Can Nothing really exist?
Absolutely TOP: you sit at back row at a philosophic-colloquium and listen curious the discussion about possibilities for cognition of the being.
01.05. Space and Time Reality or only abstract expressions?
Finally understanding Einstein! Inclusive a literary highlight! MUST study!
01.06. Boundary or Boundless Are there parts or is there only one Whole?
Dammed hard demand: forget thinking by particles! Searching for particles makes no sensed. One must see the whole as a unit. MUST read! Even real understanding might come up some later by concrete examples.
01.07. Special Terms Meaning and usage of special expressions.
Is often neglected: without clear definition of all terms - itīs only blathering. Here the terms are well defined (and detailled once more at later chapters). Well done!
01.08. Summary Results of previous considerations.
Strenuous attempt to convince the readers (and sciences in general) by that understanding of the aether. Mental reservations however might decrease finally after explanation of some phenomenon. These new ideas are just too demanding - however, what could be more exciting!
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