Aether-Physics and -Philosophy

03. Local Movement The strenuous search for a possibility of motion within the gapless aether.
03.12. Summary Please read this commentary first.
03.01. Basics and Objectives Starting points and contents of this section. Some parts are reduced.
03.02. Overlays Overlays of circle-movements discussed by the example of sea waves.
Thatīs an impressive chapter, essential for understanding the aether.
03.03. Volumes and Shapes Aether can only move into three directions same time, right angled to each other.
Tiring. Not worth to study. Only an additional proof for right-angle effects.
03.04. Swinging Disc Local movements are swinging inside, decreasing to the outside resting aether.
Clear explanation of central swinging areas.
03.05. Circulating Waves Swinging movement of the nucleus demands a swinging by right angles, in shape of a circulating wave.
If one knows the finally simple solution, these analyses were much too complicated.
03.06. Tumbling Axis Aether-volumes are to exchange via poles in shape of swinging longitudinal axis.
At last itīs a complete swinging within the sphere.
03.07. Bending and Winding Possibility and necessity of movements of the aether within the aether.
All movements inevitably must run into three dimensions same time.
03.09. Movementīs Drive Motor of steady movements within Potential-Vortex-Clouds.
Essential insight: why a local motion pattern keeps together.
03.10. Potential-Vortex-Cloud Diverse appearances of Local Aether Movement, from electron to galaxies
Many important aspects are mentioned here, which are detailed at many chapters much later.
03.11. Wandering Potential-Vortex Potential-Vortex-Clouds moving ahead through the aether, e.g. photons, light speed, rotation of earth etc.
Many basic insights were mentioned here - and all items were confirmed in later chapters.
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