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08. Something Moving Comprehensive documentation for the subject of primary matter
08.01. Introduction Starting points and objectives
08.02. Definition of Aether Exact description of physical properties of basic substance of all being
08.03. Distinction Consequences and differences to the common physical understanding
08.04. Motion-Possibilities Particles can do nearby any motion, however not the aether by itself
08.05. Motion-Necessities Within aether by itself, only few motion pattern are possible
08.06. Real and seeming Motions Shifted swinging motions result appearance of waves running all around, rotation or spin
08.07. Balancing Movements Central wide swinging demands balancing motions towards ambient Free Aether
08.08. Tracks with Stroke Overlay of two circled motions inevitably results uneven motion processes
08.09. All-Pressure Free Aether affects concentrating and conserving for units of Bounded Aether
08.10. Milky-Way and Sun-System Free Aether also compresses galaxies, resulting spiral arms and contrary turning vortices
08.11. Sun-System and Sun Movements of ecliptic, drive of planets
08.12. Rosette-Tracks at Sphere-Shells Motion pattern at shell-shaped surfaces, basics for following chapters
08.13. Aether-Model of Atoms Design of atoms, shells and nucleus, atomic forces, mass and inertia, new world-view
08.14. Faces, Pipes, Membranes Additional and most important motion-pattern of aether for building flat and spatial objects
08.15. Normal and paranormal
Flash and solar-wind, megalith-technology, ufo-material and -drive, gravity and levitation, biologic membranes and live-energy, mental-body and chakras, soul and mind, subconscious and stomach-feeling
08.16. Nature of Gravity
and Structure of Earth
Every celestial body has an individual gravity, affecting only within its near environment, with varying strength. The aether between atoms determines structural layers of the earth and these again result e.g. the temperatures and heat-radiation.
08.17. Whirlpool of Earth Moon and tides, earthly magnetfield and final approve for existence of that aether: geostationary satellites
08.18. Aether-Physics of Sun Structure and processes of that loose accumulation of gas-particles - with absolute new points of view
08.19. Typology of Aether-Motion-Pattern Why which kind of movements are possible respective necessary within gapless aether
08.20. Aether-Vortices of Gas-Planets Great Red Spot of Jupiter, Ring des Saturn, retrograde turning moons - how are such ŽimpossibleŽ appearances working
08.21. Summary Hundred phenomena and open physic-questions, to explain only by existence of gapless aether
08.22. Dancing Satellites Clear proove: universal gravity does not exist! Celestial bodies are drifting within aether-whirlpools.
Satellites at polar orbits are Žblown off by the aether-windŽ
08.23. Epilog on the Aether This website will be closed in 2018. One final time one remembers the necessity for exploring the aether.
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