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08.23. Epilog on the Aether

Clean Up
I installed this website already twenty years ago, as one of the first private scientific provider. I published many articles for Alternative Physics, investigations and proposals for generating Free Energy. Certainly, there were some very good elaborations. At a whole however I had few success, like thousands of colleges all around the world, unfortunately, still were not able to produce really usable machines.

The web does not forget anything. So it´s the job for every supplier to delete obsolete stuff. So in 2018, I will take off the website completely from the web.

Also some thousand authors published to the subject of aether at the internet, mostly by esoteric view and / or without precise definitions. Only few authors handle that subject by pure physical view. My elaboration concerning the aether might be the most fundamental. I was able to explain hundred physical ´phenomena´- however I was not able to convince one single physicist. So some time soon, I will also delete my ´Aether-Physics and - Philosophy´ from the web and from the book market.

Example: Gravity-Problem and -Solution
Despite of new findings at many section, basic questions of the physic sciences are still open, for example: what´s a photon or an electron? How can we understand the strange behaviour of sub-elementary particles and what are they build of? What are the properties of Dark Matter / Energy and how might forces be able to function through the nothing? Is the idea of an universe wide valid mass-attraction realistic?

Based on common understanding, a galaxy can only exist as a sensible equivalent of centripetal and centrifugal forces. If necessary, fictive huge ´Black Holes´ are assumed in order to guarantee the arrangement´s stability. At the other hand, there are many spherical star dusters, up to the size of small galaxies, where no rotational movements are observed (figure 08.23.01, left). These assemblies of stars should have collapsed long ago. So it is absolutely and simply wrong to assume an universe wide affecting gravity in shape of mass-attraction.

That understanding of mass-attraction forces can also not explain the widespread appearance of spiral galaxies, especially if there is a ´beam´ through the centre (figure 08.23.01, right). Finally if the assumed nothing (or Dark Matter) is replaced by a moving aether-substance, plausible explanations become just obvious.

At figure 08.23.02 upside left at A, an ´aether-whirlwind´ is turning left with radius R1. An observed part (red) of the vortex is drawn at eight positions. The centre (grey) of that vortex is moving right-turn around the galactic centre (GZ, yellow) with radius R2. That vortex-centre is drawn in 16 positions. During one turn around the galactic centre, the aether-whirlwind did turn twice around its own fulcrum.

Left at the middle at B, both movements are combined. The observed position (red) is moving at an elliptic track, accelerated from the apex to the middle and afterwards again decelerated (see distances between the red points). Left down at C, the aether-whirl is turning some faster. Therefore the apex (white) wanders from D to E, so the whole track will turn right around the galactic center.

Upside right at F, an elliptic ´beam´ (light red) is drawn at the central area of a galaxy (light green). Accelerated aether movements are running from the apex to the middle (red arrow H), where stars are dragged along with. The aether movements are decelerated from the middle to the next apex (grey arrow I), so stars (S, yellow) carried with that flow now are ´deposed´ out there.

Below right at G, that beam (light red) is drawn during its rotation, where the apex wanders right-sense around the galactic center (GZ, yellow). At each end of the decelerated movements (arrows I) the stars are ´laid down´, resulting the spiral arms (SP, yellow). Same time at the accelerated phases (arrows H), the stars were pushed off the areas aside of the beam and were swept further outward. At the other hand, the stars within the beam-area are whirled around, however are ´kept in prison´ within that beam.

Most different tracks are possible, depending on the relation of radius, turning sense and turning speeds. An exact motion pattern can be found for each galaxy, determining the spreading of stars, the directions and speeds of their most different movements. No mass-attraction is necessary at all, the stars are drifting pure passive within the aether-winds, which practically is working like a ´road sweeper´. This might be a plausible explanation for everybody, just like these ´flow-charts´ of galaxy-pictures obviously show. However that idea is a horror-scenario for all studied astronomers, because there is no longer any requirement for Black-Holes and Dark-Matter or Dark-Energy.

Nevertheless, an apple falls down to the earth. However that appearance has quite an other cause. The exciting story is one of these hundred phenomena reported in extension at the book ´Something Moving´ (ISBN 978-3-8423-6312-0).

Problem Aetherwind
Especially at the 19. century was discussed, whether an aether-wind exists and how it could be measured. One did agree, based on the huge light-velocity, the aether must be a rather dense medium. As light does not fade, even on long distances, the aether might not be elastic and may not exist by particles (e.g. contrary to the air, where the sound is running only short distances). There are some more strong indices and thus I claimed, the aether is one single gapless substance, universe wide a real homogenous plasma.

Within such a medium, naturally the movement possibilities are extremely limited, e.g. as the distance to neighbouring ´aetherpoints´ must be constant all times (no aether-´particles´ exist and no gaps between). At figure 08.23.03 upside left at A, e.g. one aetherpoint (black) is moving at a circled track, and thus all neighbouring aetherpoints must swing synchronous.

As mostly many movements are overlaying, there might merely exist exact circle-tracks. Upside right at B, e.g. an observed point is turning left-sense at a circle with radius R3 (red). Its fulcrum by itself is moving at a circle with radius R4 (blue), with same turning sense and turning speed. The resulting track is sketched at C: the point observed is flying upward at a wide bow (red) and comes back to its original place at a flat curve (blue).

Below right side at D, twelve sections once more were pointing out: at the first half of time (red) the aetherpoint is moving relative long distances relative fast. At the second half of time (blue) the aetherpoint is moving corresponding shorter distances correspondingly slower. So the simple overlay of two circled motions results an uneven track with sections of different speeds, i.e. produces a ´stroking movement´. Depending on the relation of the radius, the stroke-component is stronger or weaker.

The strokes can not be directed anywhere at random, because aether exists already everywhere, resisting versus changes. Thus it´s an imperative characteristic within the aether, all processes within a local unit must be closed and balanced. Here for example, as shown left side at E, that´s achieved if all strokes show tangentially around a vortex-center (WZ, yellow), and all motions (red) occur synchronous all times. It´s likely compelling, each aetherpoint finally must come back to its original place. That motion (blue) might be some slower, however again it must occur synchronous all around.

Within that medium of extreme density, no spacious removal of aether is possible. Opposite, the aether keeps stationary in principle and is only swinging at narrow space. However the motions are not totally uniform but show different strong divergences. So the upside stars within that galaxy were not pushed forward by wide-running ´aether-winds´. But each atom is pushed forward by swinging motions with ´stroke-component´, like sketched at the following figure 08.23.04.

An atom (green) is a local unit with internal specific motion pattern (at A only marked by a S-shaped curve). Atoms have nearby spherical shape (based on inner and outer compelling facts). When previous stroke-component (red arrow at B) hits onto the atom, its contour becomes somehow disturbed. At the phase of slow swinging back (blue arrows at C), the atom can regain its original shape. However, now the center of the atom is shifted upward a little bit.

Vortex Systems of Milky Way, Sun and Earth
Within a galaxy, the stars are pushed around at most different tracks. Much easier is the aether-vortex of the Sun-system: the whole ecliptic is a swinging with simple overlay, like discussed at previous figure 08.23.03. The planets are pushed around the Sun by the stroke-component, all left-turning, from outside inward with increasing rotating speeds (see figure 08.23.05 upside at A): e.g. Pluto (P, grey) with 5 km/s, the Earth (E, blue) with some 30 km/s and Mercury (M, red) with maximum 48 km/s. Further inward towards the sun, the strokes become weaker, so the Sun-surface (S, yellow) rotates only with about 2 km/s.

Embedded within the Sun whirl is the aether vortex system of the earth (see figure 08.23.05 middle at B). That whirl is like previous swinging with a simple overlay, again in lenticular shape, with a radius of about 1 million km. At the radius of about 400.000 km, the Moon (M, grey) is pushed around with some 1 km/s. At radius of about 40.000 km, the geostationary satellites (GS, red) are drifting around with nearby 3 km/s. From there towards the center of the earth (E, blue) respective towards the fulcrum of the earth vortex system, the turning speed decreases linear down to 0 km/s.

Below at C, the aether-whirl (green) of the earth (E, blue) is sketched by cross-sectional view. The lenticular disk is some inclined to the Sun vortex (SW, with the Sun far left). Above this, the disk level is not arranged right angles to the earth axis. Both vortex systems are left-turning, so the stroke-components add at the sun-far side respective the strokes mutually reduce each other at the sun-side. New Moon and Full Moon (NM and VM) are moving with different speeds through the space and also the geostationary satellites (GS). That´s why the Moon appears at changing positions at the sky. However also these satellites will not stand ´immobile´ at their positions above the equator. The resulting problems are described in details at the book ´Dancing Satellites´ (ISBN 978-3-7322-8518-1).

Once more one must clearly state, these motion processes demand no mass attraction forces. At the other hand, one was not able to measure the suggested aether-wind, just because that stroke-component affects every atom likely, the earth-crust, the observer and the measurement tool, thus no relative motions came up. However it was a fatal error to neglect the existence of an aether since one hundred years. Today, measurement data are available around the clocks, clearly demonstrating the effect of an ´aether-wind´. However the dogma ´there is no aether existing´ hinders every physician to register new insights and to think about.

Clear Proof for the Existence of the Aether
The space travel business regularly celebrates its successes, even they might be based on try-and-error or they seam like a follow of unlucky mishaps (see e.g. the Mars-missions or now the delayed start of the European navigation-system Galileo). Also the satellites for earth observation are moving on tracks, hardly to explain by common understanding. The grave problems are described in details at my website or that small book ´Dancing Satellites´. At the following thus only the most striking results are mentioned in brief.

´Landsat´-satellites fly at heights of 650 to 900 km around the earth, one turn takes about 100 minutes, resulting about 15 turns each day. An orbit above the poles and steady cross to the sun is preferred, because flat light at morning / evening results best sight. Such a sun-synchronous orbit could be achieved, if the satellite is started with an impulse into turning sense of the earth, so the track swivels about one degree every day. If only the earthly gravity and inertia of masses would exist, satellites could move at such orbits unchanged for years.

The real track however is most different, like shown at figure 08.23.06. Left upside at A, a satellite (SA, red) flies from below the south-pole S upward above the north-pole N. Its track is diverted towards east, as if by magic (see green arrow), below with increasing strength and later again some weaker. Upside at the middle at B, a view onto the north-pole is sketched: at each turn, the track becomes some diverted into the turning senses of the earth.

Such a ´twisted rotation´ is quite impossible by common understanding of physics (e.g. see the reaction of an gyroscope, if its turning axis is shifted within space). This combination of rotations is impossible by common understanding of astronomy (there are no planets or moons slipping around). Corresponding vague are the official attempts for explanation, e.g the ´gravity effect of the equatorial bulge´ could affect a turning momentum on the track. Also formula were build for that phenomenon, e.g. wp=(3a^2/2r^2)*w*cos(i)*J2), where J2 is a ´coefficient of the earth-development-potential´ with -1.083*10^-3 (please search for at the internet and try to understand, if possible).

At this figure upside right at C, the most simple explanation of that phenomenon is sketched. At the areas of the poles (respective near to the system axis of the earth-aether-whirl), the stroke component of the swinging motions are weak, i.e. the satellites were scarcely diverted above the poles. Opposite, at the areas above the equator, the satellites are diverted most strong, corresponding to the turning motion and speed of the earth. As now these satellites are crossing areas of different strong ´aether-winds´, as a whole, they become diverted about 0.7 of the earth-rotation each day.

Below left at D, that´s shown schematic: the earth is turning 360 degree each day (blue arrow). A satellite is dragged by 0.7 * 360 = 252 degree each day (red arrow). As 14.4 turns are done each day, that´s 17.5 degree each turn (green). The diversion occurs twice (upward and down again), so the deviation is 8.75 degree versus a meridian.

That´s why the satellite must be shut into its orbit with an inclination of about 99 degree (see E), thus versus the aether-wind and thus contrary to the turning sense of the earth (thus opposite to previous mentioned common theoretic assumption). Based on the different strength of the ´side-winds´, the satellite will still be diverted on a curved track (see F). As a whole however it will go on flying at the sun-synchronous orbit.

That´s the compelling evidence of the existence of the ather in general and especially, of that motion-pattern resulting the effect of a whirlwind around the earth. However, the aether can not be any kind of substance (like most authors use that term without clear definition). This aether must be the single real existing substance with the unique property, being a particle-less and thus a gap-less and thus an in-compressible whole. Commonly, we have no experiences with such a plasma. And as it behaves quite different than our usual ´particle-world´, that aether seems rather strange. Nevertheless, these satellites approve just these qualities of the basic substance behind all being.

Materia, Fields, Energy
Now it´s the question, which stuff might be the constituent element of materia respective the atoms? The answer is simple: All exists by the One. At least that´s the central statement of ancient wisdom books and world views. Universe wide is really existing only that basic substance of the aether. Thus also each atom exists by that uniform aether. The only difference is, within a local area the aether can swing by a specific pattern. All movements within must be balanced and must run absolutely synchronous. Sufficiently stabile units are only these about hundred chemical elements. Above this, the majority of the material world is build by only a handful rather simple element.

In earlier discussions one did not know, how ´hard materia´, e.g. the earth, could move through that dense aether. Now, there are no hard particles at all. There are only motion pattern wandering through the nearby stationary aether, just similar to the motion pattern of sound wanders through the air.

The quantum-physicians have catalogued several thousand sub-elementary-particles, divided by certain properties. However, there are no ´particles´ within the indivisible aether, but the physicians recognized different track-sections of the atom-internal movements. Naturally the motions at one location exist only short moments before changing into an other three dimensional curve, on and on. So an atom does not exist by void space, few electrons and a nucleus with neutron- and positron-particles (apart of the fact, no positive charge exists but only some more or less negative charges). It´s most important for the development of new technologies to learn which properties, processes and functions of the ´materia´ are based on which concrete motion pattern of the aether within and around the atoms.

This would be especially important for all appearances of the electromagnetism. For example, I did many investigations about the motion pattern of an electron, like sketched at figure 08.23.07. Locking from outside, only left-turning motions are visible all around, representing a extreme stabile unit. There are lots of further questions: which pattern represents electric charges and electric flows, each existing by different versions? Which are the real processes, why electric and magnetic fields are able to affect forces? Since electric techniques exist, the motions of the aether were manipulated, unconsciously. Finally if one knows the real processes of the aether-background, one will be able to construct really effective machines.

Local differences within the omnipresent aether exist only by different motion pattern. So finally, all kind of energy are based on motions of the aether. All aether represents a huge sea of energy. Naturally one could drain off some suitable energies, if finally one would accept the aether as a important object for scientific research.

Knowledge, Spirit, Soul
Nature sciences assign reality only to that stuff which can be counted, weighted or measured. All other appearances are classified somehow abstract, ghostly or indifferent. However, everybody experiences his consciousness, this certainty of ´that´s me´ as concrete like his material body. The mental constitution has grave affects onto the material body. Quite generally, material matter well is bothered by spiritual influences. That´s quite natural, because both ´worlds´, the material like the spiritual, are manifested within the common medium of the aether. Nothing can exist and affect within the void of nothing. So also the non-physical appearances are motion pattern within the aether, of absolutely likely intensity.

Without any doubts, the British biologist Rupert Sheldrake had shown, one group of animals fed new knowledge into an ´morphic field´ and an another group, far away and independent, was able to call up that knowledge. Even it´s mostly not used consciously: we all feed a huge storage permanently with our ideas and feelings and everybody, depending on his focus, can retrieve any content of. These processes can not occur anyhow abstract and also that storage must be a real medium. Only one substance exists universe wide. And this aether has unlimited potential for swinging motions of all kind.

As mentioned upside, the atoms and physical appearances build local units. Within the generally stationary aether, these motion pattern steady are wandering, at the earth surface, rotating with the earth, turning around the Sun, tumbling through the space with their galaxy. Even they have a smooth transit to the ambient aether, each is a locally separated pattern. Opposite well could be, previous ´immaterial´ appearances are not really separated but stored anywhere same time. If at one location within that gapless medium comes up a movement, this will affect all aether all around, at least in some weaker shape. So well could exist some kind of ´boundless´ motion pattern, i.e. that medium could really work like a holographic storage. Even weak signal could be enforced anywhere, e.g. where strong feelings are invested or energy is contributed by an intensive focus.

So this aether is a most interesting object for studies of nature sciences like the arts. Now for me is coming up: my material body will function weaker and weaker, so in foreseeable time I will go to the ´other side´. My soul already is looking forward to meet old friends. I think, I would not like to re-incarnate soon into that momentary chaotic world. Possibly however, some decades later, I would be most interested in the state of the discussion about the aether - or already realized aether-technologies. Possible once more, I would like to restart and to contribute ideas into that subject.

If anybody would like to promote that subject and would like to include my considerations, one should download that evert-website or order the books. Because within foreseeable times I will leave clean the stage of the internet and the book market. All the best, so long.

2017-12-01 / Fred Evert

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