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09.04. Charge

Source of Charge
At previous chapter are discussed two appearances of electricity: at the one hand the electron as a sphere-shaped motion-unit swinging within itself, at the other hand the electric charge as a flat motion-pattern. Now here the question is, what´s the source of the electricity. A simple answer would be: the sun - because all energies available at earth finally are delivered by the sun. Indeed, the sun sends an endless stream of charged particles, which e.g. build ´electric clouds and flows´ at the ionosphere. However, for direct access by common electric technologies these energies are much too far.

At earlier chapter 08.17. ´Aether-Vortex of the Earth´ (at picture 08.17.22) was shown, why the whole earth-surface is covered by an electric charge. The axis of the earth is some inclined to the plane of its aether-whirlpool. The equator is moving faster within space than the pole-regions. At the night-side the vortex-systems of sun and earth are turning into likely direction, at the day-side they are turning contrary sense. So all around the earth are demanded balancing movements within the aether. They build long-stretched vortex-strings, resulting the ´field-lines´ or earthly magnetfield. At the other hand these aether-´curls´ can result round motion-units. These electrons stick at ´material particles´ or are drifting free within the atmosphere. Towards the earth they appear denser. They sink further down and finally build a closed charge-layer at the earth-surface.

Charged, negative or positive
Electric charge is easy to produce and to prove, like shown at picture 09.04.01. If one rubs e.g. a PVC-ruler (A, grey) with a wool-fabric, at the surface comes up negative charge (dark-red, marked at the edges). If now one keeps that ruler near to an electrometer, it shows the existence of charge. Obviously the charge reaches to both tin-foils (B, grey) via the distance C through the air (and also through a ´vacuum´). As both foils are charged likely, they mutually repulse each other.

That process is totally other kind than mechanic effects between solid bodies or the behaviour of gases and liquids (even also these appearances finally are based on aether-movements). Here however a real effect is achieved which directly and exclusively is done by invisible aether (if no longer one sticks to the fiction, real effects could be possible through the ´nothing´). Upside was already mentioned, all accumulations of atoms are embedded within a commonly swinging layer of aether. In addition to that ´aura´ now an electric charge is all around the surface (and easy can slide along conductors). The ´aether-shell´ of the charge obviously reaches far out. The involved aether-volume (D, light-red) of that charge thus is multiple wider than the ruler.

Also if one strokes a cat-skin, charge is generated. However here the electrons are removed from the hair-tips and transferred to the hand: the cat now is charged ´positive´ and the person is charged ´negative´. Walking on a valvet-pile carpet shows an analogue result. By each step the threads are bend-over and are mutually rubbing. The involved aetherpoints can not shift alongside each other. There must come up balancing movements, by parts resulting these sphere-shaped motion-pattern of electrons. These are removed from the tips of the threads and pushed all up along the whole body. Probably the involved aether around that person will reach out by ruler-length all around. This is not visible normally, however clearly to feel short time before touching the door-handle. The valvet-pile carpet now is not ´charged positive´, its structure only allows generating electrons. That person indeed carries more negative charge. The door-handle won´t be charged positive. When ever it carries less charge than the person, charges become equalized by the flying spark.

Electric charge is generated at thunderstorms by huge extend. Hundreds of lightnings struck at the ground every second. These energies exceed human demand by far. Unfortunately that´s not usable by common electric technics. At previous part 08. ´Something Moving´ (and book with that title) are described the thunderstorm-processes at chapter 08.15. ´Normal and Paranormal Appearances´ in details. So here only some relevant aspects are repeated by view of the aether.

Within storm-clouds in general, air- and water-masses are pushed up and are falling down like a paternoster-lift, by speeds up to 150 km/h. Huge accumulations of free electrons finally come up at below edge of storm-clouds, as a result of ´friction-electricity´. At mechanic processes comes up ´friction-heat´ which is simple to explain: energy is demanded to overcome friction between solid bodies and thus the molecular motion of particles is accelerated corresponding, thus generating ´heat´. The generation of electricity by friction however is only to explain by the behaviour of a real aether.

Decisive are the ´nearby-collisions´ between the particles at strom-clouds. When these vortex-complexes ´scratch´ aside each other, they show contrary movements at least by parts and temporary. The aether between these particles is ´stressed´ and the situation is only released by additional balancing vortices. These motion-shreds are disolved by Free Aether some later - or some of are pressed into a stabile sphere-shaped motion-pattern by the general aether-pressure. These electrons can stick at ´material particles´ and thus building ions. When ice-particles are colliding or melting, the electrons are pushed off again. Finally a huge amount of free electrons are drifting within space - and do not know where to go. They were neither attracted by the ground nor by upside clouds which are assumed to be ´positive´. As pictures 09.04.02 show, a lightning can ´wander around´ far distances before they find that one kilometer down to the ground.

An electron is much smaller than an atom, nevertheless it demands a volume of space inclusive its aura. Like particles of a gas, the free electrons are flying from one collision to the next. The less the way is hindered by other vortex-complexes, the longer distances they can move straight forward. Other electrons can follow the ´empty´ track, until all electrons are dammed up by next barrier. The electrons of a lightning thus come straight forward only by centimeters. That ´traffic jam´ finally will break up into direction of weakest resistance.

At picture 09.04.03 upside left at A, an electron (red) is sketched, resting within Free Aether (blue). The electron at B is moving down. So an additional movement exists within the aether, demanding correspondingly wider space for balancing movements. Only the extreme simple vortex-pattern of the photon (only one turn) can ´screw-ahead´ within the aether by light-speed. All vortex-systems more complex however demand wider aether-volumes for additional forward-motion. This is marked by the light-red face, however strong overdrawn. When ´material particles´ are moving, this effect results the increased kinetic energy respective inertia respective the ´mass´ increased infinitive when moving by light-speed.

At C this electron has move further down and a second electron can follow, even by higher speed. At D both electrons did go on flying down. However no ´particles´ are falling down. The aether is ´stationary and resting´ all times. The aether at the track of an electron takes only the motion-structure of the electron for a short moment. If this vortex-complex did pass-by, this area will take its previous or original motion of Free Aether. If now however the same or similar motion-structures did pass an area repeatedly, that aether does not come back completely to the status of Free Aether. The fast follow of electrons practically leave a trace, which is marked light-green at D.

That trace shows rests of motion-pattern of the electrons respective is similar to their aura. The ´rosette-pattern´ (of picture 09.03.06 at F) might fit best to these movements. However the loops won´t be completely symmetric, because e.g. the general forward-motion has a ´stroke-component´ all times. At this picture 09.04.03 below right side, that trace E is marked light-red, because it corresponds with the passing electrons to a great extent. The red arrow marks the general direction of the strokes. The ´motion-core´ G of electrons can race through that trace without resistance.

So many similar movements occur within that canal in rapid succession. The increased motion-intensity demands new balancing-motions. These additional involved aether-volumes are marked by light-green areas aside. Again they must show analogue vortex-structures. Opposite, now the electrons can flow through the canal like ´at ball-bearing´ (at F, dark-green, marked schematic). One knows well, the lightnings do not only exist by electrons and not only by charges bound to ´materia´ (as usual). That appearance is called ´charged space´ (even no explanation is known up to now). The real motion-structures of that real aether within these areas are the vortex-complexes presented here.

The stroke-component naturally must exist also within these pipe-shaped lightning-canals, like schematic marked by arrows H. The motion at centre and also at areas all around force the aether at the end of canals to analogue swinging motions. That tube is searching the way of minimum resistance like a trunk. Finally when a branch (more or less by chance) did reach the ground, whole ´charge´ can ease up at wide face. Finally now the canal extends enormously and gigantic ´electric energies´ flow to the ground and spread at the environment.

So by common understanding, the earth in total is charged. Most part of charges is spread at the earth-surface. Also the atmosphere is charged, however decreasing at the height. The average strength of electric field near the ground is about 100 V/m between surface and atmosphere. As that little bit rubbing at previous ruler resulted an ´aura´ of 30 cm, probably we stick within a strong electric field, at least knee-deep and at all times. So we need only to ´pick up´ that everywhere existing energy - even it´s not just a simple job.

The electrons of previous velvet-pile carpet lifted up to the fingers without problems. Just likely, that ´earth-charge´ wanders up the whole body, also up to the roofs and up to the mountains. All materia at earth surface is embedded within that ´natural electric charge´. That´s why no potential differences come up and we don´t feel anything about that general existing electricity. However this means also, at the environment is nothing without charge.

Only negative Charge, only more or less
Already at school we learned, there are positive and there are negative charges. The electrons ´naturally´ are charged negative - however the examples for positive charges are scarce: a positron should build the counter-part of an electron and when meeting, they mutually destroy each other. At times of big-bang, ´by chance´ came up more electrons, so only the rest of these negative charge-carriers finally remained. We also had to learn, all protons of the atomic core are charged positive. We also had to learn, likely charges are repulsing mutually. Strange enough that´s not valid for protons, because hindered by an imaginary ´strong nuclear power´. Why and how this could function at all, still is a secret - like usual at Platon´s cave.

Naturally one can calculate with positive and negative numbers. Numbers are an expression for quantities - however nobody did ever see a negative quantity of real stuff. Opposite, here can not really exist positive charges - no matter how often it´s drummed into everybody´s head. At picture 09.04.04 is sketched the school-example of ´influence, charge-constant and charge-separation´, which easy proves the previous claim.

There is a metal sphere A which is not charged and a metal sphere B with negative charge. If both are moved near to each other, the previous ´neutral´ sphere gets a positive charge C (why and where from it ever might come). Based on theoretic necessary charge-constant, a corresponding negative charge D comes up at the opposite side (where from it ever might come). Now the sphere could be separated into two half-spheres (at the middle, see dotted line). Now one half-sphere shows positive charge and the other shows negative charge. All this happens according to known physical rules. However it´s absolutely uncertain whether the basic idea of the supposed model is according to the reality.

Based on upside considerations, any materia is surrounded by (negative) charge. So also the ´neutral´ sphere E is embedded within an aether-layer of charge (dark-red), inclusive an aura of balancing swinging motions (light-red). The sphere F bears not only few negative ´elementary-charges´ but a relative thick layer of charge (dark-red) and naturally shows an ´electric field´ (light-red). That swinging motion reaches far out into the neighbouring space. If now both spheres come near to each other, contrary aether-movements are meeting. The stronger ´field´ compresses the weaker field and pushed that motion-layer along the sphere-surface to the other side. The unchanged ´mass of charge´ now is spread unequal at the sphere-surface: at G by a thicker and at H by a thinner layer of charge.

All charges however are of same kind and keep likely character. All charges all times are negative. Thinking by polarity antagonism allows simplistic ´laws´, which however might lead to misconceptions. In reality exist no diametrically opposed items, but only more-or-less - and every student can easy understand. Instead of ´positive / negative´ thus here terms are used like ´high charge´ (HC), ´normal respective average charge´ (NC) and ´low charge´ (LC). This describes how ´mighty´ a charge-layer is respective what´s commonly might be called ´charge-density´.

Crucial Experience
When starting a car, at first one must turn on the key. Sometime I had a ´key-event´ which is sketched schematic at picture 09.04.05 upside. By common understanding, the electrons are carrier of the electric current. These are ´pressed´ into the storage battery (B, grey, respective accumulator) of cars by the dynamo. From that current-source the consumers (V, blue) are fed and the electrons wander back to the battery. The conventional direction of current is declared as a flow from plus- to minus-pole. The real flow-direction is contrary. Here all times the real direction of current is used, so flowing from minus to plus (see arrows). Correct however is only a flow from high to normal or to low charge (see below).

So by common understanding the production of a ´surplus´ of electrons is valuable. At a short-circuit these electrons immediately flow off via earth-wire into the ground, until the fuse blows off. At a car-battery, the electrons come out from the minus-pole - and that pole is short-circuit with the motor-block respective the car-body, so indirect also with the earth E. Obviously exists an abundance of electrons and thus they are not ´valuable´ at all. The car-key (red, within yellow box) does not protect the minus-pole but the plus-pole. That´s rather strange, because a water-tap or a gas-tap naturally is installed before the consumer. Here however is allowed / hindered not the outlet but the inlet of the electric source.

The valuable element within that circuit thus is not the minus-pole as source of the current, but the plus-pole as the sink of the current. However the electrons available all around are not usable by that conception. Chemical processes are running within batteries and the minus-pole delivers just as much electrons as the plus-pole can take. The free available huge ´sea of electrons´ thus could be used only by processes which occur independent from chemical reactions.

Source and Sink
The general principle for usage of general given charge and thus the usage of ´Free Energy´ schematic is sketched below at this picture. Normal charge (NC) could be gathered via antenna A from the atmosphere, e.g. like Tesla did catch his ´radiations´ or ions respective free electrons. At the other hand, the normal charge of earth E could be used as a source. Many devices are ´grounded´ and one must be aware, that´s not the wire towards ´zero-charge´. This is a matter of fact - however many devices of Free Energy probably won´t function or are only fairly working, because that fact is not consciously used.

A new kind of ´transformer´ (grey) is demanded for conversion of the normal charge (NC) into high charge-layers (HC) respective high charge-density. Resulting is a voltage-gradient and that potential-difference between HC and NC could be used by consumers (V, blue). Afterward the charge can flow back into the NC-HC-transformer or flow off to the ground (see arrows). This function already is done by any transformer or generator - however at first the current must be produced by motoric drive. Here naturally the aim is an autonomous production of high charge - and some known constructional elements do that job nearby (as discussed some later).

An even higher potential-difference would exist with a constructional element, which can produce low charge (LC, grey). It´s probably hard to achieve a charge-level below the average level of the environment. If that would be possible, temporary the flow could fill that sink up to normal state and the normal charge could serve as input for previous transformer (see dotted line). Naturally it would be the optimum, if a ´never-filled-up´ sink could be build. Then a permanent potential-difference between high charge HC and low charge LC would be available. Probably already the potential between normal charge NC and a real zero-charge would be usable.

This might sound crazy and incredible. However some known constructional elements already do that job somehow. Tesla reported several times about an ´ultimative sink´. However he was not allowed to speak quite frankly but only by ´allegorical examples´. It´s objective of this Aether-Electro-Technics to discuss such constructional elements - at right time. Beforehand a remark: in 2005 I published a chapter ´Aether-Energy-Generator´ at my website, where e.g. also the usage of given radiations was mentioned. Some of these considerations and constructions are not good, some are really good. In the meantime I got additional knowledge. Suitable elements of that chapter thus here will be included in improved shape.

Before making conceptions for new constructional elements, at first some basics must be discussed, e.g. concerning diverse aether-layers. Starting point of the aether-physics is the fact, only one real substance exists within whole universe. All other appearances are only movements of aether within the aether. The atoms of ´normal materia´ are complex motion-pattern in sphere-shaped local units. Inside of exists ordered swinging at relative wide tracks. As a transition to the relative chaotic ´trembling´ at narrow tracks of the Free Aether, each atom needs an area of balancing movements all around.

Also around the molecules exists a common layer of analogue swinging aether, so e.g. H2O is embedded within a common ´aura´. Also accumulations of particles again are embedded within a common aether-layer, which e.g. keeps together a water-trop. Also accumulations of atoms of solid bodies build a common surface. The swinging of aether around a conductor one could imagine e.g. like a crop-field at hilly landscape is swinging with the wind (by rather coarse comparison). It´s well known, all living beings show an ´aura´, e.g. like Kirlian-photos demonstrate. Finally for everybody a ´sound´ aura is vital.

With these considerations about aether-electro-technics, around all these bodies an additional layer of swinging aether comes up, known as ´electric fields´. However these fields up to now were handled only as fictive models and not as a real mechanic movement of a real aether (opposite, one is proud these effects ´need no substantial medium´). Here however the motion-pattern of electric / magnetic fields will be described as precise as possible. So the appearances of electricity should be clearly differed to previous mentioned manifold swinging layers of the aether. That´s the aim of following chapters.

09.05. Current 09. Aether-Electric-Technics