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09.01. Introduction and Objectives

Nikola Tesla
Civilization in todays standard could not exist without electricity. Without Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943) merely would exist that electrical technology because also today practically all units are based on his experiments and patents. Correctly he is called the most important inventor-genius of modern times. Strange enough this is not commonly known. At its best, one knows somehow a physical ´Tesla-unit´ or a ´Tesla-coil´ or a proud man sitting calmly within sparking flashes (see picture 09.01.01 upside). At ´scene of Free Energy´ however one well knows his vita and his revolutionary inventions.

Tesla, high frequency sparks, Pierce Arrow Tesla was convinced the atmosphere is full of ´radiations´ which could be used by suitable antenna. Tesla often talked about that new kind of energy, which today probably is called ´vacuum-, space- or zeropoint-energy´ - and still is not defined exactly. Tesla talked about an other kind of electricity and many years he was working on energy-transmission around the globe - and even today the existence and properties of these ´scalar-waves´ became not clear. Also many other Tesla-experiments and -patents could not be reproduced up to now. The known electricity, based on Tesla, is well known and functions everywhere. However some of his visions still are not realized.

Most Tesla-documents got ´vanished´, so today one only knows his patent-scripts (which as usual do not show decisive parts). At the other hand one knows many facts about his public demonstrations and lectures, however only by concerning press reports. So Nikola Tesla up to now remains a ´mysterious appearance´, e.g. also based on statements like this:

"Already at early times men did realize, all perceptible materia comes from a basic substance, a waver-thin something, which beyond all imagination fills up whole space, the Akasha or light-bearing Aether, onto which is affecting the life-giving Prana or creative Spirit, which by never ending swinging movements brings all things and appearances into existence. That basic substance, by immense speed slinging around in never ending vortices, breeds to solid materia; if the force becomes diminished, the movements calm down and the materia disappears by reconverting into basic substance ..." Like this, Nikola Tesla stated at many lectures and pointed out future possibilities for using Free Energy, e.g. by his most famous sentence: "Before many generations will pass, our machines will be driven by a force which is free available at every spot of the universe".

So at the one hand, Tesla claimed to be able to download energy from the atmosphere at any location and at any time, by just simple apperatus. So it´s not quite obvious, why he worked at problems for transmission of energy to remote locations for years. Also rather strange is Tesla´s mystic reference: "This idea is not new, we find the idea at famous myth of Antreus, who draws energy off the earth ...". If your are not familiar with old Greece: Antreus (Antaios, Antaeus) was a son of Gaia (Mother Earth) and Poseidon (God of Seas). That giant urged everybody for a fight and defeated all competitors. Hercules however registered, that Antreus got his power by the earth. So he lifted the giant up in the air and thus conquered the forceless Antreus. Now the question is: where from comes Tesla´s ´new energy´, from the atmosphere or the earth? Some later we need intensive analyses to find the real source for usable energies.

Nikola Tesla was a real genius as he was able to visualize new devices in details. Based on rough sketches the apparatus was build and the machines produced wanted function straightaway. So Tesla had not to find inventions by try-and-error, but he did know exactly the suitable technical solutions all times. Previous mentioned divergences thus probably came up as he was forced to ´speak with a forked tongue´ at least from the year 1930. At this time he did drive an automobile (Pierce-Arrow, see picture 09.01.01 below) with an electric motor by an autonomous power supply. Reliable witnesses reported extended trips with remarkable speed. An autonomous power supply for everybody, practically free of costs, was not acceptable for companies of lucrative energy industry - and they were able to reduce Tesla´s activities to ´side issues´.

When Tesla said "... before many generations are passed by, our machines ...", he did talk about his already well-tested and running technology. The performance of that machine was well known by the ´decision-makers´. Tesla was right with his suspicion, it would take some generations until Free Energy would become free for everybody. Many other inventors made similar experiences, as soon as they demonstrated well-working machines. Up to now nothing has changed. At the other hand, current crises result grave changes. Few years later, the global economy will be dominated by China and India. Both countries have no conventional energy resources, however suffocate from environment pollution. So it´s really possible, clean and free energy now could become reality.

Free Energy
Today only one autonomous generator is known, serving for power-supply of a religious community at Switzerland since many years. However the mode of functions of that ´Testatika´ (picture 09.01.02) still is unknown - hidden by ´ethic reasons´. Probably there are solutions for realizing Free Energy by dozens - as soon as first machines are ´admitted´ to the market.

The conceptions of many inventors and researchers are well known at appropriate groups, e.g. by names like Aspden, Bedini, Bearden, Camus, Coler, Gray, Hubbard, Joe, Kelly, Marinov, Meyers, Miller, Moray, Plauston, Tilly and some more. Their devices by parts did run really effective. Opposite to Tesla however, most were produced via try-and-error and / or do not work continuously. Also the Testatika probably is constructed much too complex, because even the inventor Baumann did not really know the decisive processes. Often just esoteric reasons are mentioned for function of a construction respective one just does not know much about the underlying energy of the ´vacuum´.

With that ´Aether-Electro-Technics´ I try to solve that problem, by replacing known abstract models of charge, current, fields, forces etc. by totally concrete motion-pattern of that totally real aether-substance. Thus the effects of already known conceptions of diverse researchers could be logic explained. If the working-effects of the aether are clear or at least the motion-models are somehow reality-conform, devices could be build with improved performance.

The objectives of these chapters are not building such machines - as I am not able to do the most simple experiments by myself. I only can offer pure theoretical new considerations, based on my understanding of the aether. If anybody takes these proposals for experiments or even for building working devices - that´s beyond my responsibility and control.

The definition and properties of ´my´ aether is described in details at earlier chapters, especially at previous part 08. ´Something Moving´. Only some few relevant points of view here are briefly mentioned once more (aether-substance, Free and Bound Aether, swinging, stroke, drift, general aether-pressure). Afterwards, some elementary motion-units are discussed (photon, electron, atom, molecule, aura, membrane).

As new subjects some general electric appearances must be analysed (charge, current, direction of current, DC and AC, earth-electricity, source and sunk). Later on relevant components are discussed (capacitor, coil, transformer, induction, rectifier, magnets, electro-generator and -motor).

At technology of electricity, numberless variations of constructional elements, circuits and devices were build, so one can find merely any stuff quite new. Now here the appearances of electricity are grounded exclusive on concrete motion-pattern of the aether - and it might happen machines more effective could be constructed, when they are based on that understanding. At any case it should be possible to find plausible explanations for real cause of functions of previous mentioned inventions. Possibly some of these devices could be tuned up - so my vague hopes and objectives.

Unprofessional / scientific
I am quite conscious about the presumption of that undertaking - at the other hand, these problems never were examined really consequent by that sight of real existing aether. I am no nature-scientist and even can not use precise the special terminology. However I define exactly all terms used, mostly divergent to common understanding. For lack of knowledge I well could make ´inventions´ and some later I learn, that stuff is known since long. I love that, because for me it´s the confirmation, my considerations occasionally happen to be quite right.

I apologize to all readers, that I can not present scientific correct quotes. Today it make much more sense to put any question into search-machines of the web and immediately one will get additional information as you like it. I rarely make quotations, because I always start by common known facts. Afterwards I deduce consequences and describe the conclusions most precise by my own words. For specialists these considerations might be strange or incomprehensible, just because they are quite new - just as only a ´naive layman´ can think. At the other hand, some readers will enjoy the process of ideas and first time might find to understand what´s going with that strange electricity.

My expositions are unscientific as far as I do not use formula and do not calculate. I can only produce these simple sketches, can design only basic circuit-diagrams and can not develop constructional manuals. So my considerations of the Aether-Electric-Technics are of pure theoretic nature, are only a layman´s ideas, however by view of that quite new understanding of the aether - and thus possibly could well create new valuable insights.


These documents are provided for information purposes only. Should someone build real devices based on information presented here and injure any person or things, I am not liable in any way. Above this, I strongly recommend not to experiment with high voltage circuits, because these are extremely dangerous. I stress once more, I am not liable for any damages, losses or injuries caused by using the information about aether and electric technologies.

09.02. Characteristica of the Aether 09. Aether-Electric-Technics