Evert   Fluid - Technology
Basics At sience of fluid mechanics all rules and laws are well known.
Here however is discussed, why and how the matter is moving.
Resulting are new aspects for technical solutions.
Aero - Technolgy All kind of aircrafts do fly - however nobody knows why they fly.
There are about ten theories for the lift at wings, so some ideas must be completely wrong.
Here the problem is discussed comprehensive - with most remarkable results.
So quite new aspects come up for the construction of airplanes,
e.g. with the characteristics of the invention ´Airpressure-Powerbox´.
Fluid - Power - Machines The normal moleculare motions represent an inexhaustible energy.
The chaotic motions can be ordered by few efforts.
This allows to build power stations with high efficiency.
Here are presented diverse starting points for usage of that ´renewable´ energy.
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Highlights The most important results in brief.
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