Aero - Technology The chapters of the old website were reviewed, reduced to relevant points and ordered by subjects.
New chapters brought new insight and possibilities for the Aero-Technics.
They are a MUST for PHYSICS of FLUX, especially for AERONAUTICS and ASTRONAUTICS
05.04. Lift at Wings This comprehensive analyse and sophisticated theory replaces the common
(ten different, partly absurd) hypotheses for the lift-effect at wings.
05.12. A380 and Lift The data of the A380 were calculated by the new formula of that new theory of lift -
and the results were absolutely fitting!
05.09. Trout - Thrust It´s well known, trouts and salmons can stand still within a flow.
Analogue techniques are able to organize the draft for airplanes - with few fuel-consumption.
05.08. Airplane NT These quite new, nearby autonomous thrust-engines
allow quite new conceptions for airplanes.
05.15. Prop- and Jet-Engines Alternatives for common props and new design for jet-engines,
much more effective and much less noisy.
05.16. Air-Pressure -
Helicopters without noisy rotors. Airplanes without jet-engines. Vehicles without thrust via wheels.
That quite new technology uses the given energy of molecular motions of air-particles.
05.17. Aero-Statics of
Once more clear documented: the grave difference between mechanic lifting by reaction-principle
and the buoyancy by the rules of hydro-statics and aero-dynamics, with dat-examples of the A380.
05.18. Pros and Cons for
Up to now, the usage of Free Energy of molecular motions is not usual or even ´unbelievable´. Some examples might show, why and how these effects are working ´perfectly natural´.
05.19. Flettner - Box The historic freighter ´Buckau´ with Flettner´s spinning cylinders cruised better than conventional sail-ships. That principle can work also within a closed system, also as a Rotation-Power-Station.
05.21. Experiments and Consequences First experiments with the simple functional model, naturally were a total flop. However, mistakes are made for learning. Resulting were even better possibilities for creating suitable flows.
05.22. Magic Flying -
One final time a short summary to the real causes of uplift - and an improved version for economic and environmental friendly uplift and thrust. MUST for PHYSICS of FLUX, especially for AERONAUTICS and ASTRONAUTICS

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