Alfred Evert 03.01.2009

08.03. Distinction

Clear Definition
Previous clear definition of aether thus is exactly described by brief statement:
Unique real existing substance within universe is an indivisible coherent whole, so indeed a gapless continuum respective homogeneous plasma, called aether.
This aether continually is swinging within itself, where each special movement pattern represents variety of appearances, of physical kind, however also representing mental-spiritual content.
This understanding of aether allows quite new world-view, totally different to common physical views.

Consequences and Differences
At the following are listed some consequences of previous definition and some additional terms are defined. Other appearances, e.g. light or gravity, are mentioned only in brief and are discussed in details at following chapters or separated parts of that Aether-Physics.

Term ´real existent´ here is used that sense like e.g. a piece of iron commonly is accepted to be real given materia. Really existent is only one unique substance, which is called aether. So realiter, besides aether none additional kind of substance is existing.

Term ´materia´ at the following is always used by its common sense (e.g. previous piece of iron respective its atoms etc.). That materia is a secondary appearance, which realiter exists only as vortex-motion-of-aether-within-aether.

Our experiences tell, materia all times is a compound of separated particles. Even atoms are assumed to be build by elementary particles and these again would be compound of sub-elementary particles (besides unsolved problem of wave-particle-dualism). Common thinking is based on that view of a ´materia-particle-world´.

Opposite to that view however, real background of all being is a part-less ´aether-plasma-world´. No other ´laws´ are valid there, however there are differences concerning motion-possibilities of foreground appearances and motion-necessaries of real aether background.

So there are no ´aether-particles´ and thus a certain location within aether here is called an ´aether-point´ (only for determining a location, analogue to geometric term of ´point´). Neighbouring aetherpoints here are called ´connecting-line´ (again analogue to geometric term of ´line´, which however merely is straight but mostly appears as ´curved line´).

As aether does not exist by particles but is an coherent whole, none gaps exist within aether. Opposite to materia, thus aether is neither compressible nor extendable. Aether-substance by itself is not elastic.

Term of ´density´ can only be applied within material world, there practically showing volume-relation between particles and space in between. For gapless aether, that term is not usable. At most one could state, aether shows ´absolute density´ as no clearance is available at all.

At quantum-theories is discussed, whether could come up materia from nothing (defining no-thing = 0 = +1 + -1 and now can ´borrow´ some energy = materia for some duration, mathematically no problem, absolutely questionable in reality). Other hypotheses assume materia as condensate of any ´vacuum´ (without exactly defining additional conditions). Again some other theories see materia as standing wave of any swinging medium (what can not function within 3D-space at all). All these hypotheses demand an anyhow ´elastic´ medium (which nowhere is defined precisely). At aether of previous clear definition such presumptions are excluded.

Indeed, dark materia or that vacuum of common astrophysical understanding (besides its strange properties) could be put at a level with that aether. However also ´normal´ materia exists by likely aether, which locally is only swinging by special motion pattern. So aether is omnipresent anywhere, while only at some local area materia is small part of all aether.

Aether by itself is neither dark nor light, it is invisible and ´transparent´ as vortex-pattern of ´photons´ can race through aether. Finally when they are rejected at ´coarse´ vortex pattern of materia, appearance of light respective illusion of colours come up, registered by eyes or other instruments.

Aether by itself is neither cold nor warm. Term of heat can only be applied at material level, where heat shows intensity of particle-movements. As there are no aether-´particles´, term heat is not usable for aether. For example, also light-by-itself is neither cold nor warm, finally when material particles are stimulated to stronger motions, one can talk about heat.

Aether within itself shows continuous motion, however not by any kind, but motion-possibilties are restricted that kind, any motion of one aetherpoint demands co-motion of neighbouring aetherpoints. At the other hand thus results fact, within aether never and nowhere can exist standstill.

That limitation affects like nature-laws, which reduce all theoretic thinkable possibilities to only one real case (or value). Especially at these local areas of Bounded Aether movements are possible only by certain motion pattern, e.g. for representing an electron or an atom - and only by that inherent restriction e.g. only few chemical elements exist.

Such a motion pattern represents a material particle, however no sharp border around that Bounded Aether exists. That vortex-complex well is concentrated at one location, its motion-intensity however spreads into environment by smooth transition, i.e. there are no certain boundary surfaces.

Total ´volume´ e.g. of photons, electrons or atoms is much wider than commonly assumed. Extension of involved aether at least is ten thousand times wider than radius of central swinging (see e.g. relation atomic nucleus / tracks of electrons).

Total volume of a material particle thus is not exactly determined, i.e. mass of particle is not determined by its volume (for example see most different mass of chemical elements despite of relative small volume-differences).

The ´inertia of resting mass´ of a particle thus is not based on its volume but based on the complexity of its motion pattern. If resting mass is started moving, input of force is necessary. Into direction of movement, motion of aether must be changed corresponding to motion pattern of that particle. Strength of inertia thus is resulting of complexity respective ´bulkiness´ of vortex-system.

If material particles (or also radiation) move forward within space, no corresponding ´volume or mass´ of aether wanders through space. On the contrary, aether is nearby stationary (besides swinging motions at relative short radius). Only that motion-structure wanders forward within aether.

Within particles-world practically no loss-free movement is possible. Only within an ´Ideal Gas´ e.g. a sphere could move ahead without loss, because frontside face of sphere affects pressure onto gas and gas affects likely thrust onto backside face of sphere, theoretic with same strength.

Gapless aether corresponds to Ideal Gas that kind, any ´force´ (realiter all times any aether-movement) is transported without any losses. Realiter however, no ´material sphere´ wanders through space, but only total assembly of its motion pattern is ´handed forward through aether´ - and that´s done absolutely loss-free (and only other vortex-systems e.g. air-particles hinder transport of material sphere).

Previous moving sphere shows inertia of movement respective has kinetic energy. If moving sphere hits onto a resting sphere, transmission of impulse occurs. Given kinetic energy is never completely transferred because material bodies are compressed into movement direction and are stretched cross to movement direction. Following back-swing can contribute to forward-movement only by parts. So at particle-world inevitably exist friction-losses and finally heat-losses. Laws of thermodynamics thus predict ´heat-death´ of universe.

If indeed only materia-particles and ambient nothing would really exist, that heat-death should have happened since long time. If e.g. normal air hermetical is closed within thermal isolated box, parts of motion-energy would evaporate into nothing at each single collision of air-particles. Within short time, molecular motions would stop completely. Assuming a ´no-thing´ inevitably results total numbness.

Previous air-particles respective their aether-vortex-complexes well are ´elastic´ (opposite to aether by itself). Also at collisions between these ´vortex-clouds´ kinetic impulse is not transferred completely. Sideward swinging of deformed Bounded Aether however can not evaporate into ambient nothing, but is further running within gapless aether, thus pushing other particles, so indirect total energy is transferred.

The laws of thermodynamics fundamentally are valid and also law of energy constant has general validity. Both however can purely and simply not exists within world of common physical understanding. Only within gapless medium processes can run loss-free and motion respective ´energy´ never gets lost. Only by that background of aether-plasma any energy-constant is really given - and universe will stay ´warm and alive´.

At this simple example of colliding (gas-) particles occurs remote-affect via pressure within aether-medium. Naturally, without assuming any medium, remote effects mathematical are calculated e.g. via diverse physical ´fields´ - however that fictive approach is not really imaginable. Even more unrealistic is idea of remote-affects via suction like e.g. forces of gravity are assumed to act. This concerns in general all attracting forces (see for example atom-models, strong and weak forces), which remain completely incomprehensible by common understanding (e.g. see mad search for ´glue´ for sub-elementary particles). These ´illusions´ of attracting forces must really have total different causes.

Detailed description of aether-movements of these appearances (and some more) demands many additional chapters, so here at first ends that list of consequences deduced from previous definition of aether properties.

New World-View - new Physics
Remote effects without medium, even with attracting forces ... somehow anybody has some bad feeling. Nevertheless these effects exist, see pushing and attracting forces by poles of permanentmagnets ... however just this example approves opposite view (like shown at later chapters). Anyhow one can understand why sciences pay tribute to Einsteins ´disposal of gravity´ via space-time-curvature, no matter that appearance is not really explained (and even mathematical model is totally wrong, see later chapters).

I can well imagine, that list of consequences of aether-definition might seems dreadful for many readers - and likely feelings come up when ´normal´ people study common physics literature. Here might seem strange, how many common terms of physics must be redefined or interpreted other kind, based on that aether understanding. Common physics and especially common techniques function quite well up to now, without any aether, only some few details up to now remain little bit questionable.

At this point, I have quite other opinion: much too long situation is whitewashed, e.g. telling people next solar eclipse will allow ´discover of last secretes of universe´ or experiments at CERN will offer final answers. I can not really judge, however some authors state, last hundred years did not result grave findings or essentially new insights at physics. As a layman however I am astonished, practically no physical term is defined clear and as a rule, mutual ´explanations´ are done by circular reasoning.

However quite clear deduced are all physical formula and all ´nature constants´ result from all calculations by right values. No wonder, as components of all formulas practically are included circlewise on and on. In addition it´s open question whether prerequisites and starting data do really correspond with reality. As everybody knows, any result is achieved if input-data anyhow imply suggested values.

For lack of knowledge I can not judge, for me however it seems really strange to extrapolite for light-years by gravity-´constant´, even measured values at different places at earth or same place at different times are differing on and on. Just as absurd seems assumption of light-speed as maximum and constant - despite of better knowledge. Astrophysics measure and calculate most exact and report about new insights permanently - however 95 % of object researched still remains unsolved.

Other sections might show better, however most scientists prefer working at specific irrelevant tasks. Only applied sciences and researches are most successful - really? Or are they only informer for industry and commerce which exploit our planet and made earth a garbage dump? Where are the answers for grave questions? One knows since years, common sources of energy will run off. Does nobody know, how ´aether´ is polluted by incredible electro-smog, thanks modern research and developments?

Actually everyone knows or at least could know. So I stop my unqualified ´words for welcome new year 2009´. However I do think it´s high time for new attempt. With my considerations and descriptions concerning aether I contribute my part - no matter for whome it seems dreadful or useful.

08.04. Motion-Possibilities 08. Something Moving