Alfred Evert 07.01.2009

08.04. Motion - Possibilities

Free Motion
We live in a particle-world and continuously we handle any parts. We well know about movement possibilities of these parts and we know by experiences what´s working and what´s not. Realiter, behind each material particles is an aether-vortex and its structure can move through space rather free - as long as no other coarse aether-vortex is in its way. That relative wide freedom for movement exists, because between these aether-vortices are existing wide gaps.

For behaviour of aether-by-itself, i.e. for vortex-movements by itself, some of common motion-shapes are not possible. Within aether, these gaps are not available, as aether is a homogenous plasma, showing everywhere likely density and thus aether is not compressible. Aether by itself does not show heat, so also heat-based motions are not possible. These subjects were already discussed in details by chapters 02.02. to 02.05, so here briefly are mentioned only some of these limitations.

Impossible Movements
At picture 08.04.01 are marked some areas of aether, at A three neighbouring aetherpoints by different red colours. If these red aetherpoints move to left side, also aetherpoints marked blue must shift towards left. Also all other aetherpoints at that line must move corresponding, theoretical cross throughout total universe. So within gapless aether can not exist linear motions - even that straight forward movement is very usual within our particle-world.

At middle row of that picture, at C again red aetherpoints move towards left. Below at D are marked these blue aetherpoints, here resting within space. So there is relative-movement between red and blue aetherpoints. Within aether however exist no separated ´aether-particles´ and thus no border-surfaces, alongside which different motions could occur. That ´drift-motion´ respective parts gliding mutually along each other is no possible motion-shape within aether - even it´s most usual action at level of material appearances.

Below at this picture at E is sketched, how red aetherpoints rotate at circle track, here shown by four positions. The aetherpoint marked light-red is always in front (in turning sense) of his following neighbours. At F are marked blue aetherpoints, again resting within space. Also here neighbouring aetherpoints would move off each other. Also that rotation is not possible within gapless aether-plasma - even single wheels or gears with many wheels continuously rotate within our particle-world. Vortices-systems as a whole, e.g. representing material particles, well can rotate within space, even whole galaxies - however aether by itself can not act like mechanical clockwork.

Let Go
I well understand it´s ´painful´ to imagine a ´world without particles´ and in addition without common shapes of ordinary movements. We know physical states of gases, fluids and solid bodies and we know materia exists by chemical elements, thus is build by particles. Fact however is, nobody never could detect one single real existing particle. ´Firm-ness´ of material parts is an illusion. So why should background of all being exist by separated particles? Physical state of plasma comes up at certain natural conditions, however is achieved also by technical measurements. Characteristics of plasma is, there are no longer clearly defined borders within. And just that state of homogenous continuum shows that aether - while all other physical states occur only within particle-world.

I well understand, one does not like to leave familiar space of daily experiences, thus one wants to remain a ´particle-thinker´. However I can not understand, why scientists e.g. vehemently keep state of ´field-thinkers´, thus work within pure abstract mathematics-world and refuse question for concrete background of ´fields´ like all being in general. There are some scientists who look after aether, however they won´t define properties of medium exactly - or they build any ´hybrid-hypotheses´.

No Basis
As idea of ´particle-zoo´ of quantum-theories seems unsatisfactory, some scientists are searching for other kind of ´basics´ for materia. Starting with idea of known ´smoke-ring´ with its astonishing characteristics, some favour a ring-vortex as basic motion pattern.

Picture 08.04.02 at A shows shape of such a ´Donat´. Two circle-movements are combined, so spiral tracks result, with more or less steepness. Roger Penrose included respective added some more ´shells´, with closed or open ´field-lines´, like sketched at B by green colour. These elements can be combined virtuously in order to represent chemical elements or other physical appearances. However these hypotheses can not explain, why and what stuff should move that kind. Long list of additional prerequisites would be necessary, if these ideas should represent real appearances.

Quite clear however are prerequisites for ´Torkados´ like e.g. shown at C, which are designed by Gabi Müller and assumed to be basic shape of all being. Like at fractal buildings, e.g. well known ´apple-men´, that pattern results from a relative simple mathematic formula. When parameters vary (e.g. radius and revolutions of overlaying circle movements), for example that stretched and twisted ´donat´ results.

That real impressive vortex thus is product of pure mathematics - and only is leaving question of relevance for reality. That pretty example shows what´s achieved by application of simple formula. At the other hand results problem which all too clear was mentioned by Max Planck at awarding his Nobel Prize: "... and now comes up great job to give any sense to that formula ..."

Real Basis
Please read once more definition of ´my´ aether at previous chapters. You won´t find abstract formula but only concrete physical statements. There are no additional insinuations implied, but diverse consequences result by strong logic deduction from these few properties of aether. For that understanding of aether ´unfortunately´ one must leave thinking-by-particles and also some movement-possibilities of common particle-world won´t work at that background of all being.

Within aether is not possible:
linear motion and gliding along border surfaces,
circle movements in sense to rotation
and all shapes of turning inside-out,
compression and expansion inclusive
likely conditioned swinging motions,
movements based on heat /coldness,
condensation or crystallization and
other changes of physical state.

However that understanding of aether will allow to explain phenomena up to now unsolved. It´s easy to grasp, how whole variety of appearances are based on only few principle motion pattern. Following chapter now will show necessities - and possibilities - for movement of that aether within itself.

08.05. Motion-Necessities 08. Somethin Moving