Alfred Evert 2004-05-12

03.10. Potential-Vortex-Clouds

Various Swinging
At first part of these workouts was discussed why the universe has to exists of that gapless stuff called aether. At second part was discussed the swinging movement of all aether at its narrow, most complex spiral-cluster-tracks. At previous chapter was discussed the principle of locally limited movement pattern. At this animation schematic are show these motion processes.

Potential-vortex-Cloud This special motion of Bounded Aether all times borders on Free Aether, where its small-scaled trembling seems nearby resting in comparison with large-scaled swinging of the Potential-Vortex-Clouds. At previous chapter was point out, without that ´trembling´ of the Universal Aethermovement no transition to the tracks more stretched could exist. If the whole universe would be without that background motions, also no local pattern of motions could occur.

At this animation left side is shown a cross sectional view at the equatorial plane. Outside around is the ´resting aether´. Towards inside the motion intensity increases, i.e. the swinging motions are of larger scale. This picture points out once more, between the centre of motions and the border areas are demanded large areas of balancing motions.

At this picture right side is shown a cross sectional view through the longitudinal axis of this Potential-Vortex-Cloud. Around this axis motions are ´tumbling´, while at equatorial plane the connecting line are swaying. These swinging motions are rather different, thus the cloud not at all is symmetric to a central point. These motions are resulting of multiple overlaid circled motions, where from outside to inside come up motions of each larger radius. None of these motions can occur only at one plane, but must run into all three dimensions all times. Connecting lines thus are not only these simple curves like marked here, but build various ´loops or eyes´.

Within that motion´s principle sketched resp. visualized here, thus many variations exist up to really individual motion pattern. This principle can be deduced as a theoretical necessity, however its absolutely compelling within the real gapless aether. The concept of Potential-Vortex-Clouds up to now were assumed to be stationary within space, so at first were described only as theoretical model. Now is to examine which real Potential-Vortex-Clouds are existing within the universe.

All Occurrences
Galaxises Answer for this question is quite simple: within the gapless aether can exist only that pattern of local limited motions - so all appearances in principle are likely. There is only one single kind of real matter, called aether. There is only one kind of motion in general, at these Spiral Cluster Tracks of Universal Aethermovements. There is only one kind of Local Aethermovement, by the principle of Potential-Vortex-Clouds.
(This statement is wrong. Finally some years later I detected the multiple possibilities for local motion pattern. So also the following statements are not completely valid).

The most large examples of these clouds are to see at heaven by millions, in shape of galaxies. The real aether motions of these occurrences we can´t see, however we see the accumulation of stars within their wide balancing areas.

These pictures show diverse shapes of galaxies. Upside a sphere-shaped assembly of stars is shown, i.e. within that cloud all connecting lines are rather likely resp. all motions are similar. The picture at the middle shows a galaxy with pretty spiral arms, by which the turning motion is obvious - however there is no real turning-around within the aether, but only a motion swinging around. Many galaxies have only few arms, the picture below for example shows galaxy with only two arms, witch in addition are braked.

At astronomy is assumed, diverse shapes of galaxies represent different stage of development. By sure, galaxies wander through space and are affected by diverse influences, up to collisions between galaxies. As mentioned at previous chapter, within the universe come up more different shapes and structures all times - quite opposite to the law of entropy and its prediction of heat-death of universe at a whole.

Null Attracting Forces
The science of astronomy assumes the accumulation of stars within galaxies is founded on attracting force of materia-masses and at the centres are assumed mighty ´Black Holes´. All theories of astronomy indeed are based only at two assumptions: gravity-constant and at light-speed. Because the calculations with these factors and ´common´ materia don´t fit, ´dark energies´ and other (pure fictive) factors were introduced.

By sight of the gapless aether, the processes are explained quite other kind. There are no attracting forces at all, the aether is an un-dividable unity, it must not be kept together because that substance by itself can not drift off. There is no other aether within a centre than anywhere, but everywhere is likely aether by same density. The aether at the centre is only swinging at some larger distances than at outer areas.

Like described at previous chapter, the mass of Free Aether around a galaxy affects some pressure by resisting momentary contrary motion phases and thus is affecting more intensive swinging of connecting lines, resulting previous overlays, loops and eyes. Into these areas also stars are ´floated´, so the connecting lines become visible by these stars (and star´s dust).

It exists no gravity in shape of attracting force (and no other strong or weak attracting forces exist). Nevertheless exists a tendency for accumulations based on differences of small-scaled and wide-reaching motions. Within a galaxy-cloud the potential-vortex affects the effect well known by any teacup (where coarse matter accumulates at the centre after stirring around). Mind you: the result is comparable, however not the process between ´particles´ (rotating potential-vortex within a teacup) and of the aether by itself (potential vortex of Bounded Aether swinging into three dimensions simultaneously).

Attraction seems to exist just by the collision of two galaxies, as stars and dust are ´drawn´ from one galaxy to the other at spiral tracks. The real cause however is based at the principle of Local Aethermovements: the receiving galaxy now not only is surrounded by Free Aether, but the delivering galaxy represents stronger resistance (at least phasewise) by its contrary motions. ´Stress´ within the aether comes up between both galaxies, only to disperse by more intensive twisting connecting lines between. The stars and other material parts swim or are floated towards the dominating galaxy by these additional vortices.

Stars and Masses
Naturally also the motion principle of stars are Potential-Vortex-Clouds. Also the Sun don´t exist of ´special materia´ but only of common uniform aether. The Sun has no ´mass´ more weighty than at surrounding areas, because the aether nowhere shows different density. The Sun still shows inertia, however based only at its movements. All aether of the Sun, however all aether of whole volume of inevitable balancing areas in addition, is moving synchronously. That total kinetic energy of the total Sun system represents its inertia - or represents also its ´mass´.

The cloud of the Sun represents a rather small vortices system within the comparably huge vortices system of its galaxy. These stars simply whirl around within the vortices of the balancing areas of galaxies. Based on previous described pressure of each zone ´more calm´ (resp. areas of stronger resistance based on contrary motions), stars prevailingly are driven into zones ´more turbulent´, into these areas of spiral arms of a galaxy.

Within the centres of vortices now the connecting lines of all directions meet. Already by theoretic considerations of previous chapters was pointed out, these motion´s pattern are not uniform. By outer influences, these movements of diverse connecting lines become even more different. Also by stars embedded within spiral arms, these connecting lines become individual structures. All these different connecting lines meet at the centre, so naturally there comes up most heavy ´stress´ within the aether. At the one hand, stars are shifted into radial direction, at the other hand the centre is a rather ´hot spot´.

That´s valid for centres of galaxies and likely for centres of stars: the Sun ´glows´ as vortices must be ´kicked off´ for reducing stress. This process is comparable with earthquakes, where dammed-up tensions are compensated. The aether is not elastic, each ´tension´ immediately must be compensated by balancing motions. Commonly that´s called ´radiation´, which can show diverse shapes, in principle however again behaves like any Potential-Vortex-Cloud, however not as ´stationary´ vortex, but jerky jumping ahead within the space.

Planets and Circulating Waves
Sun System / Atom Model At the Sun system (schematic view at this picture upside) no spiral arms are visible, nevertheless the area of synchronous motions within balancing areas reach wide out into the space - much far than the ´outer end´ of the Sun system commonly is expected. That total area is the Potential-Vortex-Cloud of the Sun. The central hot core is only a tiny spot, where from all radial directions ´swinging lines bang together´.

At previous chapter was shown, the balancing motions into direction of poles show relative simple cone shape. This tumbling around the axis only is necessary for balancing the motions at ´sloped´ equatorial plane. Much more complex are the balancing motions within the horizontal plane, because there are larger differences of central swinging motions towards the Free Aether. That´s why previous slings and eyes of connecting lines prevailingly come up within that plane.

Like shown at chapter ´Circulating Waves´, phasewise shifted circle-motions result the appearance of a wave turning around the centre - and within some of these overlaid vortices the planets float around the Sun. Like shown at previous chapter, overlaying circled motions outside are rather small and increasing towards inside. That´s why these apparent waves (visible by embedded planets) outside move slow and further inside turn faster around the Sun.

Also planets can be Potential-Vortex-Clouds with corresponding wide balancing areas around, however only if core is gaseous. Planets of solid material behave like stable vortices, which need balancing areas not thus large. Nevertheless our earth won´t end at its surface, nor at its outer atmosphere, but finally outside of its ´magnet- and gravity-fields´.

At any case however, planets inclusive their ´aura´ represent stronger resistance within the motion system of the Sun. The connecting lines between the Sun and planets thus are moving more intensive. The swinging motions e.g. between the Sun and the earth builds ´streak´ of vortices resp. real streets and rolling cylinders, at which heavy ´storms´ occur.

Each planet is bound by special connection to the Sun, however also planets resp. their wide influenced areas ´meet´ by steady other constellations. Grave influences naturally result e.g. by overlays of ´great conjunctions´ - much more than only bad dreams by full-moon.

These ´disturbances´ appear prevailingly at the equatorial plane, correspondingly heavy motions hit the Sun from these directions. Less overlaid and less wide resp. less fast are the balancing motions of connection lines into axial direction towards the Sun. That´s why the apparent wave (not visible because there are no planets near the Sun-axis) runs around the Sun relative slow - well visible by the slow turning of Sun surface near the poles (ca. 35 days per revolution) opposite to the relative fast turning of equatorial areas (one revolution within only 25 days). Only by this point of view, deduced of the understanding of the aether as single real matter with its unique property of gaplessness, this phenomena is to explain.

Building Site Atom
The model of atom still valid is deduced from the motion system of the Sun and planets (see schematic drawing upside). The logical inconsistency of this understanding is well known. The alleged attracting-, repulsive-, centrifugal- and centripetal-forces up to ´paste-particles´ can not explain these appearances sufficiently. Quant-physicists hunt for sub-elementary-particles, work with pure fictive terms and are ´proud´ these ideas are not to be grasped by ´normal´ understanding.

Without doubt exists one elementary ´particle´, commonly called electron. This is a rather simple Potential-Vortex-Cloud, like previous described theoretical model, with relative simple curves of connecting lines. Nearby same kind will be the hydrogen-atom (which does not really fit into the periodic system of chemical elements). These both ´material parts´ are the absolute majority of all appearances within the universe.

It´s absolutely clear, there are no concrete solid bodies of any special materia with clearly defined boundaries. Absolutely certain, these appearances are nothing else than local pattern of aether motions within the general movement pattern of all aether all around.

Atoms don´t have a nucleus of special parts, but are build throughout of just normal aether. Atoms (more weighty than hydrogen) are larger Potential-Vortex-Clouds or are assemblies of diverse electron-clouds. Potential-Vortex-Clouds have individual character, ´materia´ is not simply build by absolute uniform ´brick-stones´. If the Potential-Vortex-Clouds (e.g. electrons) meet each other, as a rule, at outer surfaces phasewise exist contrary motions. At the aether between comes up stress - so these clouds show ´repulsive forces´.

Only by special conditions, these clouds can ´cooperate´, e.g. if motions alongside their axis become synchronous twisting movement. Then these clouds at these sides partly are protected versus the general pressure of Free Aether. Also larger assemblies can come up. Sometimes one cloud adapts the shape abruptly to fit with an other cloud, so ´energy radiates´. Sometimes that assembly works only if the clouds are pushed strongly together, i.e. this combination demands ´energy´. The cohesion of these molecules is more or less strong resp. weak, depending on the geometry at mutual boundary faces.

The ´mass´ of chemical elements is not determined by its nucleus (because there are no special elementary particles). The whole formation however includes all volumes of involved areas of complex swinging motions: the tiny centre of swinging motions, diverse involved electron clouds, above this also the balancing areas further outside (practically the ´aura´ around any assembly of Potential-Vortex-Clouds). If vortices systems collide, they meet at these outer areas resp. already between its most outer borders comes up previous described ´repulsion´. Atoms show different structures of surfaces, different ´bulky´ to each other, thus mutually showing different resistance. This resistance of vortices systems - that means the terms of ´mass´ resp. ´inertia´ by which they keep distance to others or force the movement direction.

Pervious / impenetrable
If one directs a small Potential-Vortex-Cloud - a photon - towards a chemical element, it can penetrate into that cloud until meeting strongly contrary motion, so the mini-vortex of the photon is rejected. This will occur at this or that spot of actual bending at a connecting line. Based on this mirror effect, ´uncertainty-theory´ was deduced with its unlucky story of escalating really unbelievable and improbable dis-conclusions (up to the assumption, the observed ´wave-particle´ would observe the operator of the experiment, e.g. at well known double-slot-phenomena).

These (wrong) judgements essentially are based on the fact, common physics as a rule observe only the ´core´ of an appearance. One knows there are some ´fields´ around an occurrence, however one does not consequently include it into the considerations resp. one assumes these ´aura-aspects´ only as abstract (side-) effects, instead understanding just these appearances as totally real und absolutely necessary motions of the aether.

At radiations or electromagnetic waves for example, only the centre of swinging motions is judged as real appearance - however the extremely wider and inevitable balancing areas around are not included in the considerations. At atoms and atomic compounds for example, most important are judged the ´atom-weight´ and the ´valence-electrons´, based on separated particles, however not sufficiently is considered the total structure of theses complex vortices systems.

At analyses of elementary particles the research is concentrated on the detection of new sub-particles, instead of seeing these appearances as demanded bending and winding of connecting lines. One can not penetrate into these vortices systems without disturbing it (at extreme case comes up most extreme ´stress´ within the aether, e.g. in order to hit ´holes´ into the undividable aether, e.g. at the attempt of splitting the atomic nucleus).

Smaller Potential-Vortex-Clouds can float within larger vortices rather problem-free. That´s the dominating process within galaxies and Sun systems. Likely Potential-Vortex-Clouds however have likely strong movements and based on many momentary contrary motions they are mutually impenetrable, are even repulsive, if they can´t dock onto each other at suitable faces. This is the dominating process within the area of ´material bodies´ (from electron via atoms und molecules up to the variety of its accumulations).

This coarse appearance of parts are our concrete world of experiences, within which we come along rather easy. These experiences however are hindering the recognition of that other ´world´, existing not by separated parts but existing by mutually penetrable swinging motions. We well know that possibility of penetration of well known physical occurrences, e.g. of some kind of radiations or ´fields´ in general.

Hologram and Focus
Classic physics however expel all other occurrences into the ´dubious´ meta-physics. The dominating process of ´fine matter´ clouds is the easy penetration of Potential-Vortex-Clouds through others. It´s clear, ´fine-matter´ swinging motions can overlay all other movements without problems. If that kind of ´spirit´ meets materia, naturally come up changes of movements for some moments and both clouds mutually are affecting each other. Moimentary contrary motions however are not so ´massive´ and not of equal ´forces´ to repulse the whole fine-matter cloud already at the boundary areas of a coarse-matter cloud.

Fine-matter clouds (like all others) in principle must be closed potential vortex systems. These clouds however can be much wider, because they show movements only gradually other kind than Free Aether, so the Universal Aethermovement affects much less concentrating pressure. Naturally fine-matter clouds also show less repulsion momentum versus other fine clouds, i.e. these ´spiritual´ clouds will overlay multiply.

Fine-matter clouds thus practically overlay all Free Aether. Previous Spiral-Cluster-Tracks are omnipresent within the universe, however will practically nowhere be of ´pure´ shape. Universal Aethermovements have order-function, e.g. because previous Potential-Vortex-Clouds of ´material world´ can steady exist only when sufficiently resonant to these basic swinging motions.

Analogue are ´spiritual´ clouds omnipresent (at least within wide areas of the universe), based on their far-reaching extension. As already discussed at coarse Potential-Vortex-Clouds, all motions within the wide balancing areas depend on motions at the centre of cloud (and are depending on circumstances at outer border areas). These ´informations´ thus are stored everywhere within a cloud, practically like stored within a hologram (however not uniform, because motions differ within different regions of cloud, so the direction towards the core is to recognize from all sides).

Based on its large extension, the clouds of ´spiral content´ can also show order function, thus affect other ´ideas´ like material occurrences. This influence however is not so massive and thus not compelling like the Universal Aethermovments. If however clouds show ´mental readyness´, are attentive resp. focussed accordingly, these clouds can be sensible receivers, i.e. synchronous swinging can come up, based on principles of resonance - and can even recognize the ´core of matter´ by registered impulses.

Opposite, mental swinging motions of a local ´cloud´ naturally can be included into motion pattern of a wide-reaching cloud, depending on intensity of its behaving in general. These mutual influences can become rather massive (nearby of ´material´ hardness), if many like-minded enforce each other by resonance.

Overstep the Mark
I realize putting off many reader by this ´sweeping attack´, especially nature science oriented readers (if at all they took ´torture´ to reading so far). Without any doubt many phenomena are not to explain by common physics and I mentioned only some of at previous examples. It´s up to each reader to check his special themes by that point of view of gapless aether and inevitably deduced possibilities and necessities of movements.

I´ll make workouts by separate parts and many chapters to every subject mentioned above. This will take months and years. I would appreciate if others would develop precise ideas to diverse problems, based at these starting points and based at their profound knowledge. At any case I thank for hints in advance.

Metaphysical oriented readers might already understand by previous statements, that and why and how these recognizable connections between ´spirit and materia´ are based at really physical level of the substantial medium aether - and not at all are only sloppy sentimentalities or esoteric stuttering. However I can do precise workouts to that ´Aether-Philosophy´ finally after description of the Aether-Physics - and I hope for many intuitions in the meantime.

At last sections I used some ´empty words´ e.g. like mental readyness, spirit, ideas, focus, sensible, receiving etc. At later workouts I´ll try to define precisely also these appearances by concrete structures of motions. Some of physical like mental terms are already clear for me, concerning other problems I still need further ´dropping-in´ of ideas. For example the Potential-Vortex-Cloud of the term ´will´ seems rather essential - and not easy to crack.

I well realize, for many readers these intensions are highly strung nature. That´s why next chapter comes back to quite real stuff, nevertheless absolutely unimaginable or unbelievable: scales of sizes of our world. On the other hand it is to talk about, how Potential-Vortex-Clouds can move through resting aether, e.g. the light. Lastly it´s to talk about these solid bodies, e.g. the rotating earth, at following chapters.

03.11. Wandering Potential-Vortex Aether-Physics and -Philosophy