Alfred Evert 2004-05-16

03.11. Wandering Potential-Vortex

Gaping Void
The movement processes of aether within aether might be unbelievable to readers, even there are motions of similar kind well known, e.g. quite real at liquids and gases. Indeed unimaginable, i.e. totally outside of our concrete world of experiences is the scale of macro- like micro-cosmos. At picture 03.11.01 at A ´nulls´ schematic are marked at a scale of distances.

´Human measure´ of metre (M) is chosen as starting point. Mostly we handle bodies of decimetres or centimetres, however our natural possibility for differing already ends by millimetres. Only with technical equipment are measurable the micrometres and already the nanometres are the border of technical operations. Atoms (A) should be ten billions smaller than our metre, once more ten thousand times smaller should be their cores (K), ten times smaller elementary particles (N, e.g. nucleons), these build by hundred times smaller sub-elementary particles (Q, quarks).

Nulls-behind-decimal-point (or 10 ^ -17 or 10 ^ -18 etc.) are easy to write, in reality however each further null means dividing the previous smallest unit into ten parts (like marked at B).

If we go ahead by metre-steps, we can easy reach out for ten, hundred and thousand metre. Most people don´t like to walk ten kilometre, only some few want to run hundred kilometre. So our natural real experience already ends by kilometre. Longer distances we prefer to rid by motorcar or airplane.

Nulls-ahead-decimal-point stand cool one aside next at this scale. Easy fife nulls ahead, already the region of celestial bodies (S) is achieved, once more twelve nulls guide to galaxies (G), only further four/five nulls the universe (U) probably ends. Each null means, each step has to be done ten times (like marked schematic at C). Our practical experience is one-after-the-other, so we tend to read nulls like an addition, while each time the values are multiplied.

We have a ´sure´ feeling only for addition, estimations concerning multiplication or square mostly are wrong. At D for example, two circles are shown, the radius of the wide circle is only ten times larger than the radius of the small circle - however the small face fits into the large face one hundred times. If this additional null same time is valid for three dimensions, one null means factor 1000 (or if universe and previous ´clouds´ are assumed to be spheres, still three third of 1000, so each next null represents a volumes by factor 750).

Atoms thus are smaller by billions than our metre and what we normally call materia are miniscule tiny particles within comparably vast space, consisting of emptiness or of nothing or at least of no matter, so at a whole nearby nothing within nearby unlimited nothing - by common understanding. Opposite, also large material bodies nearby are nothing resp. at least miniscule tiny matter within the emptiness of the universe, e.g. the total common materia is merely five percents and the remaining rest should be a dubious ´dark energy or matter´ - by common understanding.

Basis in Question
Nobody is able to get a real idea of these minimum-small and huge-wide distances and volumes. So it doesn´t really matter, how much digits ahead or behind the decimal point each appearance should define - it´s all times an incredible really astronomic relation.

The size of the universe is deduced of gravity affecting at earth - and it´s absolutely not sure, whether this absolutely not constant value is valid within all wide regions of the universe. The second factor of calculations is the light-speed like measured at the earth with its (supposed) linear spreading - however that speed nowhere is constant, is different within different medias, light is bended and refracted. Third assumption is, red-shifted light frequencies are based on movement directions and movement speed - however also this occurrence could have an other reasons.

So at a whole it´s rather questionable (and known, however merely published) whether it´s reasonable and realistic to make projections at many decimal digits far out into the macro-cosmos, based at these few and not sure factors. Opposite, the size of micro-cosmos seems to be more precise - if the uncertainty of researches concerning (suggested) particles is neglected resp. there are reduced at only mathematical operations without any concrete relation to real experiences (and also this problem is well known, nevertheless explanations of common world-view mainly are based at pure mathematical attempts).

Minimum Swinging
At schematic drawings of Potential-Vortex-Clouds of previous chapters, the central swinging was drawn extreme large in relation to the circumference of the whole cloud. Swinging can´t exist by these relations. At galaxies or sun systems or atoms, all times are many nulls between the core and the total extension. The radius of outer ´border´ of these Potential-Vortex-Clouds is larger than the core at least by ten thousands, by millions up to billions.

Again it might be unbelievable for us ´coarse-matter-objects´, these minimum differences of motions within the aether could have such importance. On the other hand, if the universe would not exist of gapless aether, but would be build up by particles - why should be necessary these ´crazy-wide´ spaces between of nothings? The emptiness of the outer space could be ´explained´ as a consequence of big-bang: However this strange effect is only based at previous mentioned projections. The necessity of the emptiness of the micro-cosmos, these strange distances between tiny particles, however is not to explain by common understanding.

Only if the aether is assumed to be substantial and to be a gapless continuum, the aether can not move any kind, these large differences of distances between and inside of movement pattern are inevitably demanded, at such gigantic tall appearances like at minimum small occurrences.

That´s why I pointed out all times, the balancing areas between the motion core and the outer boundary areas of clouds must be extremely large. So previous drawings show only distorted view - like any picture e.g. of galaxies like atoms can show the relations only overdrawn (not only this photomontage of moon and earth).

I leave it to experts, which scale of relations of core and total volume of Potential-Vortex-Clouds might be valid. This question has no real answer, because the outer borders never are sharp (like commonly suggested at material bodies). At any case however, the differences of ways of motions in relation to the diameter of a cloud will be really ´astronomic´ thus far out off our experiences. Following example might probably give a good impression.

Along of straight road are parking 320 cars. Some drivers are searching their car a quarter of an hour, until the last car, thousandfivehundred meter ahead. These cars would fit into a parking cube of 20 by 20 by 20 metre (however without place for driving). At the centre of that huge-stuff, something is trembling one millimetre back and fro - by 10.000 millimetres distance to the outer walls. This will be the minimum relation between the motion core and the total volume of the local aether movement. If at the centre something swings around one volume-unit, there would be involved inevitably (within a sphere) volume-units of balancing co-swinging motions.

If only one more null is assumed, thousand times more cars would fit into that gigantic cube of twohundred metre edges - for months a driver could search for his car within. At real Potential-Vortex-Clouds also some more nulls could well be demanded for the central motion within a cloud - so at the middle will be some special ´trembling´ nearby not to recognize within the huge balancing area, reaching extremely far out to common and even finer ´trembling´ of surrounding Free Aether.

Wandering Vortices
At first chapters of Local Aethermovement, the motion process of Potential-Vortices was demonstrated by clouds ´stationary´ within space. Lastly at previous chapter was included these vortices systems could also wander through the aether, e.g. like galaxies or atoms or single electrons are moving within the space. Thus the really ´resting´ Free Aether would only be located outside of galaxies.

Within the spiral arms (these bended connecting lines) of galaxies, the aether is moving at wide swinging motions. Within that whirling aether, the celestial bodies are floating. By previous mentioned pressure, these bodies not only drift within the aether but now also are moving relative to the surrounding aether. Lastly e.g. the earth rotates also around its own axis and e.g. materia above or at its surface again shows relative motions. Thus indeed, all vortices systems and also the solid ´material´ bodies perform multiple overlaid motions within the space.

At picture 03.11.03 now is shown a single Potential-Vortex-Cloud (P, yellow), moving from left to right at these three parts of picture. The resting aether (relative to this motion-ahead) is marked by five black points (F). This ´Free´ Aether does only the Universal Aethermovement at short distances, so here is assumed to be stationary.

Motion-ahead of the cloud was started by any cause (e.g. collision of galaxies, other reasons are mentioned below). The aether volume of this cloud thus shows kinetic energy in addition to its internal movements. However, there is no ´mass´ (and even not by sharp borders with fix contour) moving through the Free Aether. Wandering through space is only this motion pattern of a complex vortices system.

Previous three pictures are parts of this animation, which visualizes the movement processes. These five observed points of Free Aether take the motion pattern of each connecting line of the Potential-Vortex-Cloud, while this system moves through its local position. Only phasewise these points ´dance´ corresponding to the motion pattern of this part of the cloud.

The aether points quite upside and quite downside at the outer boundary area of the cloud are merely involved by the vortex passing by. Only the points between, for a short moment do some other kind of motions than normally they move. Based on the principle of Potential-Vortex-Clouds all neighbouring points do corresponding balancing movements. If this cloud passed by this region, again the motion pattern of Free Aether nearby unchanged is going on and on.

At this Potential-Vortex-Cloud no connecting lines are marked. It doesn´t matter which direction the Potential-Vortices wanders, whether by one pole ahead or diagonal or at equatorial plane or even rotating or tumbling. At any case all internal motions occur synchronous into all directions same time. And at any case, the aether outside of the boundary areas of a cloud move like Free Aether at Spiral-Cluster-Tracks, as usual.

Only Structure wandering
´Coarse-matter-humans´ again do hard to accept this idea: at no times solid bodies with its masses move through the space, but ´only´ the structure of aether-vortices wander through space resp. not through the abstract space, but quite really through aether relatively resting.

All appearances are certain pattern of motions within the uniform aether. The aether at all places is relative ´stationary´. Free Aether is moving only within the scale of its universal movement at Spiral-Cluster-Tracks.

Bounded Aether of large vortices systems move at wider tracks (however still within limited regions) e.g. within the area of swinging motions of connecting lines. Embedded into these large Potential-Vortex-Clouds are smaller ones, floating and wandering within - however only that kind, the involved local aetherpoints behave like other motion pattern demand, and only for short time of passing through.

´Coarse-matter-people´ do hard to leave the idea of solid particles and stable bodies. By ´normal´ understanding, all times something moves relative to other stuff, e.g. even within a river the material water moves ahead relative to material ground. At the level of aether - and materia and material bodies lastly exist of nothing else than aether - no thing moves forward, no portion of aether-volume moves far, but only the pattern of motions wander far ahead, nothing else, nothing more, nothing less.

It´s hard to find an example of material world fitting to this process. The best example might be a vortex within a stream. Water flows down a brook and all parts of water do same vortex-motion at one special place, e.g. initiated by a stone. This pattern of the vortex is stationary, the water flows through that vortex during its normal wandering downward of stream.

Exactly like this, a aether-vortex moves ahead within resting aether - only by view vice versa. By view of the observer (e.g. one water particle) floating within stream, he (it) moves into direction of the vortex, does its dancing motions for short moment, afterwards this vortex disappears - by view of observer - upward within the brook.

Also small wind-whirl rushing ahead at street (by nearby calm air in general) could be a good example. For a stationary observer (resp. one point of Free Aether) this appearance is analogue to the previous one: there is an air-vortex coming towards him, he is forced to perform partly that vortex-motion pattern for short moment, afterwards the whirl-wind runs off further ahead its track. After some moments, everything is quite calm, like before.

Now naturally the question comes up, why a Potential-Vortex-Cloud should be able to ´press´ itself steady through the aether. The cloud has to impress its motions pattern onto the resting aether for short time - and afterwards everything should be like before, the vortex should go on walking ahead without delay and the resting aether should ´rest´ like usual at its place.

By common view of material occurrences it´s clear: the inertia inherent mass keeps constant the speed and direction of a moving body. It´s clear, a particle in motion through nothing (e.g. through empty space of common understanding) can move on and on (or e.g. within air its speed is only reduced by friction). It´s also clear, for stopping a forward movement of a particles, a force is demanded corresponding to the original impulse resp. to the kinetic energy of this mass in motion.

However it´s not quite clear, why particles also resist vehemently versus each change of motion direction, as thereby the speed is not reduced and aside of the track is nothing to hinder a change of direction (besides e.g. previous air). Why for example, should be demanded enormous centripetal forces for the ´acceleration´ of mass into a steady circled track?

This is not really to explain by evasive term of ´inertia inherent to mass´. When observing basic aether movements of ´mass and its motion´, the reasons for their constant speed and direction is well to explain. By view of the material world and its particles, inertia without any loss is possible only theoretical resp. in reality losses by friction are inevitable. Only if the aether is understood as real continuum, constant of energy not only theoretical but also really is valid.

Jerky ahead
At previous chapters was stated, the Bounded Aether at its outer border areas is involved by the Free Aether. The Free Aether resists versus momentary contrary motions of connecting lines and thus affects centripetal pressures. These affects are balanced by motions more intensive further inside of the Potential-Vortex-Cloud by stronger amplitudes. These pressures are compensated at phases of momentary motions into same direction, lastly resulting stable Potential-Vortex-Clouds if sufficiently resonant. By these pressures of all sides, the clouds in principle become sphere-shaped, however with differing motions into different directions.

If now this cloud is moving ahead in addition, all internal motions have impressed an impulse into that direction in addition. At the front of the cloud, thus phasewise results higher resistance of Free Aether. At these phased, the cloud is decelerated at its forward motion. The connecting lines are compresses and balancing motions right-angled must come up. If now next moment the motions show into likely directions, that ´tension´ can escape into correspondingly stronger forward motion.

So at a whole, the cloud will show some more pulsating internal motions, even its sphere-shape could be compressed and expanded pulsatingly. At a whole, thus a Potential-Vortex-Cloud won´t fly ahead like a bullet by constant speed but moves jerky ahead within the aether.

Also at classic physics is assumed, motion ahead of sphere within ideal gas theoretically is without friction. Increased pressure at the front side immediately spreads into all directions, thus also to the rear end of the sphere exists likely high pressure. The sphere thus is pressed ahead from its rear side just as strong as it´s blocked back at the front. Nevertheless at real gases resp. within a medium of particles in general, spreading losses are inevitable.

Only if the aether is assumed to be a gapless medium, constant kinetic energy exists also in reality. Now one could imagine, a Potential-Vortex-Cloud at its front side pushes the aether aside and this ´overcharge´ of aether escapes backwards behind the Potential-Vortex-Cloud. This far motion of dislocation however doesn´t exist, because this process would demand shifting of material at border faces. So the comparison of ballistics (like photon-particles commonly are understood like bullets) doesn´t fit and also the comparison of aether with an ideal gas doesn´t work.

Lossfree constant of kinetic energies of forward directed motions is only to understand by phasewise and total ´intermediate storage´ by more intensive internal swinging motions right-angled to the motion direction. Depending on the momentary situation concerning likely or contrary motions, pulsatingly occurs motion of pushing-ahead, alternating with building-up of internal swinging cross to motion direction.

So (at the moment) it doesn´t matter which side ahead a Potential-Vortex-Cloud is wandering through the resting aether: all times the connecting lines into movement direction are compressed / expanded and cross to that direction balancing swing-motions show pulsating amplitudes.

Dimensions at micro- and macro-cosmos differ extremely and also differing are speeds within. Our ´natural´ speeds are some few km/h or m/s. We have concrete experience with the sound-speed of approximately 300 m/s. We also build machines with even faster speeds.

The earth wanders through the space, however we have no direct impression of. We register the seasons only as secondary appearances. The rotation of the earth around its axis is a concrete experience by day and night. However we have no concrete impression of the speed of that roundabout. Within 24 hours, one point at the equator moves some 40.000 km, that´s nearby double sound-speed. Further up at globe, e.g. at Europe, we race along by sound-speed, thus by some 300 m/s - and don´t feel anything about.

Light is incredible fast, we only can take theoretically, within one second light would run around the earth seven times, with some 300.000 km/s. It´s above real imagination, the light with its 300.000.000 m/s is faster by million than the sound - which is extremely fast compared with our natural speed of movements.

So if we handle or move ahead any material body or if we rotate around with the earth even by sound-speed, this wandering of assemblies of Potential-Vortex-Clouds occurs by nearby negligible slow speeds, compared with the light-speed - and thus in relation to the motion speed of ´resting´ Free Aether at its Spiral-Cluster-Tracks.

The universe is so large, its distances are measured by light-years, thus by 300.000.000 m/s multiplied by more than 30.000.000 seconds of a year, thus this unit is some m long - and the universe should be wide again some millions of such units. Light is un-imaginable fast in relation to our normal experiences. Nevertheless it´s hard to understand, why motion should be limited to a certain value and light´s travel through the universe should take so ´infinite´ long times.

Light´s speed can not be limited only by some abstract restriction, but the limitation must have concrete reason, which must be determined by the medium light is moving within. The light can not be transmitted by a ´vacuum´, the light must be special kind of aether movement. Other motions (besides Universal Aethermovement) are locally limited, thus are Potential-Vortex-Clouds, which naturally can wander through the ´resting´ aether (as separated clouds or repeatedly by likely clouds, or as assemblies of potential vortices, e.g. like the earth as a whole). A ´photon´ thus can not be any particle nor it´s represented by any wave, but photons are relative small Potential-Vortex-Clouds (because photons have nearby null or just no ´mass´).

As light is so fast, it can not tumble somehow through the space (like mentioned upside, no matter which side ahead), but must move most best coordinated with Free Aether motions. That cloud must wander through the Free Aether with one pole ahead, because twisting around the axis is the motion less problematic (compared with tumbling swinging motions at the disc of equatorial plane). Nevertheless this little Potential-Vortex-Cloud shows phases with likely or contrary motions versus the Free Aether.

Hopping Photon
At picture 03.11.05 schematic are shown diverse phases. At A upside is drawn a point of Free Aether (F, black), where the arrows marks its momentary direction (1 to 4). Instead of its complex motion at Spiral-Cluster-Track here simply is assumed, it can move only to right side, then upwards, afterwards to left side and lastly back downside.

Below is marked a ´photon´ (P) as a red point, which got an impulse for general motion towards right side (the reason for that impulse is mentioned later). The speed of the forward motion is assumed to be like the speed of the Free Aether point.

At phases of likely motion (1) thus that photon comes ahead rather far. If the Free Aether moves aside (phases 2 and 4), photon drifts also into this direction and comes ahead corresponding to its own speed. If the motions are contrary (3), the photon won´t come forward.

At this picture at B, the way of that photon schematically is marked, based at this generalizing point of view. The photon walks forward by differing jumps, is also rocked sideward, some times even is resting for a short moment. The real tracks will not be schematic like this drawing (because Spiral-Cluster-Tracks are not symmetric like marked here), the real track of a photon indeed max look rather chaotic.

However not the total photon will be rocked like this, but the cloud would behave and move ahead like amoeba does. If the forward motion is decelerated at front side, balancing motions will be enforced into direction of momentary less resistance. The general sphere shape of the cloud will merge into rounded shapes, asymmetric to its longitudinal axis, by steady changing contours.

At this picture at C the changing shapes of the cloud schematic are marked while the cloud moves from left to right side. At this animation also are visualized that jumping-ahead, the resting-phase and the steady changes of the clouds outlines. This animation is rather coarse, nevertheless the real process of motions well could be likely (naturally with smooth transition of shapes and speeds).

Electromagnetic Waves
At the appearance of an ´electromagnetic waves´ is well known: at the front side comes up an electric field for a short moment (here jumping-ahead of the twisting motion around the longitudinal axis), afterwards appears a magnetic field some aside (here more intensive swinging motions at equatorial plane, thus cross to the longitudinal axis, and shifted aside corresponding to the momentary motion of Free Aether). The electric like the magnetic field disappears periodical and appears further ahead and/or some aside the original axis. That strange behaviour is only to explain by previous motions within that real aether.

Photons thus are no particles and electromagnetism is not based on classic waves, and particle-wave-dualism can not exist but is only an empty word. At ´electromagnetic waves´ are wandering the motion pattern of Potential-Vortex-Clouds through (relative resting) aether, nothing else, nothing more, nothing less.

The left turning pole is directed forward. The twisting motion around the longitudinal axis makes the front side aether moving at increasing larger swinging tracks (commonly called ´electric field´). If the equatorial plane of the cloud passes the local Free Aether, much wider balancing motions of radial connecting line are present there, i.e. the swinging motions cross to the longitudinal axis come up with the appearance of a circulating wave (commonly called ´magnetic´ momentum). Afterwards, corresponding to the decreasing twisting motions (at the rear end pole) the Free Aether comes back to its normal motions at its common Spiral-Cluster-Tracks.

However this process is not quite continuously. If at front side are phases of momentary contrary motions, the vortex is compressed in its longitudinal dimension. Inevitably the resulting balancing motions cross to the axis will not be symmetric with same intensity into each direction, but intermediately they will escape into direction aside of momentary most less resistance. In general, the resistance around the equator is most strong (because of most large swinging motions). As soon as at front side comes up a phase of less resistance, intermediately deformed cloud will push ahead its tip again. Resulting of is that jerky jumping-ahead of electromagnetic waves with its asymmetric swinging cross to longitudinal axis.

Born by Stress
At picture 03.11.07 now schematic is shown the source of ´electromagnetic radiation´ in principle, for example the ´birth of a photon´. Two Potential-Vortex-Clouds (A and B, here schematic drawn by cross sectional view) move towards each other (marked by arrows). Normally, this collision is ´cushioned´ already at their boundary surfaces resp. both clouds repulse mutually, based on their contrary motion´s phases. The connecting lines are compressed, thus their swinging motions are enforced. The ´internal tension´ relaxes as both clouds fly off into direction of most less resistance.

If however this collision occurs by high speed rather vehement and if both clouds even are contrary turning (marked by bended arrows), ´stress´ comes up within the aether between both clouds. At this picture, the aether should have to move down at left side and the neighbouring aether at right side should move up. There is ´danger´ for coming-up of border-layers (C, grey dotted line), where aether-volumes would be forced to shift resp. glide alongside each other.

The Free Aether swings at Spiral-Cluster-Tracks, here schematic marked only by a circled track (D). Previous shifting can not occur within the gapless aether. Any ´tension´ is only to avoid if the narrow motions of Free Aether become stretches (here, left side moves some further down), into both directions (thus short time later some further up at right side). Instead of previous schematic circled track thus results a track of elliptic shape (E).

The transition of previous circled track into that larger elliptic track can not be done abruptly, but only in shape of each wider spiral tracks. Above this, this motion can not occur only at one plane, but same time has to occur right-angled in addition. So there will come up a spiral cone shaped track, here at this picture with its tip coming out of the drawing plane. Like mentioned upside: a twisting motion around the longitudinal axis of front side pole ´is born´.

By this vehement collision thus a new Potential-Vortex-Cloud is ´pressed out´ between both collision-partners. Its necessary balancing motions correspond to the motions at the faces of responsible partners, so the stress-situation disappears. The Free Aether between both clouds comes back to its original shape of motions, again swinging synchronous with its neighbours. Also this transition occurs smoothly and thus the twisting motions of the rear pole come to an end.

Exactly Fitting
At picture 03.11.08 are shown three phases of the animation below, which illustrates this process. Both collision partners (blue) here move vertical towards each other and its outmost areas dive into each other. Right angled to these motions, a photon (red) is pushed off. The horizontal connecting line (black) marks points of Free Aether, which intermediately become twisting along the longitudinal axis of the photon. These pictures again are highly overdrawn and can show process only schematic.

When we ´coarse-matter-bodies´ see these blue objects racing towards each other, we instinctively expect crazy crash with destroying energies. Totally opposite is the situation within the aether. There do not blow up material substances through the space, here only fly away new movement pattern through the (resting) aether - of perfect shape, e.g. as a photon, strongly according to characteristics of the aether.

This photon becomes born only by corresponding stress situations (if internal swinging movements of clouds can not cushion a collision in time). Then the aether has to react by its most high speed for changing pattern of movements: transforming the Universal Aethermovement into the complete structure of a new Potential-Vortex-Cloud inclusive all necessary balancing motions simultaneously (and coming back to its original motion´s pattern). This transformation of motions can occur only if both collision partners contribute fitting impulses for according motions (there can not come up something out of nothing, like e.g. ´virtual particles´ of some theories of common physics).

As this new vortex directly comes out of the motion pattern of Free Aether, ´from birth´ it is resonant to Universal Aethermovement. Because it is similar to Free Aether, its balancing areas can be rather small (nearby mass-less photons). Because its motion´s speed corresponds to the speed of Free Aether (only at tracks some stretched), it can ´screw-ahead´ (like discussed upside) aether-conform - however not slower or faster but exclusively by light speed.

So by this aspect, the pattern of that Potential-Vortex-Cloud moving ahead, perfectly fits into the motion pattern of resting aether. This means however same time and inevitably, the speed and direction of a moving cloud can not be totally constant. There is practically nowhere Free Aether in pure shape, everywhere its original pattern is overlaid by diverse other pattern. Therefore e.g. the resistance at front side of the cloud is not completely symmetric, i.e. light is bended.

Naturally the light can be slowed down (if moving towards a non-symmetric overlay), thus e.g. the impression of red-shifted light appears. For example, motions of Free Aether within glass or water is shaped little bit other kind, so light comes along within these media some slower. The Potential-Vortex-Cloud by itself is unchanged, only its forward motion is delayed by differing resistances. Some later within the air, the photon pattern will run faster (will ´screw-ahead´ corresponding to the characteristics of aether at this region).

Electromagnetic waves thus are a perfect interaction of resting aether and Potential-Vortex-Clouds running forward - where however the speed and direction completely depends on the ´status of resting´ of the aether passed by. So the constant of speed nor its linear direction can be valid - with far reaching consequences concerning common understanding of physics.

Coarse Matter Vortices
Previous motion principles are only valid, if the aether is considered to be a gapless continuum. Locally limited movement system within the aether are only possible in the general shape of Potential-Vortex-Clouds.

Pattern of Potential-Vortex-Clouds can wander through the Free Aether, either by light speed (if exactly resonant to Free Aether) or with any lower speed (like e.g. free electrons resp. like shown at picture 03.11.03 upside). Naturally also assemblies of Potential-Vortex-Clouds (e.g. atoms or molecules) or their accumulations (e.g. the earth) can wander through Free Aether or ´tumble-around´ within any kind.

Finally at that level starts the ´material world´ and are valid their physical laws and characteristics, e.g. of different density or heat. Materia is put together by numberless tiny Potential-Vortex-Clouds, materia by itself however is no Potential-Vortex (e.g. the earth rotates as a solid body resp. rigid vortex). Each of these ´material´ accumulations has its own balancing region, thus borders at Free Aether without problems. Also the earth is embedded within a balancing region, e.g. with the appearances of earth-gravity and earth-magnetismus.

At previous chapters was mentioned, at outer boundary areas of Potential-Vortices exists smooth transition (from universal shape of motions to the coarse long-stretched motion pattern). Within these regions also exists that pressure of Free Aether, practically its phasewise resistance versus momentary contrary motions.

Also within the environment of compounds of Potential-Vortex-Clouds this stepwise transition exists and also previous pressure correspondingly. Resulting of is the appearance which is described as attracting force and commonly called gravity. However, attracting forces can exist at no case, within no medium (but is only a pure abstract idea within a fictive media of vacuum). A relative pressure (called gravity) exists only within the ´aura´ of celestial bodies, only within a small boundary area of transition around material accumulations. Gravity thus is an occurrence locally limited, around all celestial bodies, however not affecting into the boundless space, even not working between Sun and planets.

At the rotation of the earth around its axis, no ´materia´ is moving within space. Only the pattern of each single Potential-Vortex (this assembly of solid, liquid, gaseous, ´dead or living´ occurrences) move ahead resp. around within the relative resting aether. The aether by itself is (nearby) not bothered by this process of passing by vortices.

Inside of the earth however, the Free Aether between these narrow arranged clouds naturally is no longer quite ´virginal´. Viewing from outside onto border areas of Free Aether towards the earth-materia, the Free Aether is ´brushed´ by earth rotation all times same direction. The aether there is not transported far away, nevertheless that ´wind´ of passing-by motion-vortices results some small swinging vortices of Free Aether, parallel to the earth axis. These vortices don´t reach far into the earth. They reach outward - as far as earth-magnetism exists.

Radiation from the Sun deforms this ´field´ of earth-magnetism and opposite, ´hard´ radiations are affected by this field. Small swinging motions or earth-magnetism naturally overlay the motion pattern of the aether within the ´aura´ of the earth, naturally also previous ´gravity´ deforms the aether of this region. Thus naturally the light moves other kind near celestial bodies than the light is moving at the ´out-back´ of the universe. The light already is diffracted at any sharp edge - however not based at Relativity-Theory (and abstract mathematics), but based on quite real aether motions of most diverse shape (which are not to describe by simple ´world-formula´).

Detailed Descriptions
Previous mentioned movements of wandering Potential-Vortex-Clouds could only be described in general by few examples. Each of these (and further) appearances are detailed by new parts and many new chapters. Finally here were mentioned some examples of motion and rotation of material bodies, which are only secondary occurrences of aether movements. Also these subjects of ´classic physics of material world´ demand further detailed descriptions by separated sections.

Nevertheless some readers already got sufficient stimulations for developing own ideas to their special subjects, based at the real aether-continuum and its inevitably resulting motion-pattern and occurrences.

Aether-Physics and -Philosophy