Aether-Physics and -Philosophy
09. Aether-Electric-Technics Update 2013-03-31
09.01. Introduction and Objectives Electromagnetism by view of the aether, free energy, disclaimer
09.02. Aether Characteristics Properties of that real substance, Free and Bound Aether, swinging, stroke, pressure and flow
09.03. Relevant Appearances Photon, electron, atom, molecule, aura, membranes
09.04. Charge static / dynamic, positive / negative, plus / minus, source / sink, earth / atmosphere, lightning
09.05. Current DC / AC, conductor / isolator, direction of current, stroke, electric / magnetic field
09.06. Magnets Earthly magnetic field, permanent magnets, attraction /rejection, electric / magnetic field
09.07. Magnet and Current Lorentz-force, induction, DC-generator / -motor, new charge-generator
09.08. Unipolar-Generator Faraday-generator, induction-laws and violation, energy-constant and violation, effective current-generator
09.09. Railgun- and Ballbearing-Effects Cause of unusual acceleration, ´heated-up´ aether-swinging
09.10. Ballbearing-Motor/Generator A simple (ball bearing) construction swirls up the aether, so charge is piled up to high voltage
09.11. Crop-Circle-Generator Interpretation of crop-circles as electrostatic machines for generating current
09.12. Tilley-Cone-Generator How the ´Spinner´ of Tilley´s autonomous energy supply system probably was build and worked
09.13. Capacitor - Mystery Finally by view of the Aether, the functions are to understand
09.14. Electro-Ring-Generator Charge can be shifted at storages by dieletricum and thus voltage-potential is usable
09.15. Volt - Booster Compression of charge allows quite new approach for electric mobility
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Chapters 10. to 15. are availabe also as print-version ap09be.pdf
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