Alfred Evert 2009-10-10

08.15. Normal and para-normal Appearances

This chapter presents examples for motion possibilities and pattern discussed at previous chapter. These examples concern pure physical and thus well known facts, at the other hand most ´strange´ appearances. By sure I won´t convince anybody of existence of ´para-normal´ stuff. I offer these aspects only for discussion and everybody can judge these ideas just as one likes.

However I want to point out, mainstream sciences should no longer exclude ´phenomena´ of classic physics nor ´dubious´ appearances of ´para-physics´. Weighting and measuring and counting of pure nature sciences are no longer sufficient for adequate understanding of reality. Just the unusual respective the unexplainable (up to now) offer chances for new and realistic insights.

By that new view of ´aetheric´ structures (these walls, pipes and membranes of previous chapter) I try to contribute for better understanding of physical appearances and also for some which up to now are classified ´paranormal´ or ´paraphysical. For some of these motion pattern I can already determine how they are generated. For other pattern I can only describe their general structure without knowing how they are produced. Nevertheless I dare to mention these subjects - occasionally only as speculation. It´s up to each reader to judge these ideas as pure nonsense or take it as inspiration for own considerations.

Each second about hundred flashes crash on earth - and a dozen different theories explain that common appearance. These atmospheric processes can only be explained by existence of real aether, like following consideration might show.

A colt front is moving below a layer of warm air by speeds of 20, 40 or 80 km/h (wind, strong wind, storm). Warm air is lifted, upside the steam condensates, raindrops fall and draw down again parts of warm air. Warm-air-bubbles come up within cold air, so lifting forces produce real ´upward-wind-chimneys´. These air-bubbles inclusive water are lifted even higher, resulting impressive appearance of Cumulonimbus. Up there, snowflakes or ice are build, which again fall down and by parts are melting. In addition to that relative steady flow into horizontal direction come up vertical air-movements up to 150 km/h (so strong hurricane gusts).

Within these vertical turbulences, particles meet and especially the ´nearby-collisions´ are important because generating electrostatic charge. No matter whether ice-crystal, water-drops, water-steam or air-particles, all are vortex-complexes with a motion-core embedded within a wide aura of balancing swinging motions. If these motion-areas mutually scratch along each other, the aether between also whirls up. The general aether-pressure sticks these movements as ´artificial´ resp. additional vortex-layer onto ´natural´ aura of particles (like one strokes hand over fur).

At bottom of thundercloud the downward-flows meet at cold-air-layers, resulting high density and thus more collisions of all particles. Now the frontal-collisions play decisive role, because ice-chunks crash or melt, big water-drops are divided and air-particles (enlarged by additional charge) slash more frequent. Surface of all these particles are strongly deformed and the additional vortex-layers blast off. So parts of previous static charges fly around and general aether-pressure bend these vortices into right shape, finally to separated vortex-complexes in shape of potentialvortexclouds of free electrons.

Between vortices of material particles these additional vortex-complexes now are buzzing around within space and build so called ´space-charge´. Also these free electrons collide and push off each other, because meeting parts of their aura-surfaces most probably show different aether-motions. These vortex-complexes behave just analogue to gas-particles: they move into all directions by chaotic manner, however come ahead most far when occasionally flying into area relative ´empty´. Such an electron leaves ´free space´ into which following other electrons can race likely far. Along such ´streets´ of likely forward-motions, the aether takes corresponding movement components, i.e. previous pattern of pipe-shaped walls come up.

Electrons pushing from behind ram ahead the ´leaders´, which however come forward only by centimetres, until they are hindered by ´vortex-dense´ zone. From these dam-up-areas the electrons again can escape only into direction of relative vortex-free area. The flash takes no straight way, as it should run, based on alleged attracting forces between unlike charges (of cloud and earth). The flash even is not ´searching´ that way but ´roams´ around and leaves all times into direction of minimum resistance, e.g. also simply within thundercloud itself. The tip of flash comes forward only by push of following electrons, where increasing more electrons race into likely direction at the prepared ´slide bars´. That street becomes wider resp. along that aetheric pipe come up ordered motions and ´flow´.

One all times must remember, the aether by itself is stationary. The appearance of forward-motion or of a flow comes up only when aether is swinging at tracks-with-stroke and / or the structure of a vortex-complex is handed forward. An optimum shape for motions results, if that stroke occurs diagonal-forward within the aetheric pipe. The electrons practically order themselves in shape of swinging wall of that pipe and build a charge-face respective charge-flow, hanging free within aether (so not bound to a conductor or material particle, as in normal cases). Naturally also involved air becomes ´ionized´, decisive however are motions of aether itself.

´Normal´ electric flow wanders along surface of conductor by light-speed. The flash achieves speed only by twentieth part, so maximum of about 15000 km/h. The original electrons are set free at lower part of thundercloud by collision of particles, which move with speeds of about 500 m/s (so only 1800 km/h). Collisions of particles produce ´stress´, however not strong enough for generating electromagnetic radiation (with its light-speed). So it´s question where from that enormous acceleration of free electrons resp. that electric flash-flow comes.

Again the free electrons behave analogue to gas-particles: when multiple-collisions occur, two or more electrons commonly transfer their speed onto a ´racer´ and stay back as ´stationaries´ (see chapter ´06.03. Ultrasound-Motor´ with description of effects of Laval-Nozzle). The flash again and again is dammed up and from the dense assembly of aether-vortices, one single electron after the other races off through ´nozzle´ (the ´weak spot´) by oversize speed. This process is repeated respective speeds raise to higher power, up to that remarkable speed of electrons at flash-pipes (much faster than bulky vortex-complexes of material particle can fly).

In addition the previous charge-pipe produced that ´conveyor-belt-effect´: the walls protect inner space toward outside disturbances and the inner side of walls show that diagonal-forward stroke. Such walls can build multi-layers, so at centre exists a ´slide-track´ for fast racing electrons. That´s why the flash comes forward through the air without the theoretic necessary voltage or even is measured (as maximum) only one percent of theoretic demanded disruptive discharge strength.

The huge reservoir of free electrons within thundercloud pushes into prepared channels, where diverse branches join - until finally total ´charge´ rushes towards earth surface. This results strong swell of normal charge-aura of ground (the layer becomes higher). Afterward the effect of general aether-pressure becomes obvious, by pushing flat that excessive swing-layer. The charge is spread into environment, however that thrust-motion is hindered by rough surface of ground. The resistance is much stronger than at the flash-channel, which still exists as ´empty aetheric pipe´. At most cases thus the general aether-pressure on earth-surface immediately ´shoots´ back into clouds the total charge-accumulation.

Vacuum- resp. Electronic-Tube
There is an example for this process in ´handy´ scale. The movements of electrons within vacuum- or electronic-tubes occur only within aether, i.e. without material gas-particles (special gases are used only for generating coloured lights). Free electrons are ejected at (heated) cathode. The electrons however won´t fly straight to anode, because neither exists ´positive charge´ nor supposed ´attracting forces´ between unlike poles.

The electrons ´stray around´ within airless tube and only by occasion they hit onto anode (where the charge-layer is rather low, so electrons can flow off). However they leave a track within aether and through that ´pure aetheric slideway´ following electrons can reach much faster and ´determined´ the way towards anode.

If a grid is installed within tube and if voltage is put on the grid, these slide-passages are squeezed and thus electrons are hold up in front of grid. If voltage is taken off the grid, the electrons again ´scatter´ around and if they occasionally find the old track, suddenly race to the anode.

This example also shows, the size of electrons is totally underestimated by common understanding. How should such tiny ´particles´ be hindered by millimetre-wide grid-gaps? I suppose the aura of electron is at least 10000 times larger than the (commonly only observed) motion-core of the electron. Same relations might exist concerning height of charge-layers, which all times are only outside of conductor-surface. At high-voltage AC-lines one can feel physical the charge-aura (respective there the aether-stress) at distance of many metres.

So generally one can state, original electric charge is bound to material surfaces (like e.g. at air- or water-particles of thunderclouds). At the other hand, parts of charge are blast off charge-carrier, here e.g. by frontal collisions of particles at bottom of thundercloud or by heating of cathode (and / or high voltage). Released free electrons won´t move determined and straight line (guided by mystery attracting forces), however they leave motion-tracks within aether. These trails prevailingly build pipe-shaped formations, within which following vortex-complexes are running with minimum resistance.

Picture 08.15.02 once more shows, why these ´aetheric pipes´ appear often. At local vortices, all aether in principle must swing synchronous. At A this is sketched by two clocks (white), where both hands (red) momentary show upward. All aetherpoints of a wall (blue) thus are positioned some upside of their fulcrums. After half turning of clocks, their hands will show down (at B) and thus all aetherpoints now are positioned further down. All aether of that area is swinging analogue, i.e. this wall would be infinite into height and width - and thus no local limited appearance.

Local concentrated becomes that swinging, if the wall is rolled up in shape of a pipe. However still the total pipe-wall is swinging up and down (at C and D). Also here the pipe still is infinite long, would reach cross through universe. Finally if clocks are time-shifted (like simplistic sketched at E), at the one hand the aether is swinging up and not far aside, the aether swings down, so local motions are mutually balancing. This wall with differing phases of swinging motions naturally can be rolled up like a pipe (like sketched at F).

The aether-motions thus are limited at radius of pipe (naturally inclusive the balancing motions of outer and inner aura). And this pipe now must not inevitably have infinite length. At the other hand comes up special dynamic of aether-motions (like already discussed at previous chapters): this time-shifted swinging inevitably demands motions at tracks-with-stroke or at rosette-tracks (where all swinging occurs around a focus).

At this picture at F the direction of that stroke is marked by thick arrow, where motion is running diagonal-up relative fast. The thin arrow marks the following part of motion, which is diagonal-down moving some slower. The appearance of a wave running all around comes up. This is not uniform resp. symmetric, but ´crest of the wave´ all times show into certain direction (here diagonal-upward). Depending on turning sense of clocks and time-shifting the wave wil run forward or backward. These aether-pipes thus show intensive motions within their walls, protecting inner space against the environment. In addition, inside accelerated ´transport´ of motion-pattern is enabled.

Magnetic-Field-Lines resp. -Pipes
At this picture 08.15.02 below, four permanent-magnets schematic are sketched. From north-pole (N), from its whole surface (dark red), ´the magnetic field flows off´. This is caused by certain swinging pattern between the magnet-atoms (which are likely oriented within the grid). This screw-shaped, forward directed motion is so strong and so well-structured, it can reach out of north pole. The ambient Free Aether with its fine swinging affects general aether-pressure, which wants to ´flatten´ the coarse swinging. The field-lines thus ´flee´ at most short way into neighbouring iron (here not drawn), within which that special motion-pattern can go on. Finally the field-lines enter a south-pole (S), where anyway corresponding ´flow is sucked in´.

The ´magnet-field-flow´ realiter is swinging at tracks-with-stroke, appearing as a wave running diagonal-forward, i.e. the ´field-lines´ exactly are previous described aether-pipes. The magnetic field as a whole appears homogeneous, however only because thin pipes are parallel arranged dense nearby each other. At this picture schematic are drawn only each two of these magnet-field-pipes (green).

Below left of picture, two flat magnet-disks are sketched and their north-poles are positioned opposite. The swinging resp. the waves of both pipes exiting both poles are contrary directed. However the aether between both pole-surfaces can not turn left and same time turn right. That´s why unlike poles can not be put together resp. the magnets of this arrangement push off each other (see double arrow G).

Below right side of picture, a north- and a south-pole are positioned opposite and ´naturally´ both attract each other. Realiter all magnet-field-pipes are moving and swinging likely sense, so inside of magnets (resp. between their atoms) and within the free space (H) between pole-surfaces all aether is moving by analogue pattern.

At the aura of all material bodies and also at these additional ´magnetic´ swinging layers, general aether-pressure weights. This pressure affects from all directions onto all surfaces, e.g. at both magnets also from left and right side (see arrows). Only at both faces between magnets here, this pressure has no point of attack, because there the aether shows closed motions: the motion within a pipe is protected by its pipe-wall, the outer pipes protect the inner pipes. So at both outside pole-surfaces affects the general aether-pressure, at both middle pole-surfaces however not.

Based on that pressure-difference both magnets are pushed together. Unlike poles do not attract each other and generally exists no attracting force between unlike poles. Nobody could ever plausibly explain, what attracting forces should be and how they could function. There are many appearances, where it seems attraction would affect, e.g. by suction of fluids - however also suction has no effect by itself, but effect results only by stronger pressure at opposite side.

The false interpretation of such appearances and assumption of attracting force was a fatal error at many science disciplines, e.g. from atom-aufbau via electro-techniques up to astronomy. All times some nature scientists did urgently warn about that simplistic view, nevertheless ´attraction´ became common matter-of-factness for mainstream sciences. Thus was neglected to gain insights for real causes - and thus for realizing techniques more effective. For example, astronomy rather takes in account 95 % ´dark materia and/or energy´ (because known materia does not reach for calculations with gravity-attraction), than searching new solutions for evident problems of given hypotheses.

That ´magnetic flow´ exits from whole surface of north-pole and correspondingly enters into face of south-pole. An analogue appearance of ´gravity-flows´ arrives at whole surface of earth - so explained by an alternative for gravity as attracting force. In reality however, this effect again results only by an aether-motion at tracks-with-stroke.

All aether however can not simultaneous swing towards earth, simply because at centre is no sufficient space for taking that mass of aetherpoints (and this aspect in general is valid for any ´gravity-flow-theory´). Only the strokes of a swinging motion show into direction of earth, accomplished by back-motion some slower, again structured by many very thin ´gravity-pipes´, analogue previous examples. The reason of this (local, limited to environment of celestial bodies) aether motion is later described by chapter ´Earth´.

As an example for ´aetheric pipes´ one more - gigantic - version now is discussed, where pipe-diameter corresponds to earth-diameter and pipe-length is one astronomic unit. Picture 08.15.03 shows schematic graph of appearance of solar wind. Astonishing are some parallel aspects to previous explanations for flashes.

So it´s told, particles of solar wind become electrical charged (ionized) within corona of sun and finally near earth the electrons detach (e.g. producing appearance of northern lights resp. aurora borealis). The corona is told to be embedded within strong magnetic fields and only at weak spots the particles can leave by phases. Like through nozzles the particles are pressed out and accelerated. That ´storm´ races off into space by about 350 km/s (not km/h). A part of that wind meets the earth respective is redirected along their aura (see graph).

As an evident fact, the particles do not run off sun radial, but fly towards earth at spiral track, accompanied by and included within a ´magnetic-shell´. Diameter of that spiral appearance corresponds to diameter of earth. The twist within that pipe depends on rotation of earth, where ´inclination of spiral´ is variable (between 45 and 90 degree, depending on direction of earth-rotation relative to sun).

Now this remembers strongly at rules of fluid-technology, where e.g. a turning motion or suction affects far back into intake-area, so a long-stretched flow (and especially a vortex) becomes accelerated practically ´from backside´. In addition the characteristics of solar wind correspond with motion processes of previous discussed ´aetheric pipes´. Through aether between sun and earth continuously wander the vortex-structures of charged particles and leave traces, which unavoidable develop to ´slide-bars´, finally in optimum shape of these aether-pipes. Like at flash-channels the possibility for fast transport increases and thus the earth gets more solar wind than by pure face-part. The majority of particles fly spiral along pipe-wall, i.e. there the earthward-directed strokes are most strong. Opposite, at centre of solarwind-pipe exists ´suction´, i.e. there the sunward-directed slow back-flow dominates.

All planets have their special solarwind-pipes. When Mercury and Venus cross our pipe, strong disturbances come up for some days. When the earth crosses the solarwind-pipes of outer planets, speed of solar wind increases up to three times faster flow (resulting problems for satellites). It´s most astonishing fact, such strict effects can work at these distances - what not could be possible within an ´empty space´ but can exist only within a real aether as a real gapless substance (where all these ´magnetic fields´ are not only fictive factors for calculations, but as they have real follows, they also must be real motions within a real medium).

One can find rock crystals in glass-cabinets - after a lot of difficulties for searching within gaps and clefts of mountains. These impressive formations exist by majority only by quartz, so frequent molecule SiO2, however obviously they emerge only within a ´closed world´. There are inconspicuous clots and when cut up, ´crystal miracle´ appears. These druses are small like nuts, often as big as your fist or even one metre high. Mineralogists know great variety of stones and also of crystal shapes - however it´s not conclusive explained how these formations come up.

Within volcanic stones often exist bubbles of gases and some exist also after cooling. Within these holes however is no material in amorphous state which afterward could crystal (like water can build ice-crystals). Druses and quartz-crystals are often found also within rocks which never were melt and within just no quartz was available. An other question is, whether the crystals grow from outside inward - or from inside the material transits into crystal shape or even whole druse is growing. However still question is, where from suitable material should come. At any case the growing is so slow, these questions can not be answered by experiments.

Up to now I was not much interested in subjects of mineralogy. Nevertheless, based on considerations to motion-structure of aether (and especially concerning ´aetheric shells´) I dare a speculative contribution for explanation of these phenomenal appearances.

Also rocks are penetrated by various radiation respective within and between rock-particles exist diverse swinging motions of aether. Within a hollow space these vibrations can amplify and depending on quality of walls certain swing-pattern via resonance become intensified or even dominant. If there is quartz-material and suitable swinging-pattern, this material will order its structure to crystals. Now just that swinging-pattern again becomes more strength within that hollow world. In addition now this has ordering effect on the structure of walls. From outside now corresponding swinging motions preferably can enter. Opposite, now the walls function like a filter, holding back not-adequate influences. If finally no suitable substance is available, suitable motion-pattern could stick at present crystal-surfaces - thus ´immaterial´ swinging motions of aether would build well structured materia.

Naturally already when writing these words, I hear the cry of many readers, who exactly differ between materia and spirit - or even categorical exclude existence of any spiritual stuff. However I remind, also modern physics set mass equal to energy, also set energy equal to information, thus handles pure abstract terms as if these would be real. There well are ideas, energy could ´condense´ to materia. However my assumption is there are no material particles at all, and no ´abstract´ energy, nor exclusive ´spiritual´ information. Instead of, there are real swinging motions within real aether - and these well can become concentrated and finally might even build motion pattern, resulting appearance of ´materia´.

Impressed Information
At the homeopathy (among others) an active substance is thinned down so far, it´s no longer chemically to prove. Nevertheless it´s still effective e.g. for medical treatment (why else should institutions for ´management of sickness´ vehemently combat this cheap competitor). By process of ´potentation´ however one throws not only a drop of agent into a barrel und fills up a thousand litre water, but by careful procedure the ´information´ is transferred on great volume - and it´s stronger effecting than in concentrated shape.

Some are able to transfer information (e.g. ´oxygen´) at any rock-flour or wood or other substances. If few parts of that information-carrier e.g. is put into a ´dead´ lake, some days later the water will content much more real oxygen. Multiple other effects are achieved which however are not to prove by classic measurement-methods (e.g. ´energized water´ and some more). Especially suitable as information-carrier is water, it´s much more than only chemical substance H2O and thus often is called ´elixir of life´.

Naturally comes up question, how ´information´ should be stored, especially by varying shape of liquid water. By common understanding exist only tiny atom-cores and even smaller electrons circling around by wide distances, i.e. also compact materia exists by majority of ´nothing´. By my understanding of aether it´s totally different: everywhere is nothing else than aether-substance and at some locations are certain vortex-pattern with more or less distance between. Thus also here is infinitive wide space for additional aether-movements, between vortices and even all vortices can be overlaid by additional wide swinging motions.

So great amount of ´fine information vibrations´ can be embedded within ´coarse material vibrations´. I think, the carrier-substance functions as ´protection´ for the impressed information-pattern (by esoteric comparison like a soul is incarnated within biologic body). The ´information´ is not only at the middle of protection-shell, but exists everywhere within the carrier-substance as certain additional swinging-pattern (so is omnipresent like a holography). Carrier-substance comes in contact with other materia and by the way transfers the additional swinging pattern. The carrier continuously is affected by external disturbances and while these run through its area, the disturbance motions become ´modulates´, so the information is spread also at wide distances. The information by itself stays stabile only if steady swinging and enforced by resonance within the carrier - what´s only possible by gapless aether.

I know also this subject is judged as pure nonsense by many people, so I don´t want to convince anybody. For other readers these ideas might approve their own experiences - which are substantial, because based on reality of aether-substance.

Orgon-Accumulator and Cloud-Buster
Many readers might remember Wilhelm Reich and his ´Orgon-Accumlator´ already at discussion of ´multi-layer-walls´ at previous chapter. Reich has described a ´life-force´ (where his ´orgon´ somehow corresponds to ´chi´ or ´prana´), however also a version hostile to life (he called ´dor´). Also today such orgon-accumulator-boxes are build, by five or seven double-layers of sheet-steel, glass-wool, rock-wool and also organic materials. Inside of box temperature is higher, however this can be explained also by common physics, without assumption of a special force. In general however it´s question whereto life-force should be concentrated within a box - as any organism can take it direct (see below).

Nature scientists know certain physical forces and refuse ´invention´ of new and uncertain forces - all right, because there are no separated forces but only different pattern of swinging motions within only one aether. Above physical measurable forces however exist swinging motions, which are not less real nor less effective. And depending on ambient ´shell´ these motions are concentrated and really perceptible. Some walk at nice forest - and experience missing shell and ´good vibrations´ e.g. at dessert hostile to life. However men are sensible different kind and astonishing flexible: some feel ´at home´ at canyons between skyscraper, other want there nothing else than flee off.

Wilhelm Reich constructed also a ´Cloud-Buster´ and achieved remarkable results by his experiments. Also today more and more of these machines are build (see picture 08.15.05 below right). These constructions are build by copper-pipes, rock-crystals, metal-filings and wood, at bottom hold together by any synthetic resin. Without doubts, crystals can enforce swinging motions via resonance and directed radiation is achieved via pipes (like for example little earth structures aetheric-pipe of solar-wind at huge distance). It´s reported, rain was generated at the middle of deserts or chemtrails were dispersed or generally ´good vibrations´ were installed at wide environment.

I know, all that stuff smells like esoterics (and I also do not like the diction or mercantilism of this genre). However most pure materialists know e.g. about huge range of electromagnetic waves - and we have knowledge about only by small sections of. So one must generally assume existence of multiple more variations of physical swinging motions, which must not be measurable by common physical units. So with same probability the ´para-physical´ swinging motions can be separated by suitable ´filters´ and can be enforced by suitable ´boosters´. Just this is done at scene of alternative physics in great variety, depending on qualification with more or less serious results (thus totally identical to common sciences, on behalf of their clients).

Water-Vains and Ley-Lines
Unfortunately competent dowsers stoop to tests by ´scientific conditions´ - and fail regular (no wonder at ´sterile´ environment, i.e. hostile to life). Naturally everybody has ´para-normal´ abilities, however today most have no sufficient ´sensitivity´. Best dowsers achieve high success rate, e.g. when searching for water. Dowsers report ´radiation´ would stand like small ´curtain´ upside of water vain and they even can estimate the depth of water-site.

At previous chapter were discussed different motion-pattern and some of have limited height respective need as ´source´ below. At picture 08.15.06 right side at B once more is sketched that ´Chrismas resp. Fir-Tree´ pattern which is build by double balancing-cones, upside with decreasing size. Left side at A once more is sketched this ´Arch-Way´ pattern, where a single-crank is running around a barrier-area (red). The barrier-area could be build by previous fir-tree-pattern or by pattern more complex, e.g. like sketched below of picture at C by seven-layer wall (details see previous chapter).

Within ground is wide room for aether swinging motions and their structure in principle is somehow likely to ´material´ aether-vortices of particles of rocks or soil. All times there will be any kind of crystals which are able to intensify resonsant swinging motions. Water is a medium especially suitable for storage and transport of motion pattern. Within the ground, water all times is upside of an watertight layer, where it flows or rests within a depression. This could function like a concave mirror, so a concentrated ´swinging-curtain´ of limited height could come up. Within rocks the water flows at bottom of clefts and the swinging motions could be structured within the gaps and directed analogue to motions within ´aetheric walls´.

Water-vains don´t radiate electromagnetic waves, there is no certain frequency or ´standing´ wave. However there is a fine swinging of aether, not only at plane face but multiple bended, with changing intensity and overlays inclusive balancing motions in vertical and horizontal directions. So it´s not astonishing common physical units can not measure such swinging walls. The ´mental aura´ of dowsers however well can register these flexible and variable swinging, based on much wider abilities for resonances. The material body of dowser can show the result mechanical by simple rod.

At other ´earth-rays´ - or ley-lines or geomantic-grids - water is not primary medium for storage and transport. However all atoms anyway are steady trembling, so aether between on and on is pushed to and fro - and naturally that aether is ´searching for lower energy-level´, i.e. for less resistance, i.e. automatically comes up better order. This again enables redirection of atoms into some crystal pattern. Opposite, the resulting swinging motions are intensified where more crystals exist within ground. At such ´spots or energies´ even normal citizen might get some feelings. Many researchers of these ´para-normal´ appearances well have developed suitable measurement-units - and ´normal sciences´ would be welcome to promote these efforts with their huge facilities.

Cutting Rocks
At all continents are remains of ´Megalith-Culture´, e.g. at Baalbek / Lebanon (see picture 08.15.07). There is an acropolis (left) in good condition, however only six columns (quite right side) still stand upright, last bits of most large temple the Romans ever build in honour of Jupiter. The most important however is the foundation, a real huge plateau, many thousand years old. This is build by diverse layers of perfect shaped rocks, weighting some tons, many rocks weight about 500 tons and the most large ones up to 1500 tons (while the rocks of pyramid of Giseh weight only about 2,5 tons).

Old Sumerian scripts report in details about the ´Anunnaki´, also where and for which purpose Enki and comrades did build these constructions (see Sitchin e.a.). Nowhere however around the globe were found descriptions, how they managed to cut and transport their mega-bricks (and it´s shameful, modern techniques can not achieve these performances). I want to contribute by my understanding of aether, its motion-necessities and -possibilities, a pure speculative explanation respective rough ´construction manual´.

Polarized light is produced and guided through narrow long slit, so it exits as a flat aether swinging. Behind the slit these motions immediately and automatically are added at both sides by balancing cones. Analogue a second swinging-face is generated, however by other frequency (each enforced e.g. analogue to laser-techniques). Both (or many) are combined at same flat face, so overlay will produce swinging motion at rosette-tracks. Parallel to each other, several of such swinging walls are generated, each by different pattern (also forward and backward turning rosette). In order to limit this swinging-sandwich it´s embedded within single-crank running all around. Resulting is a motion-structure analogue to previous ´archway´-pattern with several extreme bulky vortex-layers between (see picture 08.15.06 resp. previous chapter).

In principle, this aetheric construction is similar to a carving knife with diverse blades, each electrical driven by different eccentric-mechanism. The blades of that ´aether-rock-cutter´ as a whole are very small, merely a millimetre (the ´Hopi´ report e.g. about handy crystals which concentrated sun light). At hieroglyphics the term of ´motion´ often is symbolized by snails - and Aesculapius-rod could have come down as sign for that mighty instrument of ´Gods´. Decisive part of this knife must not be lance-shaped but advantageous would be disk-shaped - and symbolic corresponding sign could be the bishop-rod (however I am not experienced in these ´picture-languages´).

That ´pure aetheric cutting disk´ produces no noise and no dust and no heat but moves through rocks like cream. No rock-grains are milled off but at atomic level only a partitioning layer is fit in. The atoms (resp. their vortex-complexes) don´t sit gapless nearby each other, nevertheless the aether between is adequate swinging (resulting cohesion or if well ordered resulting grid-structure of crystals). That space-in-between now is whirled up by that knife, so cohesion of rock-particles is disturbed. Occasionally also an atom-vortex by itself is shifted aside (resulting ´glass-faces´, however without general heating and without melting rocks in total).

This ´knife´ thus exits only as a very thin however strong whirling layer of aether. Only that motion-structure wanders through the rocks. It remains a slit, where afterwards the aether takes its normal shape of motion respective rests of these partly contrary and thus ´inharmonious´ vortices finally are dispersed by Free Aether. Swinging pattern of rocks now are separated by that slot so far, no new combining motion can come up (and thus no longer cohesion between both divided rock-parts exists).

Lifting Rocks
It´s a riddle about ´mysterious´ forces, which were used for lift and transport of these huge weights. However it´s just opposite: we assume a ´mysterious´ force which seemingly is pulling rocks into direction of earth-centre. The Anunnaki and their demigods had better understanding and their ´priests´ at least did know the procedure. The rock, cut-off the ground, has no weight based on gravity-attraction, but is pushed down from upside towards earth-surface, by aether-gravity-pressure.

Many researchers assume existence of aether now again, however existing by particles, e.g. also with embedded ´gravitons´. Gravity often is assumed to be a ´flow´, what´s just as mysterious and unrealistic. Where from should that continuous flow come and whereto could it run? Also postulated growth of earth can not take the huge amount of inflowing ´gravitons´. Realiter, the gravity results by principle stationary aether and only its swinging motions show a minimum ´stroke´ into direction of great assemblies of coarse aether-vortices. If these strokes no longer should affect vertical down, the stroke-direction must be redirected horizontal. If horizontal strokes should not run infinite long straight on, that motion must be guided back again. One must organize flat swinging at infinite loops - so just the previous walls with complex swinging, contrary by different layers, all around limited by ´archway´ pattern, now however arranged horizontal over the rocks. Then, these mega-bricks no longer show appearance of ´weight´.

This ´gravity-protection´ thus again could be done by manipulated light or any material could be added with corresponding ´information´. At the times of pyramid construction in old Egypt meticulous bookkeepers noted import of huge masses of mica (or similar slated material), however not what for. Mica (or other slate-silicates) exist of silicon-oxides and their crystals are arranged at multiple layers by alternating directions, so building motion-structures analogue previous ´aetheric walls´. Possibly were produced ´gravity-hinder-coats´ (because partial is told about layers of ´papyrus´ at rocks). By these mats even ton-weighting rocks could be handled like polystyrene.

Transporting Rocks
Today transport of goods prevailingly is done with lorries. ´Strongest Men of World´ misuse these vehicles for ´Truck-Pulling´ and it´s astonishing, that and how fast they are able to overcome friction of bearings and tires. If these trucks would be covered by previous ´magic-mats´ these guys would work much faster, because the trucks would no longer show property of ´heavy mass´. However trucks (and megalith-bits) still show property of ´inert mass´. When moving through space, at frontside the (general stationary) aether temporary must take motion-pattern of atoms passing by, and the more atoms and the more bulky their aether-vortex-pattern are, the stronger the inertia of that body. When that inert mass got accelerated, it shows ´kinetic energy´ and with this ´inertia of moving mass´ the body wanders through the aether without further resistance (Details see previous chapter).

As truck-pullers approve, heavy plus inert mass can be accelerated by muscle-power and even easier to move are rocks, where one must overcome only the resistance of inertia. It´s just a hobby to calculate, how many hundred thousand men were necessary for building pyramids. I guess few - because women were preferred by the priests. They put ´magic-mats´ at the rocks and men were only allowed to lift the boulder and softly accelerate in horizontal direction. Exclusive the women balanced the stones at their heads - like it would be polystyrene-blocks - towards building site. Each new block was positioned near the previous, a priestess guided her ´magic-wand´ (with some wider blades) through the gap and the new stone was shifted razor-sharp at its neighbour - and might be one now finds corresponding pictures respective hieroglyph.

Constructing walls by huge rocks without mortar and trowel obviously was fascinating. In Baalbek for example a tower was build, twenty metre high, by boulders sized three metre long and wide and about two metre high, piled up one upside the other - and afterward a winding staircase was cut off. At Machu Picchu an obviously funny bricklayer build a megalith-wall and included one block with twentyseven edges - only possible with an aether-tool (however for transport also other procedures could be possible, see below).

Stony and other Witnesses
The megalith-monuments are stone-witnesses for outstanding technology and tourists from everywhere marvel at these memorials anywhere at this globe. For scientists the monuments are real ´challengeials´, however most times the annoying witnesses are ignored, as cases are ´statute-barred´ since thousand years. Also archaeologists sometimes are bothered with mishap of finding human artefacts, hundred thousand years old - thus not suitable for common world view nor museum.

Likely worried are some (especially politician and military) for protection of our world view when current witnesses and testimonies cause confusion. For example some guys claim, at 1947-07-04 an ufo did crash near Roswell, however rectified by officials - and it´s up to everybody whom or what to believe. However in Belgium from 1889 to 1991 huge number of ´normal´ people witnessed lots of ufo-sights - also confirmed by officials (e.g. flight-control stations).

Above this, sights at all countries are documented, also many meetings with ´ETs´. Naturally one can not believe everything published at books and magazines. For me however the stories of honest people are plausible when they were confronted with problems so strange going against all reasons. So at the following I assume ufos and aliens are real. Based on my understanding of aether I try to find some answers for some appearances - just for me, and everybody may think about as one likes.

Lift and Thrust within Aether
At ´Roswell Daily Record´ were published reports and pictures of crash-site, however only at one day until all fragments were confiscated and witnesses ´fall silent´. However it´s question whether later ´artistic interpretations´ still correspond with facts. At least the models one can buy at Roswell-Alien-Museum (see picture 08.15.08 upside right) seem rather airworthy. The delta-wings suggest this ´mini-jet´ was designed for flights within atmosphere - however there are no props nor jet-engines (and thus neither trust nor aerodynamic lift).

The upside surface could be covered by an anti-gravity-layer (like previous suggested megalith-technology), so the unit could hover ´weightless´, nevertheless would show no thrust. The earlier ´gods´ did know about properties of aether, were able to manipulate and to achieve expedient effects (how we are able e.g. via electric engines - even we don´t know how it functions realiter). Crews of todays unknown flight objects by sure have state of knowledge like Anunnaki or other ETs.

So they know Free Aether is swinging fine and affects general aether-pressure onto all objects of swinging more coarse. If surface of object does not swing likely all around, also the aether-pressure is asymmetric. At considerations concerning atom-model was shown this one-sided thrust by example of hydrogen (see picture 08.14.01 at F). There the swinging at one pole is rather wide, so high balancing-cones are demanded, i.e. aether-pressure is relative strong. The other pole swings narrow with corresponding small balancing-cones and thus few aether-pressure affects. This ´weak´ pole ahead, the H-atom steady roams around, faster than all other gas-particles.

Even Viktor Schauberger did not allow, his mechanics started a test - and the Repulsine crashed off stabile grounding and through roof of workshop, flying off and away. The fast rotation of this machine generated strong whirls within aether. Towards upside the increasing vortices had space enough, however towards bottom the space is limited and thus strong ´stess´ comes up within aether - only to solve by blowing up the source of trouble.

If two massive disks are mounted at one axle nearby each other and disks turn contrary (e.g. by shaft and hollow-shaft), between both disks come up strong whirls of air and also contrary-running motions within aether. These vortices can be guided outward and if they are redirected downward, the machine will lift. About sixty years ago, first German flying-saucers did work by this technology and also today similar experiments are running - or flying. John Searl for example used cylinder-shaped permanent-magnets, rotating around system-axis of object and in addition rotating around each own fulcrum. As expected, general aether-pressure pushed off these disks towards heaven. It´s not known one now is able to control these vehicles. Certain however is, asymmetric aether-pressure can be generated without rotation of mechanical parts.

Looking at the racy Roswell-airplane, it´s ´phenomenal´ how someone could mention absurd idea, below side of the plane was build by honey-combs, one besides the other, each 10 cm wide and 5 cm deep. I guess the combs worked like Faraday-cups: if put on voltage, the charge is pressed off the cups, so charge-layer is concentrated at (rounded) bars along combs. The high aura of charge shows high balancing-cones and thus strong aether-counter-pressure (stronger than at upper surface of plane).

Only once one must put high voltage at this comb-assembly. If a shiftable dielectricum is installed at backside (i.e. inside of plane), strength of voltage at comb-bars can be controlled (and thus the lifting force). If comb-assembly is build by segments, the plane can by tilt and for example thrust diagonal-forward is achieved. That drive demands no rotating parts and even no air medium, neither for lift at wings nor for working medium of engines. This technology functions at certain level at modern ´lifters´ (see picture 08.12.04 at E), however could be further developed for real planes - just before next crash of a Roswell-Ufo.

Within Gravity of Earth
Often ufos were observed which raced across sky by incredible acceleration and speed and above this, changed directions spontaneous. When fighter-aircrafts wanted to impress the ufos, real ´ballet-performances´ occurred. There are records of radar-systems showing clearly, these manoeuvre are never possibly by common flight-technology. However, how could the material of ufos - and their crews - withstand such extreme strain? It´s suggested ufos carry an ´own gravity-field´ - however how to imagine?

The earth carries an own gravity-field, however it reaches not far out into space. At flights to moon, weightlessness came up much earlier than expected by theoretic calculations. At picture 08.15.09 at A an astronaut is sketched, hanging weightless within his spaceship. All atoms of material and of crew there are ´force-free´. Instead of real (complex) swinging motions of these (atom-) vortex-systems, at A that forceless state simplistic is represented by circle track with arrow.

Down at ground affects gravity, however not by any attracting-force and also not by a pushing-down graviton-flow. The aether near earth is swinging at tracks-with-stroke, at C represented by thick arrow, where stroke shows downward. All local vortices are impressed correspondingly, the swinging motion of atoms is ´deformed´ (opposite to previous neutral state at A). These atoms now are vortex-systems with a downward oriented impulse. That vortex-structure won´t be stationary, but by-itself wants to move further down. That´s the reason why ´an apple falls off branch´. If base no longer gives way (grey, at C) that inherent hitting-down appears as weight.

Weightlessness (like far outside previous astronaut) everybody can experience for short moment, via free falling (like sketched at B). Acceleration occurs and increasing faster speed is achieved. One does not feel anything about, but just feels ´force-free´. The ´deformed´ atoms of body move more and more conform to gravity-deformation of all aether there. Bungee-jumpers search that pleasure of aether-conform movement (besides other) - and experience also the strength of deceleration (against inertia of given aether-movements).

Transport pure mechanical
This picture 08.15.09 right side shows an acceleration process into horizontal direction (exclusive gravity effect) for example of a vehicle (grey), which here is drawn schematic. Right upside the neutral starting situation is sketched. All atoms of engine compartment (D, blue) and of passenger compartment (F, yellow) are force-free, represented by swinging at circle track.

When starting, the motor affects thrust (see black arrow) and all atoms (F) fix connected with the motor are accelerated towards left side, with some delay also ´loose´ atoms (G) of passenger compartment. At all these aether-vortex-systems a forward-impulse is added. Opposite to previous gravity however, this impulse is transferred pure mechanical: the vortices at their backside are flatten resp. dented and their centre is shifted forward. This process here simplistic is represented by ´deformed´ circles at F and G (these ´dents and bumps´ of normal trembling of atoms and an forward-impulse are described by details at chapter 08.13., at picture 08.13.08 right side and there at section ´Inert Mass´).

Against resistance of resting aether, wandering of atom-vortices through space is affected by force-input. This kind of acceleration thus is ´stressing´ material of vehicle and passengers, because at first their atoms are deformed and second they must force also the ambient aether to do corresponding motions. Finally when acceleration passes into constant speed, less power-input is demanded. Because aether really behaves like an Idle Gas, all aether-vortices (H) can further wander through space without resistance. However at next stop, corresponding forces come up at deceleration and again at following acceleration - just different to manoeuvre by ufo-technology.

Mechanic affects Aether, and vice versa
The common transport-techniques result heavy losses and demand energy-input, because done by pure mechanics and working against natural aether movements. At previous considerations concerning flash was shown, high-speed forward motion of vortex-systems are possible within ´aetheric glide-tubes´. The solar winds transport even material particles by extraordinary speed. However aether-movements well can be used for mechanical acceleration, as an example of rotating masses approves.

If revolutions of a (steel-) disk is accelerated e.g. from 1000 up to 2000 rpm, certain energy-input is necessary. If some later revolutions came down (or are braked) to 1000 rpm and afterward once more are accelerated to 2000 rpm, less energy-input is demanded. This process can be repeated and demands increasing less efforts for acceleration (plus brake-forces, which are usable). If at a location for some time the aether-vortices of material bodies move steady at same tracks, the Free Aether takes adequate motion-pattern, so all aether there becomes impressed resp. overlaid by that forward-component in turning sense.

Similar to balancing-cones (between coarse and fine swinging, here drawn by green colour at many pictures) this ´aether-stroke´ according to rotating disk becomes cone-shaped enlarged to both sides. That aether-cone is much wider than the disk-diameter and reaches multiple far along axis both sides. It takes some time until that wide vortex becomes stable. It has no exact border, however from wide environment onto total double-cone weights the normal aether-pressure. Practically comes up a ´shell´ around the cone. The embedded aether-motions can no longer be simply compressed by the outer pressure - respective that ´static´ pressure automatic increases ´kinetic´ pressure of all circling motions. Like a whirlwinds, the movements of aether and of materia are intensified in turning sense of system (see below section ´Aether-Engine´).

So it´s well possible, pure mechanic motions affect wide area of ambient aether. Thus opposite conclusion is valid: wide areas of ordered aether-movements well can promote the vortices of material particles, thus here support motions in turning sense. At ufos - so back again to previous subject - the aether is manipulate much more consequently.

Gravity-Field of Ufos
Picture 08.15.10 upside left at A shows the principle how ufos manoeuvre within space: at first they build a ´gravity-field´ at a local area of aether (light red). The normal swinging motions are overlaid that kind, movements occur at tracks-with-stroke (dark red arrow). The stroke shows into direction of expected direction of flight (here towards left). Analogue to earth-gravity, all vortex-complexes (the atoms of ufo and of crew) within that area (the inner part of protecting-shell) automatic become also ´deformed´ by that overlaying stroke.

Analogue to free falling, also material objects become accelerated into flight direction. For the objects by themselves the acceleration seems ´force-free´, because parallel to stroke of aether also these vortices do same shifting by likely overlaid stroke at just the same moment. Free falling within earth-gravity ends at the ground. Free falling of ufo at sky is not limited. By each stroke all vortex-complexes of total ufo wander forward within space. The frontside of protection-shell is shifted forward and synchronous the content, so the ufo by itself with all its parts and inclusive the crew (and naturally the other parts and faces of shell) move forward correspondingly.

Opposite to our common transport techniques, here no thrust on material parts is affected (via pressure and corresponding counter-pressure) and material particles must not urge their way through aether. Here at first is generated an ´aether-flow´ within which also the material particles are drifting (where ´flow´ is only the impression, which real exists by swinging motions at tracks-with-stroke). The ufo and crew simply float forward within that stroking movements and as all atom-vortices swing analogue, the acceleration does not ´weight´ on vehicle nor at passengers - even when flight-direction suddenly is changed.

Control of Ufo
At this picture upside at the middle, once more is shown how overlay of two circle motions result motion at track-with-stroke. A first turning exists by radius R1 and at end of hand (blue) is the fulcrum of a second turning with radius R2. At end of second hand is the observed aetherpoint (and all times neighbouring aetherpoints move parallel around their own fulcrums, so flat swinging at likely tracks exists respective the whole space involved is swinging synchronous). Both turnings occur by likely sense (here left-turning) and likely revolutions (here marked by 90-degree-sections, light-blue and light-red).

The turning-area of R1-hand is marked by blue circle. The turning-area (white) of R2-hand is drawn at four positions (whereto the observed aetherpoint comes one after the other): upside the R1 and R2 build stretched line, some later left side the R2 shows forward in turning sense, some later below it shows inward, finally right side it shows backward in general turning sense. The aetherpoint moves at an oval track, here drawn by grey respective black curve. During one half of time, the aetherpoint moves at short section from B to C. During second time-half the aetherpoint does longer way from C back to B.

One can describe the process also that kind: the one half of way is done during long time (thus moving slow, here the downside half), while the second half of way is done during short time (thus running faster, here the upper half). This fact is represented at D by two arrows of different length. So this results the stroke into certain direction. The relation of lengths of R1 and R2 determines the shape of oval-track resp. the intensity of stroke (here very overdrawn, realiter R2 is much smaller, so the oval-track is only little bit differing to a circled track).

As soon as angle-speeds of both turnings are not exact likely, rosette-tracks result, forward or backward turning. For changing the direction of stroke it´s only necessary to vary revolution-speed of one radius little bit and only short time. Upside right at E the blue section is drawn some larger, i.e. the R1 is turning faster. Stretched position with R2 is achieved some earlier, here already upside right (a small part of backward rosette-movement is done). By this minimum correction, now the stroke shows diagonal-upward, like marked by arrow F. A change of direction is also achieved, by short delay of turning or by variation of lengths of both radius, so by minimum efforts.

As all aether is cohesive without any gaps (respective only because aether does not exists by separated particles), all neighbouring aetherpoints immediately must take over that change of their swinging motions. Like a flash thus the ufo inclusive crew flies into new direction - still ´force-free´ resp. without stress for ´material and men´. I am not uptodate with Science-fiction-movies and thus do not know what´s discussed there concerning aether. SF-fans however knew all about control-panels and can manoeuvre spaceships through all difficulties of space. Below at this picture I sketched some usable control-elements (just for fun).

For manual navigation some slide-controls are necessary in order to adjust speed V and length L of overlaying turn-radius R1 and R2. Certainly will exist displays of XY- and YZ-level showing momentary flight direction within space and length of pointers mark the speed (or these data are combined within a glass-sphere). Input for new flight-direction relative to actual location and wanted acceleration resp. speed is done via touch-screen. Control-units are necessary for protector-radius PR and its intensity PI. Finally the energy-intake EI must be adapted - because aether is easy to manipulate, nevertheless also an ufo needs anyway power-supply (for details ask SF-fans or see below).

Energy-Source and -Flow
Our common knowledge about energy probably is very one-sided: without fuel no car will run, without food and ´combustion´ no men functions. By Chinese worldview totally other forces are decisive, e.g. energies flowing within human body at various tracks. Sickness comes up or are only symptoms for disturbed energy-flows and strange enough e.g. an energy-dam-up is solved by acupuncture - where these pins might function as antenna. Some people even achieve sufficient life-energy simply by ´light-feeding´ (see previous orgon).

At least by Kirlian-Photographs (see picture 08.15.11 at D) one could learn, living beings radiate ´energy´ (humans especially by hands). Also in western civilizations common saying e.g. tells: someone is full of energy, radiant with happiness, has charisma, personal magnetism, is disclosed or is closed, is limp or has no sparkle - and this means not only the physical condition. In India (and many other cultures) one did know all times long, humans (and all living being) besides the material body have an astral- respective mental-body. There is huge literature available concerning this subject (which here is not discussed). For some people the aura even is visible, naturally however it´s difficult to describe this appearance or to document visual (e.g. see A).

Common understanding of these worldviews is in general, the aura of humans functions as a protecting shell, however also allows communication with the environment (far above the six material senses) and not at least the mental-body enables intake and exchange of energies. Prevailingly that´s done by seven ´Chakras´, each serving by special function (see B). The material body is embedded within multiple vortices and via chakra diverse ´life-energies´ enter. Also this is not discussed here, for me however is ´phenomenal´ how this process most often is visualized: general as a spiral vortex, which is surrounded by a coloured pattern, at each chakra by individual composition (see C).

At esoteric or spiritual literature, these vortices and flows are described to exist by many frequencies or colours of a somehow imaginary medium. By my view there is no imaginary stuff, but real aether with all its real motions has real effects. However that aether is not rotating and does not flow, but there are infinite kinds of swinging motions, and vortex-structures well can wander though space. So also the processes within an astral body are based on real motions of aether within aether. Just corresponding to spiral-core of previous chakras, I had drawn similar picture - the rosette-tracks, like once more sketched at picture 08.15.12 at A by three versions.

An oval track comes up by overlay of two circled motions. An asymmetric oval results by an additional overlay. If forth turning is added, tracks wander around a focus. Depending on lengths and speeds of these turning motions, different pattern will result: with small or wide focus (here dark blue), small or wide ovals (light blue), more or less forward- or even backward-turning. As usual, all neighbouring aetherpoints must behave analogue, so a flat (and naturally also spatial) swinging area comes up - like the aura as a whole is a swinging formation and like especially the motion pattern of chakras are.

The aura of humans builds a shell, thus a wall (at cross-sectional views here parts of are marked grey). This wall B divides the outside world (C, red) from the inner world (D, yellow). This wall may exist by diverse layers, each with an other complex motion-pattern, so the inside room is completely protected against external disturbances. Within that wall however might be integrated local areas of ´clear´ pattern, e.g. motions of a rosette-pattern, like schematic sketched at cross-sectional view at E (blue).

A both sides, the relative wide swinging of that rosette must be reduced to smaller radius. So towards Free Aether (left, red) a balancing-cone (F, green) exists. Also towards inside (right, yellow) a corresponding cone (F, green) exists, mediating motions of rosette with the internal motions. From outside the general aether-pressure affects, which wants to push down these local coarse motions of rosette. If from inside likely counter-pressure exists, the swinging motions of rosette will ´stand´ stable within the wall - practically like a window.

Swinging of Free Aether is the result of overlays of infinite many motions, e.g. based on radiation from all directions of space. At part ´02. Universal Aether-Motions´ I did assume, that aether would have also a shaping function (like predicted by theory of Global Scaling or experienced by Sheldrake´s ´morphogenetic fields´), however that structuring function can result also other kind (like discussed some later). Motion-components of Free Aether, which are not adequate to pattern of previous rosette-window, are affecting general aether-pressure (here represented by green balancing cone).

Naturally between that various swinging of Free Aether are motion-components which at least partial are adequate to swinging of rosette. This motion-part G is marked light-blue at this picture below left side. For these motions, the rosette-window is no obstacle, but just that swinging pattern is enforced. These vortices (H, light-blue) can enter unhindered into inner area, so inside of aura-wall that motion-pattern even becomes dominant.

Again there is a parallel to fluid-technology: the normal molecular motion of gas-particles represent an enormous amount of kinetic energy, which however is not usable based on chaotic spread of vectors. Finally by ordering (there organized by few efforts e.g. via suction) comes up well structured motion and that flow now is usable for any purpose. Analogue here the total swinging motions of Free Aether represent an infinite energy-potential. As long however all motions are overlaying by chaotic manner, no usage is possible (respective only that general aether-pressure is affecting against local coarse motion-pattern). The well-structured rosette-motions within that aetheric wall have ordering function of a filter, because penetrable only for adequate motion-components. So the aetheric body via chakras can ´tank up life-energy´ of different kind, can accumulate at its inner world - and as a side-effect this will be a benefit also for material body.

Close or Admit
So there is not only energy transferred from one shape to an other (like at common technologies), but it´s only admitted for certain swinging (and thus for certain shape of energy) to enter an object (human, animal, plant or ufo). The chakras normally do that job autonomous, everybody however can start this process deliberately. An automatic reaction e.g. occurs when danger comes up or one is startled: the mendal-body closes suddenly and contracts - one can experience physical (not only because overwrought nerves are trembling) - so ´foreign´ disturbances can not enter. Correspondingly the mental-body opens immediately when surprised by a positive event - only real pessimists ´keep-cool´ really - so positive energies can enter.

One can consciously sense beauty of a landscape or plants of garden, focus interest and goodwill at an animal or even at fellow human being - and feel lucky (where brain-researchers are lucky when measuring messenger-substances and electric activities of brain). Realiter mutually open ´windows´ (by previous sense within aetheric membranes) and between comes up a ´channel´ (by previous sense of an aetheric pipe) for exchange of harmonious swinging motions. The shell of channel naturally again is pressed together by general aether-pressure - however same time at total distance occurs strengthening by all swinging-components of Free Aether which are adequate to exchanged ´information or energy´. This draw-in of life-energy (and not only by sense of common breathe-in) is based on mutuality - however just plants and animals (and also ´dead´ materia by right understanding) are most generous. At the other hand, naturally one can ´tank life-energy´ most easy where anyway much ´orgon is hanging in the air´.

These processes are not functions of material body, but are ´mental´ proceedings of astral-body. The biologic body profits only indirect, e.g. as all cells have also such membranes and windows. They communicate via ´light´, however not by sense of electromagnetic waves, but just via aether-swinging (and thus are fed by previous intake of aethric energy). Common understanding of feeding and energy-transfer are only party correct, can not describe the ´life´ by itself. Indeed, the life essentially occurs at ´aetheric world´ and indeed is controlled by feelings - what nature sciences can´t measure and thus exclude the problem.

This stuff might be too much for many readers: by common understanding no aether exists. Now here is claimed, that aether exists and it exists gapless, so e.g. these aetheric walls are stiff standing within space. These immaterial walls are bended to pipes and round shells, without using any common materia. Within the membranes are installed filters for entrance of certain energies, controlled by feelings of a mental-body. Above this, aether outside and inside of biologic bodies is manipulated, for the benefit of life-by-itself.

However also common technologies manipulate aether (even unconsciously): one handles electric and magnetic fields by different machines for multiple usages. One radiates permanent broadcasting building multiple overlaying waves (and thus producing real climatic upheavals in shape of electro-smog), the receiver selects one carrier-frequency and eliminates this basic motion, so modulated information is filtered and finally becomes enforced.

These two procedures differ in principle by these grave aspects: the common techniques use electric charges respective flows running fast along conductor (possibly controlled via semiconductors) or electromagnetic waves are used racing by light-speed. Living beings use aether-swinging which in principle is stationary, however these aetheric structures can also wander through space. The swinging motion pattern are extremely various, can be filtered and enforced - and all that without the aid of material particles. Nevertheless that ´mental world´ is just as real as the (seemingly) material world. At least at living beings even the arrangement of material particles and the functions of material organ is controlled by mental-body (see below).

As ufos obviously don´t use our materia-dependent techniques, they probably have much better knowledge about mental processes (like often experienced at near-meetings - and e.g. why pilots of Vimanas at old India were trained thousands years ago). They must have outstanding knowledge about properties of basis medium and about possibilities for manipulation of aether-movements. So for example question is, which kind of material they use for building spaceships.

For me, ´phenomena´ are best starting points for new answers, e.g. absurd stories which ´normal´ people can not simply come up with at stress-situations. At Roswell-Crash some people picked up wreckage and the material was light however same time also hard and tough, it could not be cut and when bended it got back to its original shape. Of coarse officials immediately took each scrap. When meeting ´bio-automats´ practically all witnesses reported, their ´clothing´ would be a seamless whole. When visiting spaceships (voluntary or not) all were astonished the walls and set-ups were seamless and rounded, no light-source could be detected however everwhere was an ´inner shine´.

The material of ufos can not be build by normal atoms, it does not consist of material particles - but by pure aether. The aliens obviously are able to build ´aetheric walls´. They are constructed by multiple layers of complex swinging motion pattern, which ´endless´ can run within round shapes, so building closed faces (like described upside and at previous chapter). All stuff of spaceship could be build by these ´plastics´ which certainly will show different properties. At the other side, at least the ´bosses´ of spaceships appeared by normal human bodies. The crews are interested also in biologic substances, which they take off abduction-victims or they insert material implants. Besides pure aetheric alien-material thus at ufos might also exist chemical elements, molecules and organic substances.

Solid Light
Other totally absurd statements of eye-witnesses concern ´Solid-Lights´ (see photograph at picture 08.15.08 and graph at picture 08.15.13, each below right side). From ufos go out cylindrical light-piles which however do not reach down to ground suddenly, like normal light-radiation does. These lights extend slow, have limited length and also can be curved. These light-piles can affect technical equipments (e.g. cars), humans are paralyzed temporary and are psychical controlled. Incredible - however often reported by involuntary kidnapped individuals and also by eye-witnesses - humans or animals are lifted towards the spaceships through that pipe of light-piles.

These processes are simply unbelievable by common understanding of nature sciences. I only point out, aetheric walls can be rolled up in shape of pipes (at solid lights at first the bottom is build and afterward guided down as the pipe becomes longer). The pipe-wall divides the environment from the inner space and within the pipe an ´own world´ of special motion-pattern can be generated. These motion-structures might influence electric of cars, nervous system of humans and ´naturally´ swinging at tracks-with-stroke can be organized, resulting ´levitation´.

It´s open question how aliens actually manage these procedures, however obviously they can do and that´s strong reminder how much we still have to learn - about and for handling reality. At any case they need no ´heavy equipment´. They don´t press, pull, shift and draw atoms and material bodies via mechanic forces or physical energies (of our knowledge). They manipulate aether-swinging direct kind - for example pure mentally. They impress given aether-swinging by an useful pattern, within some local limited area, by pure mental forces - would be conceivable (and see below).

Totally absurd are statements of eye-witnesses telling the ufos could change their shapes, could divide and re-combine, that light-spheres exit, fly around and return into the ufo. Such stories would be really unbelievable - if aliens would not have presented this show for hundreds in the audience. These ufos respective their parts can not be constructed by normal materia, however if existing ´only´ by aether-shells, such processes absolutely are possible.

Especially often are sights of fire-balls (often called ´foofighter´), e.g. also above crop fields, where during few seconds most complex crop-circles appear. Certainly the most are fake, however at authentic crop-circles e.g. the stalks are not snapped but bended within a knot. It´s total open question how crop-circle producers achieve these results. I guess similar to ´spoon-bending´ - what eight of ten students can learn within few hours (if only learning and accepting, how mighty our mental forces are and naturally can have an effect on material, see below). If normal humans can bend hard metal by ´pure mental´ influences - one may believe aliens capable for bending grass-stalks of great number to most impressive pattern (while we do hard to understand the message).

At chapter 08.13. was discussed the aether-model of atoms. ´Phenomenal´ is the fact, all atoms have nearby same volume and the masses (complexity of vortex-pattern) spread only by about 1 : 200. The spatial extension of other areas take many decimal powers, e.g. relation between earth and sun, sun and sun-system, sun-system and milkyway - and galaxies again are only lonely dust-particles within wide space. Also frequencies of electromagnetic waves spread at bands by power. We use only small sections of, e.g. same information is radiated via long-, medium-, short- and ultra-short-wave.

By that view it´s most phenomenal, our material world is based on particles with such small variation concerning volumes and vortex-pattern. It´s just urgent conclusion, parallel must exist other bands for similar appearances. Our atoms respective their vortex-systems keep together by general aether-pressure. That pressure is affecting by fine swinging motions of Free Aether. Free Aether allows ´infinitive´ spread of swinging pattern. Only a corresponding small band can interact with the coarse swinging of our atoms. The aether-pressure onto atomic vortex-systems thus is affected only by similar ´coarse´ band of all existing swinging motions. Thousand times finer swinging is just running through coarse vortex-complexes, thousand times slower swinging is just shifting the atoms little bit to and fro.

We can suggest, ufo-crews arrange a ´protection-shell´ around their spaceship, build by pure aether (and naive gun-guys are astonished, their bullets rebound fruitless). Within that shell exists own world, where the swinging motions are overlaid e.g. that kind, own ´gravity-field´ is generated. We may also assume, they can filter aether-motions e.g. in order to achieve usable energy (probably the ´lights´ with changing colours, partly running all around spaceship). We also should assume the aliens are able to manipulate the bands of basic swinging motions (by coarse comparison like we can vary (radio-) frequencies and amplitudes).

When they fade-down swinging within protection-shell, all vortices (of aetheric walls and also of atoms) extend. The contours become blurred and the ufo disappears within a cloud (or analogue suddenly emerges from a cloud). That´s why there are merely good photographs of ufos (and sharp pictures mostly are manipulated). If opposite, within protecting-shell the coarse parts of Free Aether swinging gradually are filtered off, the pressure onto vortex-complexes increases and they become reduced to smaller volumes. The whole spaceship (and some are told to be kilometre-wide) shrivels. Often is reported, an ufo diminished to size of ´fireball´ during seconds and same time disappeared into sky by unbelievable speed.

The latter is logical: the smaller the vortex-complex, the less bulky it is (showing lees ´mass´), the minor aether-volume is involved via its flight through space (like neutrino, the mini-format of photon, is told to fly by ultra-light-speed). The phenomenal of that zoom-process however is, the ´information-content´ keeps identical, no matter the vortices-systems are ´thinned out´ at wide areas or they are minimized to most narrow space (see previous example of broadcasting by different frequencies). So it´s not astonishing even small fireballs are able to achieve incredible performances: they have same ´functionality´ as their huge ufo-mother-ship.

Galactic Travelling
It´s doubted, aliens could come from star-systems far away for light-years. Nevertheless every day anywhere at globe ufo-sights occur. Still it seems strange why so many ´galactic tourists´ should travel around earth. The previous small fire-ball certainly could fly fast through space, nevertheless that journey would be rather annoying for ´shrunken ´gods, demigods and comrades´.

However, there are flash-pipes with special conditions for fast gliding of electrons. Above this there are solarwind-pipes towards all planets where even material particles are transported extremely fast. Such pipes certainly will exist also between suns. The aliens could prepare such given pipes for many years (or could install own ones long ago), so full-functional fire-balls could race through these high-speed-channels long distances within short times.

However it´s question whether theoretic established distances of universe are valid. Wrong by guarantee is the assumption, gravity measured near earth should be likely at whole space (because even here differing values are measured at different locations or at one location at different times). Red-Shift of light is assumed to be based on Doppler-Effect, however could have quite an other reason (and this invalidates the alleged expansion of universe). The light-speed is assumed to be constant even strongly varying within different medium (within glass or water e.g. slower one third, see chapter 04.03 Lightaether). Already around the earth, the aether-medium got ´dirty´, at least up to ´border of weightlessness´ and magnetic field of earth. So most probable the common calculations are wrong, the universe might be much smaller and thus also distances for travels would be much shorter.

However also the travelling by itself could be much faster. The light-appearances of ufos are described as somehow ´unreal´, so aliens probably handle an other category of light (and some other facts make evident the existence of that other kind of light, see below). Our experience-world is measured by units of 1,0 metre and 1,0 second. Much longer or much shorter stuff (and faster/slower) indeed is ´not to grasp´ for humans. For example the photons are ´incredible small wave-particles´, nevertheless ´our light´ might still be rather coarse (e.g. because born by collisions of coarse vortices of material particles). We can admit the aliens to be able for putting huge amount of information and functionality not only into size of foot-balls (like previous fire-balls), but let´s say one thousand times smaller than photons. Thus corresponding few aether would be involved and these tiny vortex-complexes could wander through space much faster. Instead of one light-year a journey would take just ten minutes or if factor thousand once more could be done, only five seconds - not to grasp for ´coarse-matter-bundles´ with their 1m/1s-experience-world.

Material Body and Mind
Within that material world we are managing all right, so humans (momentary) are dominating species at this planet, even their biologic body shows no optimum design. Instead of, we have a ´phenomenal´ build brain, balancing the disadvantages. There is situated the control-centre and the mind coordinates all handling, so that material body is kept alive. Better than other living being we seem to be able to analyse processes of environment. Thereto the question ´why´ is decisive, because only thus the causes of indisposed stuff can be eliminated respective future handling can be planned suitable.

The brain does not work very fast and thus it´s advantageous to order arriving information by characteristic features. Main categories e.g. of ´known / new´ or ´dangerous / harmless´ or ´useful / irrelevant´ allow fast suitable reactions. At existential situations however the biologic body won´t wait for brain´s decisions but does ´instinctive´ the necessary handling. Also the brain does not work flawless, however is clever enough to delegate control of most vital processes to an ´animalistic´ automatism. So brain has sufficient ´idle-times´ for intensive questioning its preferred subject of ´why´. By continuous monologues it explains itself, why what how did go on and why when what´s to do, by endless loops an rehearsal of its plans - and often or even in principle it´s on the wrong track.

Reality or Fiction
Brain-researchers have scientific equipment for analysing how brain and nervous systems function respective to detect which real activities represent work of mind. The biologic apparatus by itself has only a filtered knowledge of reality, as impressions of sense-organs are only a small section of all real occurrences. In addition the brain by itself lives within a time-shifted world, in principle at least a half second behind real processes of its environment. By its trouble for (self-) explaining the ´why´ it treats practically all times only the past and by its internal plan-games it treats potential situations of the future. So by this view, the brain acts and lives to a great extend within an own fictive world.

The brain is able to build senseful categories based on similar characteristics of independent appearances. This act of abstraction however can end in itself, when from abstract terms again are deduced terms even more fictive. These e.g. are transferred into mathematical symbols and fictive with abstract is multiple combined until merely apparent why theoretic result could have which transcendent relation to any appearance of reality. So one can exquisitely philosophize on ´good and bad´ or ´god and the world´. One can produce hypotheses as one likes, when basic terms are not defined precisely, so with no direct concern to reality. Unfortunately one can mathematical calculate and approve anything and everything, even results only by dubious interpretations probably could have any meaning for reality.

Free Will and Determinism
Sometimes such fictions are confronted with real measurement results. For example one wanted to measure speed of information-flow from brain via nerves to a muscle. The test persons were told to move a finger whenever they wanted to do. Most astonishing the muscle started working noticeable earlier than the order was send off brain.

It was already known the mind registers real processes with delay and again some later explains itself why what just did happen. These experiments now approved, the mind can not be real trigger for real processes of its body. The mind again argues with delay, why the finger did move: because by voluntary conclusion of mind was determined to do that just now.

Fore ´Crown of Creation´ that´s hard stuff resp. a disgrace - in spite of all intelligent abilities - the mind not even is responsible for bending a single finger. The philosophic hypotheses of human´s free will became disposed. Is the real protagonist that ´animal within men´? Reacts it only instinctive at signals of environment, so only mechanical on extern ´pressure´? Is finally all human handling foreign-determined? Pure materialists are consequent: there are no voluntary processes but only cause and effect. Finally thus everything is determined, no voluntary action exist, but only re-actions as follow of previous (re-) actions, up to famous ´flapping of butterfly´, mathematical worked through by chaos-theory and accomplished by deduced hypotheses.

Spiritual and Material
Contrary to this materialistic world-view exist ´spiritual´ world-view since ages. This is convinced the ´spirit´ dominates the materia. There are lots of experiments, also rather bizarre, which approve that point of view: e.g. running over fire (what everybody can), walking over broken glass (what´s not everyone´s favour), laying on a nail-bed (what´s not really recommended), bending spoons or smashing a batch of tiles (nearby everyone can learn), teleportation or materialisation or levitation (only some are able to) up to other unbelievable abilities e.g. of ´medicine-men´.

However western people mostly have lost belief in mental talents. Many even doubt they ´possess´ a soul. Knowledge about this is a matter-of-factness in nearby all cultures and it´s ´phenomenal´ just within Christian culture many people can doubt anyway. Here, one is concentrated at material stuff, thus also at one´s material body. Standing in front of mirror, everyone says ´yes, that´s me´ - or some might only say ´yes, that´s my body´. However who should be that one, the body belongs to? Naturally that ´I´ - thus a second one, standing aside of - or even upside of the material body. It might exist persons without that interpretation of ´self-consciousness´. For others the existence of mental-body or souls of humans (and any living beings) is absolute knowledge.

I can not imagine anything pure spiritual, abstract or fictive. If anything has real affect onto material reality, that something must also be real - for me, just real motions within a real aether. The seeming material in shape of atoms and physical forces are only a small band of all possibilities for motion-pattern and frequencies within aether. So it exists a multiple wider spectrum of possibilities which are likely real - only not appearing in shape of atoms or as effects of physical fields. Previous example of finger-bending might be a pointer: neither the material body nor the mind has free will to move the finger that very moment - however their ´mental-spiritual complement´ well was able to start the action.

Trigger for material Motion
This transit from a ´spiritual´ decision to a material action is hard to imagine - for our brain. Following examples might help to understand these processes between fine / coarse aether-movements. At picture 08.15.14 at upper row is sketched a (fictional) ´aether-amoeba´. This amoeba A exists by a shell (green) which differs the inner (yellow) from the outside (blue). This aether-shell is an aetheric wall (eventually of diverse layers) building in principle a round however elastic formation. The amoeba drifts within aether and its shell is more or less pervious. The size of shell and volume of inner space is nearby constant.

By variation of swinging pattern of shell, the amoeba is able to control perviousness of the wall. A part of shell could become less (at B, dark-green) and an other part (at C, light-green) could become more pervious. At the impermiable part of wall weights total aether-pressure (see upside arrows). The other parts shows less resistance against outside aether-swinging. The upside pressure deforms the shell and thus pushes the permiable part further down (see below arrow). The amoeba becomes stretched and the front part did wander down. Afterward the whole shell could come back to likely perviousness all around and the general aether-pressure forms the amoeba again sphere-shaped, now located little bit further down. Again the amoeba could become more pervious e.g. towards right side D and thus will wander into that direction.

This amoeba is a fictive formation - and similarity with living protozoon is pure occasional. It´s often asked where from these small animals take the power for their steady jiggle-around. They exist only by a soft cover and in comparison, the water all around is ´syrupy soap´. The answer can only be: they apply no power but they only admit given energy (that is to say aether-motions) to become effective. By variation of aether-swinging at cover-walls only the direction is controlled and the momentary porous part of cover (plus content of shell) is allowed to float there. Or the real process however is: the previous aether-amoeba is as real as the material amoeba and the aether-amoeba (the mental body) changes (primary) partial the property of aetheric-wall and into that deformed shape of shell follow (secondary) the material particles.

Below row of picture shows second example, an ´aetheric muscle-cell´. It works analogue to previous amoeba, however opposite parts of cover change the perviousness, e.g. areas E (dark-green) are less pervious and cross to, areas F (light-green) are more pervious. The ambient pressures squeeze that cell in horizontal direction and push the cell into vertical stretched shape. When the cover comes back to likely perviousness, it´s again pressed to original sphere-shape. If gradient of perviousness is spread into other direction (at G and H) the cell can also be stretched at horizontal level.

Naturally real muscle-cells work other kind than that fictive aetheric cell. This example however once more demonstrates, in reality no attracting forces exist - and also no muscle affects pulling-forces. Well, there are real ´tow-lines´ in shape of sinews, the muscle by itself however can not tow. The cell becomes shorter into pulling-direction only because it becomes wider cross to. Naturally there are bio-chemical reactions involved and a ´material metabolism´ (an exchange of chemical substances, otherwise the muscle could not overacidify by strong efforts). Nevertheless question is, where from the pressure for shortening into pull-direction really should come - by my understanding finally only via power of general aether-pressure. So it´s obvious, control or at least trigger for muscle-activities occurs direct by changes of swinging motions within aetheric shell all around the muscle cells.

That cooperation of aether-movements and motor activities might show an other example, now concerning coarse mechanic of a power-engine, which schematic is sketched by cross-sectional view at picture 08.15.15. Here is decisive to generate a rotational motion, so aether becomes moving at tracks-with-stroke and the stroke all times is directed in turning sense of machine. This is achieved by few input of power, when air is put into rotating motion (at this picture not drawn). The air e.g. is pressed tangential into one end of hollow-cylinder and at the other end tangential is guided out. A fan keeps air running around within a circuit with few efforts, because the flow nowhere is hindered. Within that cylinder the air-particles move all times likely and after a while, also the aether between the air-particles takes that ´flow-direction´ (realiter the aether stays at its location, but now its swinging occurs on tracks-with-stroke and stroke-direction is corresponding with turning sense of system).

Motions-with-stroke can be generated without detour via medium air, e.g. as an rotating electric field directly works by aether-motions. At this cross-sectional view is drawn a coil (red) which for example is loose winded by flat copper-wire. Into that coil at A is guided a pulsating direct current, where charge (yellow) along conductor-surface is presses (by general aether-pressure) to the other end. The charge by itself is an aether-layer of swinging motions and its stroke is running along the coil, so around system axis and here from left to right side (see arrow B). As here the magnetic component of electric flow is not hindered, the electric circuit can be organized with few resistance.

At both cases the aether within that cylinder-shaped area shows synchronous strokes into turning sense of system. After a while that motion pattern will extend also outside of cylinder and especially along system axis. The motion-core (of previous air-flow or of pulsating DC at coil) becomes embedded within a wide area (green) of synchronous aether-swinging (see arrow C). Outside of, into direction of Free Aether, a double cone of balancing motions comes up. Onto this weights general aether-pressure of whole environment. Analogue to whirl-winds the radial inward directed pressure affects accelerating onto existing rotation. Finally the strokes of aether no longer are achieved by rotating air respective charge, but these by themselves now are driven and intensified by synchronous aether-motion on their tracks-with-stroke, finally however by extern aether-pressure.

If inside of that aether-motion-complex are massive parts, also their atomic vortex-complexes are overlaid by that new stroke. Here for example are drawn a (steel-) shaft with five disks (D, grey), which also is started in turning sense (see arrow E). As unbelievable it might sound: from this shaft one can take off usable turning momentum. Mazenauer´s machine probably did function like this (until it exploded based on self-acceleration), at some other experiments were observed similar ´unrealistic´ effects (however nobody must believe, but may experiment and experience as one likes it).

Symbiotic Live
Previous engine is typical example for our coarse-matter technology with rotation of gases, fluids and solid bodies. Common technology handles only real atoms and few physical forces. These forces are accepted because they result real effects, nevertheless they are considered to be only some ´abstract fields´. For example electric voltage-differences result electric flow and all is measurable, calculable and manipulable - however one prefers to believe in electrons crawling slow through the conductor instead accepting swinging layer of real aether at conductor-faces. At all technical applications interact sphere-shaped vortex-complexes of atoms with aether-movement of flat respective spatial extension. So phenomenal is at common world-view, only these few spheres and some few forces are judged to be material and real - and all other appearances are not observed by nature sciences.

Naturally these physics can describe the ´dead´ materia and e.g. can explain why atoms build molecules. However already the growth and existence of crystals shows that the properties of atoms alone can not produce these appearances, but between atoms or at the environment must be some structuring matter (see previous example of druses). Naturally common bio-chemistry can describe processes of a cell. There all times the membranes are most important for the ´life´ of living beings. However it´s hard to understand why an atomic membrane should be able to realize these multiple functions and why it where and how reacts. If one assumes primary existence of an aetheric membrane, its wall gives stability and flexibility same time (see previous example of ´aether-amoeba´). Its swinging motions are much easier to vary than to restructure complex vortices and arrangements of atoms. Opposite, atoms can easy grow into the aetheric cover, i.e. the material body develops itself by shape and function into a pure aetheric template (assumed by many researches and known since ages).

The difference between ´death materia´ and living beings is the metabolism, thus the acts of exchange with the environment. Naturally this can be explained physically e.g. by osmosis. Also by pure coincidence two different cells might meet, where the excreted matter of the one is demanded matter for the second, vice versa. That symbiosis is mutually advantageous so both can build a successful new unit, also embedded within a common membrane. All ´higher´ kind of living beings are symbiotic combinations of organs with mutual profit - also human body is such an conglomeration of more or less suitable ´assemblies´.

Each organ contributes by right function with right intensity at right time by vital own interest, because its survival is bound to viability of whole organism. Thereto exchange of information is necessary, which occurs via nerves and multiple messenger-substances. Now one also knows, between all cells also exists intensive exchange of information - functioning via light (however not possible via normal photons). It´s typical for ´thinking by particles´: one assumed (or invented) new ´bio-photon-particles´ for explaining these new findings. It would be easier and much more realistic to assume, naturally all cells are embedded within aetheric membrane and naturally any ´signal´ can be filtered via membrane-windows and can be intensified within the membrane. So each cell naturally can tank also its supply of ´living-energy´. So the cells if necessary even are able to filter the ´ocean of all aether-motions´ (and to intensify via resonance) the swinging-pattern of demanded chemical elements - which momentary are not physical available (see previous examples of ´druses´, ´impressed information´ and ´energy-filter´). Naturally also each organ is embedded within its mental membrane, just like every living being as a whole exist by its atoms, however essentially - meaning the ´essence´ - by a mental-body.

At fauna exists clear evidence, also individual living being include themselves into an ´extra-bodily´ shell and accept the control by that ´aetheric supreme unit´ - how else could be explained e.g. behaviour of a shoal of fish. That perfect synchronization can not be achieved by material sense-organs, but only by a common ´aether-field´. Once more difficult is to understand, how e.g. bees, ants or termites are able to organize and construct these huge communal-projects. The single animal won´t have the overview and mind to realize and decide which suitable job at its location momentary makes sense for the vitality of total community. Pure ´instinct´ won´t do, because not only a certain direction must be coordinated (like at previous fish-shoal), but complex structure (comparable with large company) must be controlled ´intelligent´. A material brain of corresponding capacity does not exist - so that job can only be done by an (all individuals including) mental-body - which exists totally real within aether - like a real body, only not based on material atoms.

One can´t avoid to understand such animal-colonies as mental-spiritual beings - and then ´it´s only one more small step for mankind´ to see and accept ´gaia´ is just like animals and humans essentially a mental-spiritual appearance by aether within the one aether.

Symbiosis Mind / Body
Opposite to these small animals, we humans are quite independent individuals and have an own control-unit. Which advantages now has the human body by its over-sized brain? At first view, the brain looks like a parasite because consuming one third of energy throughput of total material body. Without any doubt humans think by brain, there occurs rational analyses and planning, there is the number-calculator installed, there is the speech-centre located, there is done verbal and written communication. These are the special abilities of cerebrum, that especially profiled part of human brain. These (rational) abilities are called ´mind´. The rest of body profits first and for most by long-term plans of its mind.

Naturally the mind has free will - and previous mentioned time-lack does not bother the free decisions at all. The mind is clever enough to delegate all direct vital processes to other organs (respective to their mental-bodies). The mind is focussed on ´long-term and strategic´ plans, e.g. the principle decision, to hammer a nail into wall just at this very spot. The mind leaves the job of real action to the ´feelings´. A football player for example well can plan a ´banana-cross´, however the realization is pure matter-of-feeling (the brain would be much too slow for calculating all demanded vector-forces). The mind of a tennis-player well can use seconds for analysing situation and to decide, next should be played a top-spin counter direction the antagonist´s movement. The precise processing however occurs during milliseconds - and is matter of feeling. When physical likely athletes meet, finally the ´mental strength´ is decisive.

Intelligence and Subconscious
The human body thus profits by intelligent plans of mind, which mostly is clever enough to keep out of doing real material actions. Mostly ´intelligence´ is interpreted too narrow, e.g. to be bound at ability of speech (because brain even did invent letters) or at mathematic capability (because mind also developed numbers and numerical systems) or at logical potentialities (because mind prevailingly analyses by why-question). That kind of intelligence is totally overestimated. The mind e.g. can do logic operations with only few factors, very tiring, taking long time and often resulting faults (and thus many plans run totally false).

The mind tends to hide away awkward occurrences and self-caused flops or external incidents with negative aspects into ´lumber room´ of subconscious (nevertheless reminders come up by occasion). If that storage is not filled up only with negatives, subconscious has most positive function: one can ´mentally order´ (or ´begging´ is more effective) to deal with any question - and any time subconscious delivers the answer. The mind is very conscious about itself, this ´I am, it´s me, it´s my ...´, and doesn´t doubt about ´I am the boss´. This self-awareness results of its steady ´asking-why´ and its permanent scheduling of ´I will ...´ for the leading actor. Sometimes however the mind wonders how that subconscious-riddle-solver can know so many facts and do such intelligent services, even by clear words and exact numbers.

Clever people however use quite an other ´intelligence´ (especially when decisions must be done fast): the ´stomach-feeling´. For mind, this is even more worse than subconscious because feelings are neither to grasp by word nor by numbers. The stomach-feeling works incredible reliable, is steady present and delivers answers like a flash for any situation. This is most suspect for slow-acting mind and mind must really force itself, this time just exceptionally and as a provisional substitute allow the stomach to present a proposal for decision.

One can imagine the data-storage and mind-processes are functions of the brain, by some degree also for subconscious services. So these would be activities of material world. Finally however the ´stomach-feeling´ has no material sense-organs and nevertheless has knowledge about much more information. There is no organ for storage nor for logical procedures - and if these processes should not run only pure abstract, that ´intelligence agency´ can only be part or function of a real mental-body.

Symbiosis of mental and material Bodies
´Mens sana in corpore sano´ - when the body is contented also mood feels comfortable - or opposite, a sound spirit is demanded for a sound body (see Chinese understanding of energy-flows and treatment of sickness-symptoms). There are no doubts about existence of material body - even it´s nothing else than an assembly of aether-vortices. Based on all facts previously discussed (and widespread view) likely evident every living being same time has a mental body. I disagree only as for me terms like ´astral or mental or spiritual´ are not only pure abstract stuff but also aether-motion pattern just equivalent to atoms, however with much more possibilities for variations.

At humans the brain is positioned between spirit and materia as a moderator or even as a hybrid (especially the subconscious). Other animals have not such an over-sized brain, however we should not deduce they are mentally less gifted. They only do not analyse nonstop their situation and environment like we do. They also do not plan uninterruptedly their future. There are lots of humans behaving likely, who do not consider and do not plan all time - because they need not - because their ´stomach´ anyway and directly has all necessary information and they act the right way at the right time.

This is the ´practical intelligence´ of all living beings - well functioning without any letters and numbers. So the real dilemma for the mind is, the whole fullness of information between all kind of aetheric covers (of cells, organs, body and between living individuals) are exchanged via feeling or are coded visual (and the mind naturally can not handle this non-logical stuff). All internal communication between organs of body occur that kind and e.g. also animals of all kind communicate direct at this mental way.

Only we humans are so fixated on information exchange by speech. For example, some people send their dog the verbal order ´sit-down´ and the dog will understand and follow - if the master / mummy does not visualize same moment, how brave dog now attacks the mongrel over there. This telepathic transferred picture arrives much faster at mental shell of dog and much more intensive than these air-vibrations can shake its material ears. The dog doubts to and fro what master-mummy really wants to see, the wild free-for-fighting or that annoying plonk-down. The alpha-animal next time preferably should visualize how beta-comrade sits and lays down and is board-looking around the lone neighbourhood - it functions - if a mental channel exits between partners.

Symbiosis Soul-Mind-Body
Well known ´Man within Circle´ is drawn twice, however each one is rather multiple: a ´spiritual´ body, a ´material´ body, the latter one embedded and pervaded by ´mental´ body, that one existing by many layers, analogue also around and within each organ and each cell. And between anyhow hangs the mind, at the one hand bound at material brain, at the other hand somehow connected with ´spirituality´. The soul builds a strange symbiosis with that moderator between mental and material processes. At the one hand the soul supplies the mind with suitable information from spiritual ´dimensions´ (see subconscious or stomach-feeling, an ´inner urge´ or ´inner voice´). At the other hand the soul delegates to the mind the worries for biological survival of material body (just like mind leaves the responsibility for the real vital processes to the organs).

The symbiosis between soul and material body is even more strange: realiter the soul is a difficult aether-swinging which can exist free and fly around within space. At the other hand, a soul ´takes a room´ at material body for some years. At act of incarnation the soul introduces the mental body, thus delivers the ´essence´ for existence of that living being. This (temporary) home henceforth is dependent on the care of its (immortal) spiritual tenant.

The mind delegates jobs at the organs and thus has much leisure time, can indulge in its hobby of why-questioning and how-planning as one likes it, thus by free will. Just analogue the soul delegates many jobs to the brain and thus also has much idle-time for dealing with any subjects, also as one likes it, by free will. Short after moving in material body it´s naturally especially exciting what´s to achieve within that - unusual and narrow - environment of material world. Like at sandbox at first must be investigated how much sand one can get and how to snitch the toys of other kids. Feelings like might, greed, envy and discord can stir up mind and body - however long term benefit for all involved institutions might be doubted.

Sometime or other, the soul might ask itself whereto that stuff will be good, could start to interest about neighbour souls, even could feel lucky when others are well or even could make promotion to its hobby - and it won´t be bad for health of all involved, neither material nor mental. Finally the soul could ask quite in general, which job this stay-here would make sense or even was intended. I assume the readers well know reports about experiences of near-death and out-of-body situations, karma and reincarnation etc. and thus I will end discussing, however I will point out an other essential aspect.

Imagery and Feelings
Well educated people know tenthousands of words, for everyday usage however will do some hundred. There are lots of special terms at each subject, however most of are borrowed from other fields or daily environment (e.g. flow, tension - also called voltage - and field of electricity). Great variety results anyway by combinations (e.g. water-fall or potential-difference). In spite of richness of linguistic expressions, they are based on reasonable number of word-roots - or pictures or even only on feelings.

There exists e.g. not ´the field´ but there are farmlands with wheat, maize, beans, turnips etc. and with that field-term we do not combine the picture of a concrete farmland, also not the abstract ´idea of ideal farmland´ - but finally the feeling of tilling the ground, seaming and planting, see it thriving at sunshine, smell the soil and finally harvest the fruits. Many might not have experienced this really however know it by observations or even only by literature. We use that field-term multiple in the figurative sense, however finally the background still is any feeling. When the word ´tension´ is used, everybody remembers the feeling of childhood days when holding an arrow and tensing the bow. When hearing ´flow´ we do not think at a certain river but remember the feeling to sit at the banks and looking at the water gliding by. We well use the term ´potentialdifference´ pure abstract, nevertheless at the background we see dammed-up waters, followed by image of a waterfall - and remember the feeling of drizzle when standing nearby.

By brain and mind we developed a set of only some digits, letters and numbers or carried abstraction so far, computers can store any data only by signs for 0 and 1. We communicate via words which however are only symbols for visual impressions, mostly of daily environment. Finally these are no sharp pictures but synonyms for remembered feelings. These are the real basis because they are not really to describe by further words. That´s why the ´scientific´ mind does not like such sloppy sentimentalities - even finally nobody can nothing else but thinking by pictures - which at the very end is handling only metaphors for feelings.

The life needs ´four digits´, combined within DNA, for realizing great variety of living beings. The material world exists by about hundred different vortex-systems of chemical elements and already a part of produces the majority of unbelievable number of different molecules. Our mental-spiritual world exists also by swinging-pattern - and how much ´feeling-archetypes´ will be necessary? Will do twenty, hundred or thousand to achieve sufficient variety? Do they serve only for description of anything else (like words do) - or are they the essential, the real world of spirit by itself?

The material vortex-systems have no sharp border, nevertheless they are locally bound, just like a material body can take only a certain space. The mental-body also represents a cover, however it´s borders are even more smooth. Also our soul might be imagined like a shell, which is narrow bordered (if someone is ´closed´), however can open very far (or at least by parts can travel around within space).

Risky question: what´s the content of a mental-body or a soul? Speculative answer: it´s the mixture of swinging-motions representing ´feelings´ (respective their combinations). Is our individuality based on that real swinging-pattern? We can close the membrane and hide our feelings. At the other hand we naturally radiate this mixture all times and naturally we receive also the radiation of our neighbours - and is this the reason why our ´stomach´ delivers so unbelievable fast its mostly suitable judgement?

Source of Knowledge
It might be relative sure we contribute by our feeling, thinking and handling to enforce corresponding content of a ´morphogenetic´ field (like Sheldrake and others approved sufficiently by many experiments). Within wide space of aether thus ´all´ would be stored - for us unimaginable, even great variety of potential ´frequencies´ exists. If however all knowledge and all occurrences are coded by reasonable number of feeling-archetypes, anywhere only these relative few pattern of swinging motions are present within space. Like complex linguistic terms are build by combination of two or three words (resp. pictorial symbols), certain content could analogue be expressed by some combined feeling-metaphors, thus realiter by overlay of few motion-pattern.

Within the cover of a soul or a mental-body, only an extract of all possible swinging exists (previous mixture of individual). The aetheric shell affects local separation, more or less, depending on cut-off or opening. Outside of all shells of all living being exists totality of all swinging-pattern and their combinations - and as not locally bordered by a cover, that general ´spiritual content´ is anywhere present at any time.

Each soul is completely free to decide what to do with its ´leisure time´. The soul is free to install within its membrane any ´window´ with certain swinging-pattern as one likes it. The windows work like filters and allow entrance for corresponding swinging (like described upside). When the soul actually ´dangles its legs´, it visits known and pleasant motion-pattern, enforces positive swinging, to its own benefit and thus naturally indirect also for benefit of mental like material body. The soul however can also be curious by itself - or because its why-asking-mind is pushing - and put an ´unsharp´ pattern or just a new pattern-combination into the window - and thus can fish suitable complementaries (like today easy to grasp by example of search-engines). At the other hand all external swinging-pattern ´knock at the door´ of soul, ingratiating all the time. Depending on basic attitude and experiences, soul will allow or refuse entrance. For me it´s most fascinating again and again, how sudden one can get ´an idea as a present´ - like mind by itself never could be able to (but is real gift from spiritual community).

Ufo Men
So everybody theoretical has access to all - and just in front of door. The soul has free will and certainly it has a ´life-power-window´, so also the force to put its focus as it likes to. Installation of a ´question-window´ might be like e.g. ufos manipulate their gravity field. The aliens probably need no material apparatus but control ´pure mentally´ (like already mentioned). They need no force to generate the aether-motion with stroke into new direction, because also that kind of motion exists all around, so they only must admit its entrance and strengthen (and likely humans could, with any kind of energy / information). Probably the aliens seldom (or only for fun) waste time for simulating material appearance or even to generate real vortex-complexes of materia. Essentially however the aliens will be spiritual entities - like we are. However they are completely conscious about (opposite to common humans) and thus they can mentally achieve and experience much more (than we can within our material prison). So for aliens, the today mankind appears rather childish and merely one of seems at ´likely wave-length´ or seldom could come up a meaningful discussion.

Once more I will remember previous dog: there is send a mental vision and the dog receives it and accepts and transfers the message into real material action. This vision stands between sender and receiver within space, respective the aether between is impressed by this information - and nothing else than that impression the ufo-captain wants to achieve: the ambient aether now taking the wanted ´gravity-stroke´. And we could do just according to - if we were convinced it works: just want it and it will come up.

I assume readers know about scientific approves, e.g. where hundred students were asked to influence coincidental spreading (balls fall through a ´nail bed´ and each ball has free decision at each nail to fall right / left) or to manipulate mentally the random-number-generator of computer. It simply works with significant results.

Likely sure is, the souls can ´fly´. At nearby-death situations they move some metres up and register amazed what´s going on with that clinical death body. Eventually they fly through well known channel (transfer to other frequency-band) into light and see these ´unrealistic´ colours (and I suggest also these fantastic lights at ufos are not registered by material eyes, but soul by itself observes directly). The soul over-there receives huge information racing fast, naturally not via verbal communication but by direct understanding (like humans are instructed by ETs). When these souls fall back into their bodies, mostly they are disappointed - and changed because they now interpret the being-here by quite different view. Some people even are able to do ´astral-voyages´ to any place by free will.

Personally I had only indirect part at such ´excursions´ via Remote-Viewing. The viewer stays full conscious, only the mind is kept busy with trivialities so it is hindered to perform its why-hobby and delivering rash ´logical´ explanations. I do not know whether ´subsidiary´ of viewer-soul flies through space to the target, however a possibility could be: similar swinging-mixtures at least by parts are anywhere within space and the viewer must establish ´only´ a resonance-box near target, so really he would be there. He can register the local swinging-pattern and can send information ´back-home´. If the viewer is send second time there, he is much faster ´on target´. Obviously a channel is installed, because also other viewers now arrive faster and produce better information.

Once more, the alien-voyagers might work similar: when first time they installed a channel and leaved a ´scent mark´ (a mental aetheric shell for intensify certain swinging-motion pattern via resonance), they can travel ´timeless´ fast (fro and back as one likes it). Form that basis they are able to ´construct´ an ufo by their mental abilities - just from ´nothing´ putting the aether into suitable swinging pattern, so it appears real (and also nearby-death and astral voyagers just tell similar stories about such wish-you-something experiences).

An other explanation for Remote-Viewing could be the following. When all information stands within space in shape of swinging pattern for all times, now three pattern overlay: the viewer-mixture, the question-mixture and the mixture of searched event. Via intersection the viewer - practically at front-door - could filter the wanted answers.

Generally is valid: the viewer won´t see material parts of target like with material eyes. Merely they use exact terms but circumscribe with visual symbols (which naturally can be misinterpreted). Astonishing however is, they well can report about feelings, how it tastes, smells and touches and how general mood is (so just like our soul prevailingly registers the reality).

Final Remark
With these aspects I´ll end considerations about normal and para-normal appearances. I apologize for the length of this chapter and long list of examples concerning different subjects (and probably reading twice will show red threat). At the other hand I certainly wanted to point out, that and how all is bound to anything within this gapless aether. Especially I wanted to highlight comprehensive importance of these pure aetheric walls, pipes and membranes, the ´independent inner world´ within shells and the possibilities offered by ´windows´ for intake and exchange of energies and information. Only these new aspects can explain many ´banal´ physical phenomena and offers at least starting points for understanding of para-physical appearances.

I must also apologize for somehow ´relaxed´ handling of terms like astral, mental, spirit, soul, mind, subconscious and some more. These terms are well defined at esoteric, spiritual or psychological literature - however most different. Probably some year later I might be able to contribute for better understanding. Each mentioned subject anyway should be detailed by several chapters - and I intend occasionally to do.

Naturally many of previous considerations are rather speculative and certainly not concurring with everybody´s understanding. Practically I only took in the minutes what my why-asker urged me to deal with and what my soul since years wanted to learn about. So I was mentally focussed - and again took down on record which feelings happened to come through the ´question-windows´. Whether it matches reality - every reader must judge by own feelings. I only hope, brain and stomach of some readers did enjoy the lecture and occasionally did find some suitable stimulation.

08.16. Nature of Gravity and Structure of Earth 08. Something Moving