Alfred Evert 12.01.2009

08.06. Real and seeming Motions

At part 03. ´Local Aether-Movements´ motion-pattern of potentialvortexclouds was developed. Besides others, starting points were considerations concerning sea-waves, because these are ´racing´ for miles over the ocean - while realiter water is turning at only small circle tracks. So based on relative narrow water-motions results wide-running appearance.

Also aether is stationary and swinging only at limited radius. Nevertheless are resulting movements of material particles, their translation and rotation. Now at the following, analogy between sea-waves and aether swinging movements is discussed once more.

At picture 08.06.01 are drawn twelve ´clocks´ (dark green) at one row. All clocks are turning counter clock-wise, their hands however are shifted each by one hour. At end of each clock-hand is positioned an aetherpoint observed. Between these aetherpoints is drawn a connecting line representing neighbouring aetherpoints. This connecting line shows wavy curvature.

At four rows these twelve clocks are shown, while turning of their hands. At row A hand of left clock shows upward. Row B shows situation after left-turning by 30 degrees (so left clock now points to 11 o´clock). Row C and row D show positions again after 30 degree left-turning (left clock points at 10 and afterward at 9 o´clock). All other clocks at each row are turning analogue.

During these turnings, connecting line shows likely curve all times, that structure is only wandering towards left. At row A upside-right e.g. is top of wave, which at rows below is shifted towards left. Better visualized is that process by corresponding animation. Even all aether is swinging at only short radius, an appearance of wave-movement comes up racing fast towards left side.

This appearance thus well is comparable with sea-waves. Sea-waves however represent motion at upside water-levels and ´connecting-line´ there would represent water-surface. Above this, water particles can shift alongside each other and particles can rotate around an axis. Within aether however, that wave-motion is running cross through aether, i.e. upside and below of connecting line drawn here, all aether synchronously will be co-swinging, just because aether has no separated particles.

At Circle swinging Waves
Within potentialvortexclouds no movement can exist which steady is running into certain direction. That swinging band thus must return to itself, i.e. must be arranged circle-like. Correspondingly, at picture 08.06.03 these twelve ´clocks´ are arranged round about. At drawn situation, hand of clock quite right shows 12 o´clock and hand of clock quite left points downward to 6 o´clock. Wave-movement at present situation at right side is at most upside and left side is at bottom position.

If all clocks are left-turning, wave-top (and total wave-structure) wanders right-turning (by view top-down) around system axis. This motion corresponds to swinging at horizontal level, like marked by dotted arrow SH at the centre. Same time and all around aether is swinging vertical, like clocks show and here is marked by dotted arrow SV. Like stated at previous chapter, real movements are resulting from overlay of (at least) two circle movements, here by these double swinging (SH and SV) into horizontal and vertical direction same time.

These movements result swinging at level some diagonal, represented here by that wave-curve. Wave-tip here is positioned right side, however is wandering at circle (like wave as a whole). At electrons, that movement is called ´spin´ and assumed to represent a rotation (like it´s impression of that seeming turning).

Realiter however it´s only ´slosh-swinging´. If one observes a disk-shaped area of aether, that ´portion´ of aether swings around system axis and same time the border of that disk tilts up and down. That motion corresponds still with a ´swing-grinder´, however here that grind-disk ´flutters´ - just like a ´wobble-disk´ (however still not rotating but swinging). At following chapter that fact once more is pointed out.

Primary and Secondary
Here at first however, following principle of aether-movements must be stated clearly: within local concentrated units, aether can not move only into one direction. So an overlay into right-angle-direction must occur (like shown at previous chapter, here SH and SV). Also that motion all around can not run completely parallel. So it can exist only some´shifted´ swinging all around (like here represented by these twelve clocks, each shifted by 30 degrees) - and ´strange enough´ is resulting a secondary, superior motion-shape (here that wave running all around).

This discussion of ´sea-waves running at circles´ should demonstrate, even at stationary medium (respective moving at only narrow areas) well can come up appearances of wide-running motion.

Even aether in principle is stationary, shifted swinging is resulting impression of waves running around or appearance of rotation and spin,
at local vortex-systems of micro- like also of macro-scales.

Appearance of wave is not real by that fact, aetherpoints (respective water) do not really move forward. At the other hand that wave is not pure ´illusion´ as that secondary movement well can result real effects.

At sea-waves e.g. surfer use that appearance for real drive. These surfers glide down that slope which is build by following wave piling up. However surfers won´t come to wave-valley - if they manage to stay at board long enough. That ´driving-downward´ is an illusion, if compared with downhill-skiing, where drive is based on gravity. Here however at front side of that sea-wave, water is lifted upward continuously. Related to that lift-motion, surf-board represents ´sloped plane´ and thus comes up a horizontal force-component for drive.

Analogue to this effect, also an only seemingly existing wave within aether can result real movement. One could e.g. suggest, electrons circle around atomic nucleus driven by such a seeming wave (which however realiter is working totally different). Sun-systems in principle are wide potentialvortexclouds. Small vortex-systems or even large assemblies of (like planets) ´ride respective surf´ at such round-about running aether-waves (which however can be discussed in details only by later chapters). At first, some further typical movements of aether must be discussed.

08.07. Balancing-Movements 08. Something Moving