Alfred Evert 02.01.2009

08.02. Definition of Aether

Physical properties of aether - as I see it - are stated by that precise definition:

Unique real existing substance within universe
is an indivisible coherent whole,
so indeed a gapless continuum respective
homogeneous plasma, called aether.

This aether continually is swinging within itself,
where each special movement pattern
represents variety of appearances,
of physical kind, however also
representing mental-spiritual content.

That straight definition of aether as background of all being is clearly different to all other aether-hypothesis or world-views. Opposite to common relativity- or quantum-theories, here are assumed no abstract circumstances but exclusively are stated concrete physical properties and processes.

Based on Ockhams principle, most simple hypothesis must be preferred respective matches reality most probably. So it will make sense, further physical researches (like other studies) are based at this aether-understanding.

08.03. Distinction 08. Something Moving