Alfred Evert 01.01.2009

08.01. Introduction

Earlier Aether-Theories
Many years ago I made intensive studies about mechanical rotor-systems in order to create ´Perpetuum Mobile´ based on centrifugal- and gravity-forces (naturally with rather moderate success). There came up questions about definition of physical terms respective about real essence of appearances. For example it´s unsatisfactory resp. simply incomprehensible to take inertia as mass ´inherent´ property. Just as well, real cause of inertia could be searched outside of mass.

Solid materia e.g. could swim within invisible fluid or at least could be embedded within a ´phantom-body´ of any fluid. If resting mass should be accelerated, inertia of that ambient fluid must be overcome. If opposite that moving mass should be decelerated, moving sphere of environment still would drag and push that mass forward. Up to 2001 I published considerations like these by an ´Ether-Continuum-Theory´.

However, one should forget that theory because it shows substantial error like all common aether-theories: assuming existence of materia at the one hand and existence of aether at the other hand. By that assumption, ´solid materia´ must move through a medium. At the one hand, that medium must be extremely thin so flight of solid bodies is not affected by resistance. At the other hand, light-waves/particle are racing through medium by maximum speed - so medium must be extremely dense. All hypothesis of ´light-aether´ failed at insolubility of that dilemma.

So one was really glad when Einstein solved that problem in 1905 by declaration, aether no longer would be necessary. Gratitude was really great, so one ignored Einsteins revocation of 1925. Up to now common sciences takes no notice of his statements of mature ages: ´there are grave arguments for hypothesis of existence of aether. Total negation of eather would mean, void space has no physical qualities at all ... space however has physical qualities based on Relativity-Theory; so that means aether must exist. Space without aether is unthinkable based on Relativity-Theory´.

So he made following statements: 1. complete negation of aether would mean, void space would show null physical qualities. 2. Space however has physical qualities, so aether must exist. 3. Space without aether is unthinkable.

So Einsteins understanding was, space shows physical ´qualities´, which only are based or represented by aether. For space-by-itself thus only remain physical quantities - length-width-height. Unfortunately he disturbed that clear 3D-space by strange forth dimension of time and in addition he curved that imaginary bundle in order to replace gravity - without really explaining that basic physical appearance. Unfortunately he forgot the retract also that idea. Details are discussed at chapters 01.04. ´Everything and Nothing ´ and also 01.05. ´Space and Time´.

One was so grateful for Einsteins ´solution of aether-problem´, today every child knows that ´type with that E=mc^2´. One well can admit not to understand ART nor SRT - no shame because one can not understand non-sense. Many famous colleagues of Einstein immediately pointed out inconsistencies and contradictions of his considerations by absolutely clear statements. Despite of these facts, many scientists still quote Einstein on and on and believe that would approve their supreme qualities.

Normal people know world as something real - however that ´space-time-curvature´ is not really imaginable but is simply a fictive construction of abstract terms. Likely un-imaginable is second attempt for explanation of world, that quant-theory with its numberless variations and abstruse conclusions. There, one even is proud, these considerations are not to grasp by ´common logic´. Instead of concrete explanations of essence of appearances, common physics mainly act with mathematical handling of abstract terms, so obviously show certain loss of reality.

Times ago, by discovery of atoms, great variety of real materia was reduced to manageable basis. Afterward, still less number of elementary particles were detected. Following research for sub-elementary substances however opened real zoo of particles. However life-time of some of these particles is rather short and above this, particles exchange their properties on and on. Nevertheless still ´particles-research´ goes on with enormous consumption of money. Following self-critical story is told in appropriate circles: buy a Swiss watch with all possible functions, throw it towards wall with all available power - and analyse of wreckage will show you construction and purpose of constructional elements.

At the moment, especially demanded are ´Higgs-particles´ hoping to recognize ´what keeps together innermost heart of world´. That´s grave dilemma since ´abolition of aether´: remaining is only ´nothing respective vacuum´ all around materia. Based on known materia however, e.g. calculations of astrophysics don´t match, so as a substitute one must assume ´dark materia´ with unknown or nonsensical properties, by range of about 95 percent.

Totally ignored however is basic question, why any materia should not disperse immediately into ambient nothing. As an alternative is stated, vacuum could not be really void but partial could be ´polarized´ - or these fictive ´Higgs-particles´ would keep materia together. However additional question remains open: why and how that new particle keeps itself together versus ambient nothing. That problem of nothing - respective generally speaking all attracting forces and remote affects - can be ´explained´ only by many additional assumptions respective simply are not to understand by common world-view.

Never could anybody detect a single ´solid particle´, but at its best were detected motions or ´motion-wreckage´. So one well could generally assume, existence of solid particles is impossible but exclusively motion is really existing. However, motion demand something moving. ´Abstract motion´ well could be handled mathematically (e.g. see electromagnetic fields), however motion in reality can exist only by some real substance which is really moving.

It´s clear, because our sense-organs are limited, we never will know all reality of this world. Our brain mainly is prepared to keep its biological body undamaged and alive within its environment. Brain reduces variety of impressions to few categories, e.g. to two elementary statements: good / bad. Above this however, brain well would like to know what´s really going on. Men developed some logic of thinking, however brain works really slow and most faulty. Nevertheless men e.g. could detect, colour is a ´self-produced illusion´, while real physical processes are quite other kind.

If now all ´questionable stuff´ is put aside, only one indubitable fact remains: there is motion. And if now at second step not all logic is thrown overboard, remains one indubitable conclusion: there must be something which is moving. Third, now question comes up: how many kinds of movable something must exist? Now my proposal is to take the most simplest and same time the most extreme position: ONE is completely sufficient.

However, that unique something must allow different motions. Depending on shape of motion-pattern thus ´illusion´ of total variety of ALL could appear. Again, demanded are only about hundred different motion-pattern to represent all chemical elements. Probably much less basic motion-pattern might do. Demanded are some more motion-pattern representing physical forces, ´fields´ or radiation. Above this will exist great variety of overlaying motion-pattern which represent e.g. ´spirit´ or ´souls´ and much more appearances everybody ´inherent´ knows. It well could be, our perceptive faculty can handle reality only via ´illusions´. All appearances of reality however must be absolutely real ´manifestations´ in shape of concrete motion-pattern within only that one really existing medium - without any ´abstract mystery´, neither concerning materia nor spirit.

Based on these considerations I started my ´Aether-Physics and -Philosophy´ in 2003. At part ´01. Introduction´ basic facts are discussed and I refer to these chapters because here only some positions are mentioned once more. At part ´02. Universal Aether Movements´ ideas were developed, how ´Free Aether´ could move within total universe: multiple overlaying swinging movements by ´quant-small´ radius. At part ´03. Local Aether Movements´ swinging motion pattern of ´Bounded Aether´ was discussed, representing e.g. an electron or at much larger scale also a spiral galaxy. These introductory three parts are also available as volume 1 of corresponding book.

In 2006 part ´04. Exclusion and Inclusion´ brought some more details to aether-plasma and light-aether. Conform and differing aspects of Maurers ´The Principle of Existence´ were also discussed there. Because motion pattern within that aether are not quite trivial, at part ´05. Particles Movements´ are discussed flows within gases and liquids as motion pattern some more simple. These two parts were published in 2007 by volume 2 of my Aether-Physics-book.

That excursion in fluid-technology brought new insight e.g. for lift at wings and application of suction respective pressure at flow-machines. Based on these ideas - and based on quite new experiments - I wrote parts ´06. Implosion-Machines´ and ´07. Fluid-Machines´, showing wide range of most interesting flow-processes. Some of these conceptions could really be starting points for development of self-running engines. These both parts are published in 2008 as volume 3 of that series of books.

Now at beginning 2009, I come back to subject of aether, here now with that part ´08. Something Moving´. Following chapters remember some of previous mentioned points of view concerning that kind of aether, as starting points for following subjects. Afterward however quite new aspects are deduced most comprehensive. This understanding of aether will help to explain many phenomena of diverse sections of physics. Instead of formalistic-abstract view of common physics, here however physical facts are explained by quite concrete description of motion-pattern of that concrete substance, which is basis of all being.

08.02. Definition of Aether 08. Something Moving