Alfred Evert 01.09.2006

04.03. Light - Aether

Real or Abstract
Once more I´ll point out the difference between the real world and ´fictive comparison-worlds´. Picture 04.03.01 again shows the plasma of previous zero-point-experiments. Obviously one can see Something, ´wobbling´ within itself, where no internal borders are to detect. This swinging-structure is produced by magnetic fields and laser and same time this photo is generated by that light. Laser radiations hit at different spots of different motions, are reflected differently, resulting this coloured picture.

If this ´prison´ would be opened, the motions would take other shapes. That Something however would go on existing really. As upside assumed a plasma like this would exist within whole universe. I called that part-less Something a ´continuum´ and named it ´aether´ - however an appropriate term would be ´aether-plasma´. The substance outside of local movement pattern I called ´Free Aether´ with its basic ´Universal Aethermovements´. These occurrences of local size (like at this picture or e.g. electrons or even galaxies) are called ´Bounded Aether´, moving in shape of ´Potential-Vortices-Clouds´.

That plasma exists of one substance and one ´piece´ of that substance is positioned directly aside next likely piece. Differences exist at different positions only concerning each present motions, which however run smoothly and are totally merging into another. As the aether is gapless, one can not talk about ´aether-particles´. Also previous ´piece´ of that substance (or a portion of) is not really to divide by clear border lines. So I use the geometric term of ´aetherpoint´ to observe the movements of aether at one spot. Naturally that substance has extension (piece aside piece resp. point immediately next neighbouring point), not only within that small plasma-bubble but universe wide.

Any movement can not occur by shifting of parts alongside any border faces, but only by turning of one point around the other and all neighbouring points must behave analogue. Like this picture shows, only swinging and winding movements can occur, locally with differing intensity resp. at ways different curved. At the centre of a motion pattern the movements in general are relative wide and reduced towards outward to swinging movements at narrow tracks.

At this picture once more is drawn a clock and by comparison with its movements, e.g. the frequency of swinging movements of the plasma can be described. There is also drawn a scale and it´s obvious, analogue to ´time´, also the extensions resp. ´room´ becomes measurable by comparison. That abstract ´world of space and time´ (here marked yellow) are fictive man-made voluntary comparison-scales, while real existing is only the ´world of aether-plasma and its motions´.

Some readers will find annoying or unwitty as I point out the differences of real and abstract stuff on and on. However, the basic essence of all occurrences is not to detect by discussion with imprecise collective nouns (like practice at most sciences), but only by precise descriptions of properties of the basic substance and its motion pattern - because only that procedure can explain logically the ´laws of nature´.

Aether and Light
Aether is transparent resp. invisible, at least the Free Aether, here e.g. marked by ´not-colour´ black, and we can not see the aether motions. Some movement pattern however are called ´light´ (e.g. previous laser-radiations) which are emitted by local movement pattern (as ´release of stress´). There are also lots of movement pattern which reflect radiations diverse kind (everything we can see by colours plus frequencies invisible for our senses).

Naturally many readers pointed to the fact, the aether was assumed to be the medium of light-propagation until disproved by experiments of Michelson and followers, so the ´light-aether´ now is assumed not existing.

By common understanding, also other occurrences of electromagnetism do not necessarily demand the existence of a medium. The idea of ´fields´ with their properties and effects are well known and calculations fit well to reality. Nevertheless one does not really know, why and how physical fields produce these results. It´s absolutely right: ´light-aether´ does not exist - because this medium does not only transport the light but is the real basis for all occurrences of the universe.

Besides previous difference of fictive world of comparison-measurements and real world of aether-plasma, once more is to differ into world of primary aether movements and secondary ´world of occurrences´ resulting of. That difference becomes distinct when comparing the appearance of sound and of light.

Movement of Parts and Plasma
At picture 04.03.02 the black colour represents a silent and pitch dark night. A car sends (by its battery) a signal of light and of sound same time. The light is to see many kilometres far and is spread or absorbed by particles of air only little bit. The energy of sound however ´falls flat´ sooner or later, i.e. gets lost in shape of heat.

The sound is an occurrence of the particle-world. Based on mechanic movement (of a horn) a pressure wave is produced, particles of air transmit the impulse to each following particles. Based on chaotic molecular movements, this process comes ahead not straight line but by zigzag. Based on molecular speed of some 0.45 km/sec results the sound-speed of only some 0.3 km/sec. Parts of the original impulses affect also into sideward directions, resulting that ´sound-cone´ and finally total fading.

Opposite, the light obviously is hindered by air-particles only little bit and comes ahead 100.000 times faster - because that movement occurs directly within the aether itself. Naturally one could think, light (quants, photons, as particles or as waves) could fly through Nothing (like common understanding) and thus flies thus fast - if some strange phenomena would not exist.

Acceleration after Deceleration
Picture 04.03.03 shows well known ´Problem of Beer Glass´. The sound (German Schall) resp. the light (German Licht) are send via air (German Luft) into direction of glass (German Glas), penetrate the glass, runs through water (German Wasser), afterward again is moving through the glass wall and finally flying away through the air again. The speeds of sound and light within each medium are marked coarse by km/sec. Black points represent schematic the impulses. The distances between the points correspond to covered distance each time-unit (however relation between sound and light naturally is not true to scale). The spreading of sound here is not regarded.

The sound-impulse comes ahead within the air nearby these 0.3 km/sec. Within glass, the atoms are situated much more narrow. They are arranged neatly in ´row and line´ within the crystal, so the impulses come along much faster by some 5.3 km/sec. Within that grid the atoms hang ´elastic´, the impulses however partly affect aside and spread into sideward directions.

At following water, the molecules are much more slacked, so the sound impulses are delayed to some 1.5 km/sec. Nevertheless, the speed of transmission within next glass wall is accelerated again. Probably some parts of the sound-energy at the following will go on ´sneaking´ through the air again.

The propagation of light behaves opposite: the maximum speed comes up within air (or vacuum in sense of air-free environment) with these defined 300 000 km/sec, the speed is reduced within glass at some 3/4 and within water to some 2/3. Now the light is accelerated again within the following glass and air, without any doubts, nevertheless most astonishing.

That ´phenomenon of self-re-acceleration´ conflicts with all rules of common physics, no matter the light is assumed to be a wave or a photon-particle, with or without mass. It´s secrete of all physicians, how an impulse, reduced by a resistance to less propagation, afterward could increase again to faster transmission by itself (and here I use intentionally these common collective nouns to point out that problem).

One can realize that fact of varying speeds by observing the way of one sound-impulse (S) and one light-impulse (L) at this animation. At the world of particles it´s common understanding: obviously, a sound runs fast within a hard matter (glass G) and slower within liquids (water W). It´s also easy to understand, if impulses are hitting again at a glass-face, the impulse again becomes faster running through the dense medium (because running more direct line). Later on the impulse is transported again some slower by zigzag ways within next air. That ´energy- and information-transport´ via particles thus is common understanding.

As everybody knows (or believes) by common understanding, the light runs through a vacuum and needs no medium. The delay of light within areas of dense materia thus can be explained by the glass-grid representing some barrier. Never however is to explain the autonomous re-acceleration by common understanding of physics. Any acceleration inevitably demands additional energy input - and where from should that energy come?

Sound is motion of particles, impulses are running faster or slower, depending on the density of particles. If light however is assumed to need no medium, the density or void of material particles can show no affects. As reverse logic conclusion one could ask, why the light within ´pure vacuum of space´ is running by a limited (light-) speed instead of self-accelerating up to unlimited speeds.

That phenomenon is only to explain by the assumption, also the light propagates through a medium, not at the level of particles like sound propagates, but within that (light-) aether itself. Based on the enormous speed of light was assumed (analogue to sound) that a light-medium must show enormous density. However now it was impossible to explain, how massive material should be able to move through a massive light-aether.

The general misunderstanding still is, any hard materia (like the earth or even like electrons or photon-particles) would fly through aether like bullets. Previous zero-point-plasma definitely approved, nowhere exists any ´hard-core´ materia. There are ´frozen atoms´ building plasma bubbles, which can expand even to millimetres - and nothing else is to regard than motions (at this case however primary the motions of that ´prison´). There is not aether at the one hand and materia at the other hand, but all stuff exists of the same substance of aether and is produced as occurrences by its motion pattern.

Everything is only some vortex within the aether. Only these vortices structures are moving through the aether. The propagation of vortices however demands the whole aether environment to move corresponding (only towards outside by decreasing intensity). This restructuring in front, aside and behind of the vortex can not occur timeless fast. Nothing is pushed ahead or aside by fast motions, but the speed keeps constant all times and only the ways of motions become wider (and more narrow again when the vortex did pass by). Thus no infinite fast motion is possible and e.g. also a light-vortex-complex can fly through the universe only by a limited speed. Above this, nothing can ever fly straight ahead. The light e.g. can move forward only by screw-like winding.

At picture 04.03.05 very schematic is shown the track of a light-impulse (German Licht) through air (German Luft, red, resp. also through ´vacuum´), so through relative clear aether regions. Free Aether is swinging at relative narrow tracks, here simplistic marked as small loops. Bounded Aether like e.g. the atoms of glass (German Glas, green) move at relative wide curves, here schematic marked as some larger loops.

The decisive criteria now is, swinging motions of Free Aether like of Bounded Aether move by same speed, not by constant ´rpm´ (resp. constant angles speed) but by likely absolute speed, no matter at wide or narrow tracks (thus by constant ´turning momentum´). Here at this picture for example, small loops are build by two sections (grey and red) and larger loops are build by three sections (grey, black and red). From loop to loop are sketched two further sections (blue and green). So at this schematic example, tracks within air and within glass would show a relation of lengths by four to five.

The source of light now impresses an impulse onto these swinging motions. That impulse however can not run only into direction straight ahead, but must follow these loop-tracks, i.e. can come ahead only at screw-like track (which again is a very simplistic example, because all swinging motions walk into all three dimensions same time).

Within air resp. vacuum this light-impulse comes ahead relative fast, within glass however it must walk along ´longer deviations´. At both cases, the impulse by itself is moving same distances at likely time-units, however at tracks more or less directed towards forward (five narrow loops within air and only four wider loops within glass).

At this animation are shown three light-impulses resp. ways they run each time-unit. These sections of tracks are curved different kind, theoretic however all sections are of likely lengths. Within air (red) the impulse jumps fast ahead, within glass (green) however it comes ahead slower because running at wider loops. At the transition from glass to air occurs no absolute acceleration of the motion, but now the light-impulse again moves at loops more narrow, thus jumping ahead faster. One can see that effect at its best when observing one impulse from left to right.

The light-impulse is ´riding´ at the swinging movements of aether, coming faster forward at the narrow tracks of Free Aether and crawls ahead slower when forced to move at wide deviations of Bounded Aether.

Sometimes it´s allowed to use most simple examples, even they are rather simplistic. This picture 04.03.07 shall visualize circled movements around a longitudinal axis, however combined with a movement into direction of that axis (like the aether all times is moving at curved tracks, i.e. is swinging into all three directions same time).

Two light-impulses are represented by two ´matchstick man´, which shall move from A to B and from C to D. the length of their steps is constant. They have to walk through pipes, which are turning around their longitudinal axis (see arrows). The large pipe is turning slower than the small pipe, so the absolute speed at their circumference is likely. Each ´step´ of the light-impulses thus will lead into diagonal direction (the matchstick man thus walks at a spiral tracks, corresponding to previous diagonal loops).

In addition however, these pipes move to and fro into longitudinal directions (see double-arrows). The large pipe also at this direction is moving longer distances than the smaller pipe (however both pipes still by likely speeds). So the right matchstick man within its ´coarse aether environment´ moves at longer deviation stretches and will reach its aim later than the left matchstick man within its ´clean aether environment´ - even turning- and longitudinal- and step-speeds are constant, only the distances of ways walked are different.

So this picture shows an example of three-dimensional movements. These presentations however are very simplified and real movements can be described precisely only at later chapters. Nevertheless these simple examples clearly demonstrate, previous phenomenon of autonomous re-acceleration is logically easy to explain, if a medium for propagation of light is assumed - and this aether-medium shows the properties claimed here.

Limits and Inertia
Already in earlier parts I mentioned this equality of absolute speed within the Universal Aethermovement and the movement pattern of local ´Potentialvorticesclouds´. There I assumed the basic speed would be the ´light-speed or faster´. As now the signal-speed of light are maximum these roundabout 300.000 km/sec, the basic speed of aether movements should be significant faster (as all swinging motions represent ´deviations´ into all three dimensions).

The aether nowhere rests and ´waits´ for a source sending a light-impulse. The light-source by itself is a swinging vortex and around it, all aether is swinging too. So an impulse can never be generated running ´straight-linear-ahead´, but all times can only be ´impressed´ resp. overlaid onto already existing aether-swinging-motions. Each impression, and each change of aether motions in general, can not only concern one local point, but simultaneous whole aether environment is involved - resulting the speed-limits. Opposite, that ´inertia´ means at the other hand, any impressed overlaying impulse goes on and on without losses (i.e. real energy-constant exists, by guarantee however only within that gapless aether-plasma).

Clean and Fine or Dirty and Coarse
So based on these considerations (and many other scientists and authors) one must assume, the aether really exists and the light can propagate only via that medium. Above this one must leave the wrong common idea, here exists an aether and there exists material as two different substances. Never ever could be detected any ´hard core´ of materia. By the gigantic particle accelerators like by previous zero-point-experiments lastly only pictures of movements could be registered.

For most people painful might seem this idea: there is nothing else than movements of only one medium and all variety of occurrences are only ´illusions´ based on different pattern of aether movements. All aether universe-wide is moving by basic swinging motions. All local limited occurrences are vortices complexes of aether motions. Again however one may not think, there is Free Aether at the one hand and embedded some separated vortices systems of Bounded Aether at the other hand. Because everything is bound to anything quite substantial (by that unique substance), vortices systems in principle can not have fix borders (even some of appear like ´impenetrable hard materia´).

At picture 04.03.08 voluntary are drawn some Potentialvortexclouds. At each centre the swinging at wide tracks is marked blue, towards outward finer motions are marked by blue more light.

Common sciences knows various physical fields with different forces and effects. In reality, these are real movements of aether within and also around vortices systems. Here are marked these transmission areas of different intensity, which e.g. could result the occurrence of clusters within a fluid or grid-structures of a crystal.

This means, between atoms exists no clean shape of motions pattern of Free Aether, but only some kind of ´dirty´ aether. Also around assembly of atoms, for example around whole earth, the aether moves relative ´coarse´. Gravity, earth-magnetism, manifold reflected radiations result unlimited overlays of swinging motions. Only far outside at the universe will exist Free Aether by pure shape of Universal Motion.

Depending on the ´pollution level´ any light-impulse has to walk different long deviations. So at earth surface never can be measured the absolute maximum of light-speed and thus all measurements show different results depending on location and time. Only far outside within ´clean environment´ the light will achieve its aether-conditioned maximum speed.

Motion pattern between vortices systems naturally are ´deformed´ into prevailing directions. A light radiation won´t come ahead straight line, but naturally will be bended somehow. Such an one-sided deformation near celestial bodies is called gravity - and perfectly natural thus the track of light becomes curved.

So the light not at all moves by constant speed, but depending on motion pattern rushed through resp. previous ´pollution level´ at its way. The light not at all moves straight line forward but in principle at screw-like winded tracks, mostly even at most unlike sections, and perfectly natural each aether area of asymmetric motions results a corresponding changes of the track. At no case however anything can occur, also no light can occur, without a medium steady moving within itself.

Proof of Aether
The disappointing proof of light-aether by Michelson and followers was a totally wrong attempt, because based on a typical ´thinking-by-bullets´: the material earth flies through resting aether, thus ´ears are buzzing by aether winds at the top of hills´.

At picture 04.03.09 I draw (likely naive) the earth (E) and a matchstick man (red). Around the earth the aether is multiply ´polluted´, for example this man is pressed down at its green ground by asymmetric aether movements. Other ´pollution´ keeps off harmful radiations, which especially come from the Sun (S, far upside of picture) by wild storms. The earth rotates around its axis and rotates around the Sun same time, so that ground plus matchstick man perform a journey through the ´space´ (as fictive frame of reference) in shape of a looping track (black line).

Indeed, these motions occur in - nearby - resting aether. However all atoms of that ground and of that man and of all environment, the material occurrences there and the aether of that area, all these various vortices systems plus the ´dirty´ aether between are likely impressed by these both turning movements (and above this overlaid by the wandering of whole galaxy through the universe).

Every aether motion system there and additional aether between are deformed parallel to each other, show in common these overlaid turning impulses. Naturally one can send light impulse to and fro, longitudinal and cross - and will not find any difference, because naturally also that light must follow the general ´deviation´ of that area. Within aether areas likely ´dirty´ resp. aether motions deformed same kind, the light speed naturally is likely. Naturally exist differences between areas of different ´pollution´, e.g. already some kilometre upward, see previous mentioned problems of GPS-satellites.

Within ´clean´ aether out there, the light naturally will move faster ahead, like space-vehicle shows at journeys outside of the Sun system. Some ´winds´ seem to decelerate their speed - however their signals could also become faster out there and thus some faster back home. Opposite, the light from objects far away had to run through many and diverse ´polluted´ areas, so the signals become weaker and delayed, so ´red-shifting´ appears (however, the measures of ´Hubbel-constant´ vary multiple, even from same location). In general and in principle, one can not assume constant speed of light nor linear propagation - and at no case one can extrapolate relations of earth-surface into ´endless´ wide universe.

Each light-impulse deforms intermediately the aether area it´s wandering through - besides that case, when a local aether vortices system won´t allow to be deformed, i.e. it appears impenetrable resp. visible for us. Totally analogue kind, all atoms of previous environment (ground, man, air and other ´dirt´ there) deform the aether ´resting in space´ for short time while wandering through the universe. Like light runs through aether as small vortices ´not to grasp´ - same kind propagate all these complex aether vortices systems through the aether of the universe.

We all are ´not to grasp´ because we are only a compound of swinging vortices within the aether. This might seem a hard idea, nevertheless just easy to understand - analogue to the swinging motions of previous pictures within the plasma-bubbles, high sophisticated approved.

Aether-Physics and -Philosophy