Alfred Evert 23.02.2003

01.08. Summary

The newspaper-report of previous chapter presented a quite serious picture of actual status of astrophysics. There are listed results of most complex and precise calculations, based on accurate observations with enormous expensive equipment. If there it´s told however, abstract terms are able to ´interact´, such crazy hypothetic fictions must result. This ´world-view´ concerning the universe states, only five percent are ´common´ atoms. So one might doubt, the common world-view concerning the atoms might fit to reality by also five percent.

In order to leave the disastrous chaos of the abstract term mixture of modern physics, it´s absolutely necessary to base the considerations exclusively at totally certain knowledge. These are only two facts: there-exists-something and there-exists-motion., The demanded properties of that ´something-in-motion´ (called aether) can be deduced from the observed occurrences. Based on these properties can be analysed, which possibilities of movements are given. These possibilities are strongly limited, the movements show a complex structure, however never chaotic like the mental confusions above, but are according to laws of nature respective are these laws by itself.

Understanding the new ideas is essentially limited by two (un-spoken) assumption: thinking-by-different-materials and thinking-by-parts. The considerations about the aether didn´t come ahead because one assumed, there would be aether between material bodies. And it´s (again un-spoken) assumption, materia would exist of diverse (sub-elementary) substances. With the demanded properties of an aether one won´t come ahead if it´s still suspected, the aether by itself would also be build of aether-particles. The aether mostly was described ´like a continuum´, however never was regarded as real continuum.

Only if the fixation on these two assumptions is given up, one can come to the understanding of only one unique substance of aether (as age-old worldviews tell) and this aether universe-wide is one single real Whole (like many worldviews also tell and basic understanding of nature is - until western sciences started analysing and dividing). So the final conclusion must be: All is build of that One.

At my first version of Aether-Continuum-Theory, ´naturally´ I started with the conviction, there are material bodies and around these should be an aether, building a ´phantom-body´ (in order to describe terms like mass and inertia).

Mentally, it was a long and hard process, no longer to think by parts and particles but thinking only in motions of one single substance. Rather ´painful´ was the understanding, oneself is ´only´ some whirlpool within the aether-sea and above this, one doesn´t even ´possess´ an own portion of aether.

So one well can understand the ´pain´ for scientists to give up illusions e.g. of attractive forces or about fields, even of space and time respective to re-confirm, these are only mental tools and purely abstract expressions without any ´own´ reality.

Above insight concerning ´oneself´ mentally means some giving-up an ´own body´ in favour of going into some Whole resp. being-embedded within All, i.e. its a relative loss of a stand-alone existence. Opposite however, tracing-back abstract und hypothetic terms onto the medium of aether, means the physically foundation on a substantial real basis, offering new explanations of all occurrences. So both ´pains´ allow new and well founded possibilities of insights.

Especially hard is the mental challenge to accept one ´whole´ as real existent (even e.g. Relativity-Theory, Quant-Mechanics or astrophysics ask for more ´goodwill´ resp. explicitly renounce understanding).

Unfortunately I earlier said, universe would be a single ´aether-monolith´ and wanted to point out the high ´density´ of rocks and same time the ´heat´ of steady motions within. Nobody however did follow that idea, a rock within a rock could move anyhow. Upside now I said, the aether is like a soft ´gel´ or even would be ´gaseous-soft, compact-hard Whole´. Movements within aether are transferred much more direct and lossless than it would be possible within hard steel. This directness within the aether is possible because it shows no gaps. The motions within the aether are done as soft as within gases. However, the aether inherent property of un-divisibility limits the possibilities of movements by strict rules - corresponding to nature laws.

As the aether is unique substance in the universe, it well can have unique characteristics. Nevertheless it´s a mental challenge to accept ´inherent´ properties of whole-ness, i.e. gapless-ness and un-divisibility - nevertheless it´s a rather modest challenge in comparison with the strange ideas ´inherent´ modern physics.

In principle, it´s only our brain thinking-by-parts which hinders thinking-by-whole. We well know, all these parts must connect anyhow - however to understand that direct cohesion as real primary characteristic of all being - vehemently refuses our ´partly and temporary working´ brain.

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