Alfred Evert 22.02.2003

01.07. Special Terms

Workouts of the Aether-Physics and -Philosophy uses expressions of common daily talking (thus should be understandable for everyone). However the following terms might have different respective special meaning as defined here.

Really existent
As certain knowledge are only assumed two facts: first there is something, second there is movement. That Something is named ´Aether´, real moving is only any pattern of aether motions.

Mentally abstract
Naturally also ´aether´ and ´movement´ are mental terms, however these are names for real facts. Naturally above this, lots of mental expressions and terms here are used for summarizing likely appearances. Such quite abstract collective terms are required for communication. At logical conclusions however, real facts may never be mixed up with pure mental tools.

As a matter resp. as a substance real existing is only the aether, which by this meaning is the only ´materia´ (in common understanding). Regardless to this fact, the term of ´materia´ or ´material world´ is still used in sense of common understanding.

Diverse kind of aether movements result various occurrences, which thus produce ´towards outside´ (with regard resp. with effect to other occurrences) the appearance of being real existent. As ´occurrences´ here are called e.g. solid bodies, atoms and diverse physical forces etc., however also mentally and spiritually appearances. The differing between the aether and its movements versus their resulting occurrences is necessary with concern to the difference of real facts versus abstract terms and with concern of logic conclusions at both levels.

Opposite to all considerations of sciences, inclusive common understanding of the aether, here the aether is regarded as an un-dividable, gap-less substance, as an indeed really existing continuum. As there are no parts nor gaps between, e.g. terms like density or heat are not applicable to the aether (but only at the level of occurrences). So here the understanding of the aether is like it´s told age-old: the real One of which All is ´made´ of.

The term of ´space´ here is used exclusively in sense of Euklide, thus only as a mental tool, existing of three right-angled planes resp. coordinates, which mentally are thought absolutely straight, with voluntary chosen place of the zero-point. This mental tool exclusively is used for exact definition of a location by x-, y- and z-coordinates.

If aether would exists of separated parts, movements of the aether could be describes as change of location of aether-parts. As there are no separated ´portions of aether´ with demarcation borders, a certain location of aether is named an ´aether-point´ (as pure mental tool) and its movement relative to previous (pure mentally) coordination-system is described. However words like up, down, left, right, front, back resp. upwards and downwards etc. are sufficient.

Time here exclusively is uses as abstract term, which has no own reality (because real is only the aether and its motions). Time here exclusively is a mental tool in order to follow the aether movements resp. also to determine the speed of movement resp. describe changes of speeds. Words like steady or constant, faster or slower, progressive-accelerated or slowed-down etc. are sufficient.

Physical Terms
All other common terms of sciences, like e.g. mass, inertia, elementary particles, electromagnetic wave etc. are used corresponding to common understanding (so regardless of the fact, real basic of these occurrences only are the corresponding aether movements). Also the term of materia or material-world are used commonly (thus regardless, the aether is only real matter).

Example Inertia
At proper time however, definitions of many of these physical terms will be described new, in order to express the ´true´ essence of each occurrence most best. This might seem arrogant, because e.g. everyone knows and accepts, ´inertia is mass inherent property´. So the question might be allowed, whether inertia is ´mass-inherent-property´ or ´motion-inherent-property´ or (secondary) occurrence of movement (that case also in case of ´resting mass´). Later chapters will show many different approaches for searching the truth.

Courage for Gaps
Might be, my definitions seems too courageous or too banal or differing too pedantic. Please compare my statements with the up-to-date status of cosmology (and watch the terms used), e.g. like reported at Neue Züricher Zeitung at 12. February 2003, with this shortened content (start of quote):

Courage for Gaps - New Worldview of Cosmology mostly is based on unknown Physics

... ´dark´ energy contributes some 70 percent of total energydensity of universe ... materia assembled by common atoms contributes less than one fifth of remaining 30 percent. Dominating part of materia is invisible and like dark energy of unknown nature ... a model is established, which is based by 95 percent at unknown physics ... passed through by mysterious energy, which affects negative pressure ... same likely, whole space could be bended, as locally near neighbouring celestial bodies is real case ... an exact analyses however did approve, photons are running straight through space and time ... what it might be ... candidates are exotic elementary particles like neutrinos, supersymmetric parts or axions ... the only problem is, most of these parts up to now are only hypothetically existing ... dark energy to assume same as energydensity of vacuum ... calculated value however is too large by at least 40 scale-units ... to associate with a quantfield, which is interacting with materia ... connected with hidden space-dimensions ... so cosmologists, whether they like it or not, will have to live with a worldview at the one hand successful, at the other hand full of gaps. (quote end).

One can´t deny the courage - but what´s the mentioned encouraging success?

Ranges of Scale
Finally the frame of arrays must be marked by the following relevant terms (which might be detailed at later chapters):

Universal - Whole of aether within the total universe, which mostly exists of ´Free Aether´.

Galactic - array of a galaxy, which is the maximum extension of ´Bounded Aether´ and same time showing a typical pattern of movement - also beyond its visible parts.

Sun-System - for example our well known Sun-system and we also know its extension reaches far beyond the planets. Again, we normally watch only the nucleus and these few ´dirty pieces´ rotating around. In reality however, it´s a ´massive´ whirlpool moving by laws of Bound Aether.

Solid bodies - that´s the normal world of our experiences, within which the laws of mechanics are valid - however the essence of solid bodies is most different to common understanding.

Molecules and Atoms - where molecules are compounds of atoms. The motion pattern of atoms is described in details at later sections.

Electron - is here used as name for the most elementary shape of movements of Bound Ether, where an electron is the most smallest edition of a pattern, analogue however are shaped the electromagnetic waves and radiations.

Spiralcluster resp. Free Aether - is the basic movement of all aether of the universe, where movement distances are anywhere at quant´s dimensions. This movement pattern is running within the whole universe, however locally with modifications.

Bounded Aether - is the summarizing term of all movements at larger scale than the tracks of Free Aether movements. The distances reach from the scale of photons up to galaxies.

Fine-matter - this term is used for movements representing mental and spiritual contents (while previous Bound Aether represents the occurrences of material world). These ´vibrations´ (in reality not simply swinging ahead and back) are multiple overlaying other occurances by most various pattern.

Astralspheres - this term in general is used for the occurrence of fine-matter vibrations. At the one hand they are concentrated locally, at the other hand they are extendable or extended at spheres of diverse circumferences, e.g. in extensions corresponding to all stable bodies (making these to living beings). Opposite to the compound of material bodies, these spheres however can vary nearby unlimited, depending on the ´focus´ they can intensify at voluntary locations.

These ´spiritual´ occurrences (which are also special movement pattern within the unique existing medium of aether) are described much later. At first must be discussed and described precisely the ´simple´ movement pattern of known physical occurrences.

01.08. Summary Aether-Physics und -Philosophy