Alfred Evert 13.02.2003

01.01. Objectives and Approach

At considerations to rotor systems came up some questions concerning inertia, mass, weight, acceleration and deceleration. The results of experiments didn´t fit to common definitions. So I made up considerations by my own, concerning these fundamental terms of physics. At my website were published a Fluid-Technology (written in 1998 and up to 2002) and a Rotor-Technology (2000 to 2002), proposals for Perpetuum Mobile (2001 to 2003) and a first Aether-Continuum-Theory (2001).

Common understanding of physics only knows materia and ´fields´. More and more however, the old term of Aether (Aristoteles, 350 BC) again is discussed. At these consideration commonly is assumed there would be materia at the one side and besides this an aether, respective an aether would exist between materia. Prevailingly, aether is thought as a ´gas-like or fluid-like substance´. By that understanding the aether should behave like an ideal gas, on the other hand should show extreme hardness.

I examined the appearance of inertia and I found, mass not only should consist of its material part but should include some ´phantom-body´ of aether. It took some months to leave the ´thinking-by-particle´. Finally at later chapters, I managed to think all occurrences are only expressions of movements of aether within aether.

The logical conclusion was, there can exist only one single matter (really existing, thus by material sense). My ´bold´ conclusion was, this single matter should have a unique property (what´s permissible as no comparable matter exists). This matter not again can be build by parts (otherwise logically same question would come up: which matter should exist between aether-parts).

So logically, aether must show the property of partlessness, must be a real continuum, whole universe one piece of aether. Often, aether was described to be ´like a continuum´. However, nowhere I found an understanding the aether would not only be ´similar to continuum´ but by itself is a really existing continuum.

When one imagines the aether as a real continuum, all physical occurrences (materia, forces, radiation etc.) are only expressions of aether movements. On the other hand, this aether well can be the medium for all other occurrences (spirit, soul, ideas etc.). It´s the intension of that Aether-Theory to show the unity of materia and spirit, unified by the mutual medium of aether.

Even more ´painful´ for me to realize the further consequence: we also - with our material like ´astral´ body - are nothing else than ´only´ a vortices-structure of aether. One even does not exist by a certain part of aether - only a ´whirlpool of ourselves´ wanders through the aether.

Physics and Philosophy
The nature-sciences made major progresses and produced useful formula as basis for our modern technical civilisation. The physics offers explanations to most different occurrences, outstanding physicist Richard Feynman however stated lots of facts which are not explainable up to now.

Above this, known physics work with terms (e.g. ´field´), which are defined only vaguely or even not at all. At Relativity- and Quantum-Theories one even is proud to work with facts and processes, which are beyond understanding by ´normal´ intellect or beyond common experiences.

I don´t doubt, known formula represent physical realities in useful manner resp. allow sufficiently technical calculations. With my Aether-Physics however, I just want to point at ´phenomena´ not explainable up to now (or not even talked about). My objectives are to allow an easier understanding of physical occurrences and to learn their true essence.

Thereto I describe a physical theory at pure ´materialistic´ bases, using only simple expressions of everydays experience. I present alternatives to common explanations of many physical occurrences and I offer quite new understanding to some phenomena.

A theory is the more ´true´ the less axioms are assumed (opposite to common theories, where mostly assumptions are implied unconsciously or not named explicitly). I assume only three axioms apriori and name these precisely. I deduce these axioms from material facts of normal experiences. By strict logic, all other facts and processes are to deduce of these few assumptions. I will pay attention, no additional assumptions are implied occasionally resp. I ask readers to point at eventual logical errors like this.

Up to now I got the impression, nobody really shares my ´extreme´ understanding of the aether. I must accept, many people can´t imagine movements within a material block. Indeed, within that block no longer are possible all kinds of movements - allowing only the ´laws of nature´ resp. determines these laws by itself.

It´s difficult for readers without good imagination of space to get impressive picture of these (invisible) movement processes. However I´ll do my best to visualize and to describe the complex movements of aether within aether. Naturally it´s hard to work with quite new ideas. However I´ll use only simple terms of common speaking.

This workout is also called a philosophy, because a world-view (also pure materialistic) always is a mental subject. Just within last years, philosophy at western world made enormous progress and opinions of many people did change fundamentally, e.g. by many activities concerning ´esotericism´. However, also there are used expressions merely to understand and lots of confusing theories were produced.

Opposite to these ´spiritual´ developments (nevertheless rather positive), fundamental other developments are a prior expression of western understanding: ruin of ethic values. Turbo-capitalism and selfishness boom as never before, ´cleverness´ is the maximum idea, life seems worth to live only by ´events´.

By this Aether-Philosophy I want to point out, also ´spiritual´ occurrences not at all are nebulous aspects within fictive ´dimensions´ anyhow within misty ´networks´, but are based at a concrete matter - within the real existing (in technical sense) aether. It´s true, besides ´coarse-matter´ occurrences there are also ´fine-matter vibrations´ and both are only different movements within one single, real medium.

So it should become obvious, relation between materia and spirit (with dispute of priority for hundreds of years) is a real fact, both existing parallel and mutually. If one realizes the direct relationship of everything with everything, everyone with everyone, thoughts with handling and results, this conviction has immediate consequences for ethic behaviour of everyone.

So at second part of these workouts, I´ll try to explain also some ´spiritual phenomena´, for at least some easier understanding. Naturally, these considerations are more speculative than considerations about well known physical occurrences. Nevertheless, some readers might take some valuable hints of my ´philosophic´ points of view.

01.02. Real and Abstract Aether-Physics and -Philosophy