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Evert     Ether - Physics and - Philosophy      Volume 1
Universal and local Movement
ISBN 3 - 8334 - 3207 - 1    Euro 24.00
Production and publisher: BoD - Books on Demand, Norderstedt, Germany
©2005 Alfred Evert, hardcover, form 17*22 cm, 176 pages, 100 color pictures to the Preliminary
Evert     Ether - Physics and - Philosophy      Volume 2
Plasma and Particle-Movement
ISBN 978 - 3 - 8334 - 9430 - 7     Euro 28.00
Production and publisher: BoD - Books on Demand, Norderstedt, Germany
©2007 Alfred Evert, hardcover, form 17*22 cm, 180 pages, 130 color pictures to the Preliminary
Evert     Ether - Physics and - Philosophy      Volume 3
Implosion- and Fluid-Machines
ISBN 978 - 3 - 8370 - 8183 - 1     Euro 30.00
Production and publisher: BoD - Books on Demand, Norderstedt, Germany
©2009 Alfred Evert, hardcover, form 17*22 cm, 196 pages, 140 color pictures to the Preliminary
Evert     Something Moving

Aether-Physics and -Philosophy, Volume 4

ISBN 978 - 3 - 8423 - 6312 - 0     Euro 45.00

Production and publisher: BoD - Books on Demand, Norderstedt, Germany

©2011 Alfred Evert, hardcover, form 17*22 cm, 324 pages, 170 color pictures to the Preliminary

Evert     Dancing Satellites

Aether-Physics and -Philosophy, Volume 5

ISBN 978 - 3 - 7322 - 8518 - 1     Euro 8.00

Production and publisher: BoD - Books on Demand, Norderstedt, Germany

©2013 Alfred Evert, hardcover, form 17*22 cm, 48 pages, 23 color pictures to the Preliminary

Book corresponds completely to corresponding chapters of website. Comprehensive texts naturally are much easier to read at book than at screen. All pictures of website are included at book, in bright colors and most clear descriptions. Animations naturally are available only via screen.

Volume 1 shows part 01 - Introduction, 02 - Universal Ether Movement and 03 - Local Ether Movement.

Volume 2 shows part 04. ´Exclusion / Inclusion´ (Plasma, Light-Ether, Principle of Existence etc.) and part 05. ´Particles - Movements´ (fluid-technology, airplanes and holicopters, trouth- resp. dam-up-motor, Mazenauer- and Clem-Engine resp. Tornado-Engines, A380 and Theory of lift etc.

Volume 3 shows part 06. ´Implosion-Maschines´ and 07. ´Fluid-Machines´ with these most interesting conceptions using Laval-Nozzles, Backstroke, Schauberger-Repulsine, Typhoon- and Torsionfield-Generators etc.

Volume 4 - Something Moving encloses all chapters of important part 08 with the logic explanation of many phenomena, see menue-positions there.

Volume 5 - Dancing Satellites - corresponds with chapter 08.22. inclusive short introduction to the Aether-Physics and clear evidence for the existence of the Aether.

Preliminary of first Volume
All is Illusion
All is Motion
All is One

Common experience is standing at solid ground and handling material parts. So common assumptions are existence of solid matter and these are build by parts: materials are build by atoms, atoms are build by elementary particles, these are build by sub-elementary-parcels.

At the other hand one knows, atoms - like universe - exists for the most part by emptiness, within which ´astronomic´ small and minuscule less parts are swimming.

When investigating (resp. destroying) most small particles, nothing else than motion remains. Thus it´s illusion to believe any ´solid materia´ would exist.

Coherence of materia like affecting of forces are assumed to work by ´physical fields´, force of gravity like strong nuclear forces. Real affects however can not be done by abstract matter but lastly only by motions. Movement however implies something in motion, which really has to exist, however could be invisible.

So there must exist basic-substance - since ages called ´ether´ - which is in motion. Only one unique substance is necessary to manifest most different appearances by different pattern of movements. So there are not material at the one hand and ether at the other hand, but All is of One.

Certain motion´s pattern result appearing ´coarse-matter´ occurrences inclusive physical forces. However also occurrences of mental-intellectual-spiritual world can not exist only abstract, but are likely ´manifested´ and effecting as ´fine-matter´ motion´s pattern of unique medium, nevertheless by multiply overlaying structures.

Objectives of these workouts are descriptions of unique properties of that really unique matter and its basic motion´s pattern: universal swinging at spiral-cluster-tracks and locally limited swinging by potential vortex clouds.

Ether here is assumed to be real continuum, thus possibilities of motions of ether within ether are rather limited. Only by these restrictions phenomena of strict nature-laws result, e.g. electromagnetic affects working by right angles, based on necessity of synchronous balancing movements.

Above this, ordering functions result of that immediate and inevitable context of all motions (analogue Global Scaling) resp. morphogenetic affects by multiply overlaying fine-matter potential vortex clouds (e.g. analogue Sheldrake).

Materia and spirit are appearances of same medium by which All is connected with All totally real. By this view of world many physical phenomena are explainable. Also up to now pure abstract-spiritual occurrences now are grounded at real bases.

This Ether-Physics and -Philosophy is presented at website in German and English language. I am German and I make these translations by my own. Above this quite new facts demand new definitions. So sometimes I use not absolutely correct English words or even strange terms and these workouts are not easy to study and to understand.

Already when I was young I was bothered by question ´what world essentially keeps working´. Out of sheer curiosity I visited lectures of philosophy and psychology. Intensive however I had to study business administrations. Profound knowledge I got by first job at auditor-company, later to apply at many different business enterprises.

Actually all times I was busy at data processing at its phase of most extreme developments, starting with punched cards of electro-mechanic tabulators via electronic main-frame-units up to ´personal computers´ and world wide web. I was system engineer and sales man, free business consultant and high-school professor of business informatics.

My ´hobbies´ were system- and problem-analyses and design of solutions at most different subjects, preferably for complex planning and controlling systems, most by large data bases inclusive programming and implementation until each system really did good job.

Later on I applied these knowledge and techniques of systematic problem-analyses and solution-development onto subjects of private interests, e.g. question ´how chaos, coincidence, probability work and are to control´. After eight years and thousands of programs answer was: also at apparent chaos certain pattern exist, there is no ´blind nor bad coincidence´, fate sends hints and those who are able to understand come along rather good. By other words: my view of world had changed from pure materialism to spiritual understanding.

By ´pure chance´ my interests changed to subject ´water´. Within few month I wrote 250 pages of Fluid-Technology, even I had no special knowledge at the beginning and didn´t make any practical experiments. I only reflected ideas born by intuition and published these as claims - and some of got approved already.

Also by chance I got aware of phenomena of mechanical rotor systems, I analysed crop-circle pictures and ´Bessler-Wheel´, also by techniques of Remote Viewing, I made up principles for earning Free Energy (by perpetuum mobile of third and forth kind) and made dozens of concrete proposals by fluid- like rotor-techniques, however also e.g. by applications of electrostatic and electrodynamics. Up to now no really running machine was build by these conceptions.

At all these subjects were involved relative complex motions of masses and its inertia. Looking backwards, these jobs were pre-studies for insights and descriptions of ´vortex of all vortices´ within ether.

This first volume of workouts describe basics of ether and its motion-possibilities in general. Second volume will describe diverse physical phenomena at this bases (however that could be done by any specialist at each subject likely). ´Hard nuts´ are to crack at third volume for detailed description of ´fine-matter´ occurrences and affects within medium of ether.

My concern is at the one hand to offer materialists adequate because real basis for explanations of physical phenomena (instead of common total un-realistic because pure abstract hypotheses of actually main-stream sciences).

At the other hand and same time, most nebulous discussions of esoteric resp. spiritual content now become grounded at real solid basis of ether medium.

I want to contribute by knowledge of mutual basis for materia like spirit and its immediate coherences to new view of world and new ethics (of age-old values). I do hope these insights might become common understanding and corresponding behaviour will result.

Prof. Alfred Evert / 2004-06-06 (English starting page) or (starting page Ether-Physics).


Preliminary of second Volume
First volume of this ´Ether-Physics and -Philosophy´ had three parts: at first part ´Introduction´ were defined special terms and reasons why here ether is called that Single-One as really one gapless basic substance. Second part ´Universal Movement´ described nature of basic movements by which ether of whole universe might swing. Third part ´Local Movements´ showed basic pattern of appearances, according to possibilities and necessities of that ether understanding.

Second volume now starts with fourth part ´Inclusions / Exclusions´ at which is shown, already an appearance physically exits as gapless matter - plasma - so ether well can be assumed as real continuum analogue to aggregate status of plasma.

Meanwhile discussions showed, many readers can not imagine how any motions could come up within that solid matter of ether. Many other ether-theories avoid that problem as they do not define basic characteristics of their understanding of ether or do not talk about numerous prerequisites assumed functions of ether.

At this fourth part also is reported about ´The Principle of Existence´ by Harald Maurer, who most exactly names prerequisites of his basic T.A.O. (the absolute organization), practically ´granules´ of most small units. These units require space so affecting mutual ´All-Pressure´. Vortices systems at T.A.O. represent physical appearances and also these affect mutual pressures. Based at this simple principle of existence, Maurer explains most astonishing many occurrences of physics and also biology. I agree with many of his sights, so I refer to his works and can concentrate at points of view I have different or opposite understanding.

This second volume also has fifth part ´Particle Movement´, at which I actually wanted to show only some examples, how particles of gases or liquids in principle move respective has to move - so later I could easier explain, why movements of gapless ether must show quit other nature resp. why ether can not exist of particles at all. However that section of chapters got self-running and much voluminous because surprisingly came up quite new insights of most far reaching importance.

Major law of physics is constant of energy, which most obvious appears at mechanics. Opposite to solid bodies however, particles of fluids can move free into any directions. That chaotic molecular movements result static pressure. Fluid particles fly all times into direction of relative void and by that ´suction´ flows come up. Flows affect dynamic pressure and same time correspondingly reduced static pressure. Basic law of energy-constant thus appears at fluids as law of constant dynamic plus static pressures.

At fluids, likely absolute valid are experience-statements of thermodynamics, where inevitable heat losses of all processes are deduced, i.e. technical systems can show efficiency only less than hundred percents. Present days techniques by majority are based on combustion technologies, i.e. application of heat and pressure, with just minimum efficiency.

Opposite at fluids, trigger for generation of flows by suction demands minimum energy input, because only chaotic movements become little bit better ordered, i.e. kinetic energy latent existing within fluids now become usable also ´external´. So there is no real input of energy necessary to produce flow of increases dynamic pressure on account of reduced static pressure. Condition is only to organize relative void (like continuously done e.g. by wings), however already each faster flow affects ´sucking´ towards neighbouring areas (like e.g. any whirlwind demonstrated enormous potential of molecular movements of air particles).

At applications of suction speed of molecular movements are reduced by parts, so particles demand less space and continuously thus new particles will fall into that part-vacuum. When producing cold thus quite new interpretation of thermodynamics comes up, resulting possibilities for increased efficiency resp. offering surplus-benefits by essentially reduced efforts.

Based on many examples and applications I developed that sight, at first also supported by calculations partly most ´strange´, while formula and calculations of last few chapters are deduced and applied most significant. So probably is recommended first to study summary quite at end of book, in order to follow thread of ideas and considerations and result most easy.

Naturally I will go on publishing new chapters at my website and later document again by volume 3, then however only concerning subject of ether - and probably with results likely ´strange´ and most interesting.

Prof. Alfred Evert / 28.February 2007


Preliminary of third Volume
Central subject of my website is ´Ether-Physics and -Philosophy´, which also is documented as book. At first volume, basic properties of ether were defined, as unique real substance in shape of gapless plasma. That ether universe-wide shows steady motion in shape of ´Universal Ether Movements´ (at ´spiralclustertracks´). These ´fine vibrations´ are called ´Free Ether´. Opposite exist local ether movements called ´Bound Ether´. These coarse vortex-systems represent material appearances, physical forces and fields (however also mental-spiritual contents).

At second volume, differences between ether-background and ´seeming´ particle-world was pointed out. Separated particles can move any kind, however within gapless ether any motion involves ambient ether directly. So within ether only some certain movement-pattern are possible, e.g. in shape of ´Potentialvortexclouds´. For example, spiral-galaxies show that complex motion structure.

In order to show these basic differences of motion possibilities, at second volume ´Particles Movements´ were described in details. Object was generation of flows most fluid-conform, so ´chaos´ of normal molecular movements become ordered for short time. Thus unlimited and free available energy inherent fluids become usable for external benefits in shape of kinetic energy of flows.

Second volume already did present some suitable applications, which now are completed by further ´Implosion- and Fluid-Machines´. This book documents corresponding chapters of website (for reasons of space only four chapters are not included). Chapters are presented in chronological order as published at website, where changing subjects were discussed. At the following, thus some superior points of view are mentioned, also including results of meanwhile experiments.

In fact, fast flows are generated by few input of power when using cone- or disk-shaped rotors. Particles of fluid follow faster speed at longer radius ´by themselves´ - because occasionally pushed into that direction by normal molecular motions. Especially suitable are ´teeth-shaped´ blades, which practically have only a suction-side (see Cone-Engine, Suctions- and Pressure-Blades, Ring-Vortex-Engine). Especially when using gases as working medium, particles fall into area of relative few density or into neighbouring faster flows by sound-speed.

Quite new is explanation for motion-processes within Laval-Nozzles, where essentially increased kinetic energy is achieved by ´manipulation of speed-spreading´ of molecular movements. Caused by multiple collisions, particles fly off bottleneck ultrasound-fast into wider outlet area. At the other hand, slow particles remain showing few resistance for next collisions (see ´Ultrasound-Engine´). These Laval-Nozzles reliably produce fast flows and are usable at diverse applications (see e.g. Windtower-Generator, Schauberger-Repulsine, Typhoon-Turbine).

Likely reliable, mass-throughput is increased (without corresponding input of power) at suction-blades and especially at Laval-Nozzles by sideward influx of additional ´wrong-air´ (see Redesign of Repulsine and Typhoon-Turbine).

So it´s really easy to generate fast flows by few energy input. However it´s not quite easy to harvest that surplus of kinetic energy for external uses. Common turbine-blades mostly did not work sufficiently because ´destroying´ flows just generated. So opposite to most turbines drawn here, simple round turbines were advantageous. Turning momentum there is achieved only by friction at nearby smooth surfaces, just like every normal flow within pipes shows ´border-layer´ (see e.g. Windtower-Generator and Repulsine-Redesign).

If liquids are used as working medium, an other problem comes up. Based on centrifugal forces, e.g. water presses towards most long radius. Huge pressure-forces come up, which are really usable, however organization of water backflow to narrow radius demands rather complex construction (see Centrifugal-Thrust-Engine).

Even stronger pressure-waves are used by archaic machine, well known ´Hydrostatic Ram´. If these pulsating ´strokes´ are organized in circled tracks, water is accelerated in turning sense (and thus usable centrifugal forces are generated) without corresponding input of external power (see Backstroke-Centrifuge and Ram-Engine, however also blade-less version of summary-chapter).

Self-acceleration of whirlwinds is well known and that process can be realized also at narrow space. ´Typhoon-Turbine´ published here could be most interesting, as same time an ´Advanced Aerodynamic Air Turbine Engine´ was presented by ´Rockwell Scientific Research´ at web.

Diverse experiments did show most strange appearances, e.g. like weight-losses of fast rotating masses, which are only to explain by ´interaction with space-energy´. So considerations here concerning ´Torsionfield-Generator´ are most interesting and represent transition from pure fluid-mechanics to ether-physics.

Prof. Alfred Evert / 2009-01-30


Preliminary of fourth Volume Something Moving
At the beginning of the century I started developing the ´Aether-Physics and -Philosophy´. I published many chapters and parts at my website (English starting page The texts and drawings were also offered in shape of books. Volumes 1 and 2 show general aspects of aether. Volume 3 mainly discusses flowing movements of my ´Fluid Technology´. The processes within these machines in principle were pre-studies for complex aether-movement. Present volume 4 now corresponds to part ´08. Something Moving´ of my website. These treatises of 2009 and 2010 resulted much better understanding of aether. The existence and function of that basic substance of all being now got approved by many examples of different subjects of physics, from photons up to galaxies.

By todays common understanding, the universe is filled up with any kind of Dark Matter or vacuum or Dark Energies. One speculates about parallel-worlds and one theoretical operates within multiple dimensions. These sciences like at esoteric work with only vague definitions and do not get beyond abstract descriptions of diffused possibilities. In contrary, I name exactly the physical properties of that aether. Probably I am the only researcher starting from the most simply axiom: only one unique substance is existing and quite really ALL is build by that ONE.

This ´mystical´ statement derives from age-old wisdom of many world-views, even one could not really believe nor imagine. Here I present the intelligible proper idea and physical approve for existence and characteristics of the aether. I start from few clear axioms and I deduce consequences by stringent logic. I use exclusive common colloquial language and thus everybody can learn how the great variety of appearances are resulting by the ONE.

Especially I want to point out my exact definition of the aether and the terms used here, inclusive precise divergences to common interpretation of physical facts (chapters 08.02. and 08.03.). Only because the aether is a gapless substance, certain necessities and possibilities of internal motions are resulting in compelling shape (08.04. and 08.05.). Only because not everything is possible, the ´restrictions of nature-laws´ are resulting. Only because never any motion can ´get lost´ within the gapless aether, the ´constant of energies´ really exists (opposite to experiences of our particle-world).

After years this boo probably could ´something move´ within physics and might change the general world-view. One probably can not understand why that matter of factness, that most natural thing in the world, needed longwinded and fuzzy description at three hundred pages. For example, soon it was obvious for me, the aether must be a gapless whole. Immediately follow some logic stringent conclusions. So I was able to explain some physical phenomena - for myself. However I had to pluck up courage every chapter, to publish and justify these incredible facts, totally contradicting common understanding, for example:

A photon is a motion-pattern ´screwing´ forward within the aether, an electron is a symmetric swinging unit and analogue a hydrogen-atom is swinging however little bit asymmetric, atoms do not exist by proton-, neutron- and electron-particles but are only special pattern of the aether, no weak nor strong nuclear forces exist, gravity is no universal wide constant affecting force but it´s working only at a band nearby celestial bodies, each individual and varying, milky way is an aether-whirlpool and sun-system is embedded within and how planets and moons are pushed around, why geostationary satellites can not ´stand-still´, which aether-motions make the sun shining or make the Jupiter-surface rotate controversial, why Saturn keeps a ring and why some moons are running retrograde, that ´aetheric membranes´ are existing and why they can take special energies and focus at certain information, how the Ufo-material is build and how aliens can cross the space.

It was hard to check the validity of axioms and conclusions by hundred examples until I could trust these logic explanations for physical like mental-spiritual appearances. In retrospect, naturally these facts could be described much more fluent at few pages - especially if children grow up with that understanding of most natural things - at a distant future.

At the past however, I had to argue with readers of my website. Often they found their worldview confirmed by my considerations. All were convinced about the existence of an aether, somehow or other. However, all discussed processes are conclusive evidence only if the aether shows exactly these properties: being the unique real existing substance, gapless without any separated particles, not elastic and with likely density all around. All other ideas for an aether of any kind allow results as one likes it, however not that compelling conformity with natural laws (e.g. the right-angle affects of electromagnetism, to name only one known regularity).

Obviously one may or can not imagine how motions could exist within that absolute homogenous substance. Admitted: I also saw only one possible motion principle for long time. Finally at the end of the treatment I was able to present a whole ´typology of aether-motion-pattern´ (08.19) with practically unlimited variety of movement-shapes - just like all appearances (not only the few physical / material, but also the huge number with spiritual / mental content) must be really represented by real motion-pattern within an real aether-substance.

Prof. Alfred Evert / 2011-05-05


Preliminary of fifth Volume Dancing Satellites
Past History and arising consequences

Last century I was interested in ´Free Energy´ and studied all available sources. Many promising ideas existed and also reports of really running machines. Finally however no real solution was available. So I decided to design a Perpetuum Mobile by my own.

I investigated many conceptions of purely mechanical systems for using gravity or centripetal forces, e.g. like the Bessler-Wheel (which still is examined by many inventors). In retrospect, I had to admit that also my conceptions were in vain, because of ´wishful thinking´ and disregarding grave counterarguments. So I decided to erase all pages of my website concerning mechanical systems. However many inventor colleagues asked me not to delete these pages, because they often found their own ideas within or got hints for their own work. So I only made clear what´s nonsense and at its best, only few conceptions might be worth to examine. However that ´mechanical phase´ was important for me, because questions came up like ´what´s mass, what´s inertia, what´s energy´? I suggested, behind the physical appearances must exist a background of another kind.

Besides and after that, I made many investigations about fluid-technology, starting from scripts of and about Viktor Schauberger. He had constructed multiple machines with most astonishing effects - however again no really working free-energy-machine is available up to now. I made up and published many designs of fluid-machines, again some of were worthless. However, some of these ideas would be self-running and delivering usable energy, if realized by professionals with necessary technologic resources. The decisive idea is based on this fact: within fluids, the particles are flying at high speed from one collision to the next. As soon as these chaotic motions are transferred into an ordered flow, usable kinetic energy comes up by the flow-pressure. An ordered flow is easy to generate by suction, e.g. if only a fluid is guided around curved faces.

With these treatises of flux-sciences and fluid-technology I did a real good job, e.g. concerning terms like explosion and implosion, pressure and suction, explanation of tornados and technical rebuilding. My theory of lift-at-wings might be the only true one (there are dozens of contradicting hypotheses - irrespective of, the air planes are flying). The wings are generating a lift-force (for continuously keeping the air plane at its height versus gravity force). Thereto the plane must be pushed forward versus the air-resistance. The necessary thrust-force is much less than the achieved lift-force. So every wing is a ´benefit-machine´ (to avoid the term perpetuum mobile). That fact approves, by smart organization of processes naturally machines with efficiency > 1 are possible (and actually no engineer should be contend with less).

A clear statement: my work is limited to theoretic considerations and to proposals for technical realization. However, I have null technical possibilities and I have no running machines.

At these days, I got many reports from handcrafts and inventor colleagues, asking for advise or explanation for their partly ´crazy´ experiences. It crystallized into the conviction, besides the material processes (the movements of solid bodies or fluids) somehow an additional motion must exist in the environment. For example, one craftsman did experiment with a flux-machine, powered by an electric motor. Aside of at same desk, a second craftsman build up another experiment, where momentary the electric motor did run idle - until it suddenly behaved like an electric generator. Both motors were installed at same direction, however with no mechanic connection. So an ´energy-transfer´ over some distance must have worked through some invisible medium.

Caused by several of such ´unbelievable´ occurrences, I worked intensively respective exclusively at problems of the aether. This must exist all around in the environment and probably must show rather complex shapes of motions. My investigations concerning motion-pattern of fluid-flows thus were good preliminary exercises.

If one is fairly advanced in years and starts to study text-books of physics again, one detects immediately where the author starts to ´waffle´. As a rule this is a hint, the discussed problem is not sufficiently analyzed. Most text-book authors avoid to mention ´phenomena´ which contradict the common understanding. Nevertheless, such inconsistencies exist a lot at any subject of sciences. Regularly, they are kept hidden, even just these ´unsolved cases´ indicate a false interpretation of the appearances.

Henceforth, I was even more skeptical against scientific doctrines. As I have no founded knowledge, I must take the data as given, however I have great doubts about known explanations, conclusions and abstract models. Thus I preferred to build my own worldview.

If now one doubts anything and everything, only one first fact remains indisputable: there is Motion. If now one wants a worldview acceptable for human mind, secondly must exist Something, because by stringent human logic, a Nothing can not be moving. Third, now is the question, how many Somethings should exist. Following ´Ockham´s Razor´, the most simplest (and same time the most extreme) assumption is: one Something should do. However then it is stringent consequence that One can not exist by particles, but must be a unique gapless Entity. However, the next problem rises up: if and how any motion should be possible within that ´monolith´. This problem still hinders many readers to follow further considerations.

Indeed, it´s easy to find motions which are not possible within that medium without gaps and with constant density everywhere. It took months to find the first possible motion-pattern. Retrospectively it´s most easy, because there are unlimited variations of motions. In the following chapter it´s explained by a ´mobile´: a thread is fixed at the ceiling and a bead at below end is circling around. At that first bead is fixed a second thread with a second bead, which also is circling around. The overlay of two simple circle-motions results most different tracks, depending on the radius, turning sense and speed. So that aether is swinging all times, bound to certain criteria, however by multiple motion-pattern, representing appearances of all kind.

The comprehensive description of exact aether-definition, the restrictions and possibilities of internal motions is documented at part 08. ´Something Moving´ of my ´Aether-Physics and -Philosophy´. These scripts practically take down the considerations in chronological order as I ´stumbled´ from one phenomenon to the next problem. These texts reflect my ´struggling for insights´ and thus are not quite easy to read. Because I doubted long times, I checked previous extreme axioms by about hundred physical phenomena. Physicists should consolidate that, ordered by subjects. A first example could be that ´short introduction to aether-worldview´ in the following chapter. At first, however, I will mention some special situations when developing these ideas.

I had great difficulties to build a likely motion-pattern within a sphere, e.g. a totally symmetric swinging, e.g. necessary for the ideal shape of an electron (otherwise it could not exist so long-lived). I had to remember, a perfect straight line, a perfect circle or a perfect sphere are only fictive creations of men. Finally as I accepted, an electron or an atom never is bound to a perfect geometric arrangement, ´naturally´ came up a great variety of swinging pattern. Quite naturally, these objects have no fixed borders. Everything we believe to be solid-material-stable, is only motion of aether within aether in reality.

A ´shocking´ experience for me was to realize, no longer to exist by ´material´ atoms. One can bang one´s fist on one´s rib cage, however all is only an assembly of complex vortices of aether within the aether. Not even a certain ´portion of that stuff´ is one´s own, because only the motion-pattern are roving through the aether. One is as sturdy as a sound, running through the air. One is as hard as a cloud drifting along the sky. One is not tangible at all.

Reassuring however was this insight: whatever we call soul or consciousness, can not only be ´nebulous abstract imagination´, but must be manifested within that omnipresent medium as real as we assume material stuff to be real. The spirit and the soul of a person can ´settle´ within a material body, however are not indispensably bound to it. The assembly of atoms of a material body will loose its ordered structures any time, however the immortal souls anyhow are at home within the ´spiritual world´. This is no storage for spiritual-mental stuff anywhere far off, but the aether has an unlimited capacity for swinging motions of all kind, just here and now. Like a receiver can pick off certain frequency from jumbled interferences, we can focus and participate any ´swinging information´ from the aether as we like it.

My studies are titled ´Aether-Physics and -Philosophy´. I am not sure whether I get done the philosophic aspect at this time-life. However there is no need, because many people with spiritual-mental higher maturity already did and do that important job. My contribution is simply the assertion and assurance, also the not-material appearances are manifested quite real within the aether. That ´all is bound to everything´ is not only anyhow true but totally concrete and directly, thus a real ´physical´ bond between material and spirit exists.

It would be fine if many people could share this assessment - in favor for the ethic behavior in our society. Here in western civilizations the instructions ´you shall not ....!´ are valid and the ´enlightened´ modern people ask in reply ´why shouldn´t I ... and what´s about the protagonists of that doctrine´? The philosophical instruction seems more logic, e.g. Kant´s Categorical Imperative: ´do nothing, you don´t want anybody to do to you´. However, there is still a hideout ´... and if it´s not noticeable, if I only do anonymously like everybody does ...?´ So I believe an essential progress will only come up if that ´you shall not ...!´ is replaced by an ´I will ...!´, not for the benefit of others but for myself, only for my personal ´salvation´. However, this requires some more thinking about incarnation and karma etc. - what might be easier based on the idea that all is happening within that omnipresent medium all times.

Momentary however I am still involved in physical problems, e.g. in Aether-Electro-Technique. It´s fantastical how electric equipments work and became absolutely essential part of our life - even nobody really knows what an electron, charge, current, voltage, resistance etc. is. I try to find corresponding aether motion pattern, without founded knowledge, so electricians actually could do that job much better. If one would better understand the real essence of electricity, naturally ´benefit-machines´ could be build. These were demonstrated by diverse inventors - however the machines and/or inventors are missing, by any cause.

Now finally, some remarks to the ´Dancing Satellites´ of following chapter. Everybody knows how to adjust a dish antenna towards the transmitting satellite, which stands upon the equator. Only by chance one hears about the fact, these satellites do not really keep their geostationary position, but are wandering every day to and fro. There is no seasonal deviation, so the inclination of earth-axle does not matter. There are no monthly deviations, so the moon is not responsible. Remaining are only the gravity of earth and sun. Both are working day and night alike. So how could the satellites wander from south to north and back again in a straight line, however only at two dedicated positions, and why are they traveling at an 8-shaped track at two other positions? At these satellites, the gravity-forces of sun and earth are working by ´clean lab-conditions´ - however, this can not explain that dancing of satellites. In 2010, I described that problem in chapter ´08.17. Aether-Vortex of the Earth´ (besides many other aspects). I asked professionals to check that situation, however as usual I got no answers.

German periodical ´Spektrum der Wissenschaft´ of September 2013 reported comprehensively the momentary knowledge about ´Dark Matter and Dark Energy´. Several hypothesis were discussed, finally however, it was stated that there could merely come up an alternative to the valid interpretation of valid gravity law. This was motive for me to analyze that problem once more. In the following chapter, I documented the facts as usual by diverse graphs, rather longwinded and extensive. I had to hold back also including my early studies about ´flying wheels and wheels at moving tracks, to flight-curves of boomerang, disks and rings´. Actually, the main problem is told by few sentences:

By known doctrine, the earth can keep a satellite at a geostationary position at a height of about 42000 km if it´s flying with about 3 km/s. In reality however, the satellite is moving through space ten times faster. So it shows hundred-fold inertia respective the earth should affect corresponding stronger attracting force. Also, the sun can not keep the satellite at the demanded track. The difference of +/- 42000 km can be neglected in relation to the average distance of 150 million kilometer. However the difference of +/- 10 % concerning the velocity of the satellite (minimum 27 km/s, average 30 km/s, maximum 33 km/s, varying every day) can not be ignored, as it would result in total other tracks (for comparison: the earth´s distance to the sun and its speed are differing by +/- 1.6 % and the sun needs one year to compensate). So the suggested attracting forces can not really exist and no gravity-constant neither.

There is only one plausible alternative: all celestial bodies are drifting within aether-whirlpools. In the following chapter ´Dancing Satellites´, this phenomenon is explained in detail (and some more appearances). These considerations on a few pages same time represent a short ´Introduction to the Aether-Physics´, so they are especially interesting for readers who yet did not look into that new world view intensely. In this brief summary, many statements might seem to be unfounded claims. However, the extensive argumentation can be studied at my website, part ´Something Moving´ or at the book of same title.

Future will show, whether and when these ideas will gain acceptance at sciences. As no universal gravity can exist, the momentary valid understanding of astronomy is most concerned. The real existence of aether, however, has fundamental importance also for other parts of sciences - up to previous mentioned philosophic aspects.


Here, the subject of ´Dancing Satellites´ was actually finished for me. Just for fun I searched at the web for other satellites with strange behaviour. Soon I made a strike: earth-observing satellites on sun-synchronous orbit are dancing even more bizarre. So I had to add that story because essential aspects appear once more clearer.

Evert / 2013-12-15


Aether-Physics and -Philosophy
Something Moving
Aether-Vortex of the Earth
Dancing Satellites

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